Sharad Yadav : To Fight Corona Disease State Government Did Not Take Appropriate Steps

Sharad Yadav : To Fight Corona Disease State Government Did Not Take Appropriate Steps

कोरोना बीमारी से जंग के लिए नहीं उठे उचित कदम : शरद यादव बिहार में लगातार कोरोना के मामलों की वृद्धि को लेकर देश के दिग्गज नेता शरद यादव ने सरकार की More »

Rotary Mid Town – Distribution Of Masks And PPE Kits To Protect Against Corona

Rotary Mid Town – Distribution Of Masks And PPE Kits To Protect Against Corona

कोरोना से बचाव के लिए किया गया मास्‍क व पीपीई किट का वितरण रोटरी मिड टाउन ने जन कल्याणकारी योजनाओं के तहत कैंसर उपचार एवम् जागरुकता के क्षेत्र में अग्रणी संस्था आर.एस More »

Enzyme 19 At Present Best To Keep  Covid 19 Virus Away From Us

Enzyme 19 At Present Best To Keep Covid 19 Virus Away From Us

As we all are aware of due to Corona Covid 19 whole world is in trouble. So far there is no vaccine and medicine is available. At present what best we can More »

Jamil Saidi’s Fascinating Journey So Far

Jamil Saidi’s Fascinating Journey So Far

Born on the 27th of august 1969, in Tonk Rajasthan. Jamil’s flamboyant lifestyle and ambition to strive  inspire many in rajasthan which has resulted in a huge fan following to an extent More »

China’s 59 Apps Banned – Modi Government Strikes Digital Surgical Strike – Ashutosh Poddar Heera

China’s 59 Apps Banned – Modi Government Strikes Digital Surgical Strike – Ashutosh Poddar Heera

चीन के 59 एप्स बैन,मोदी सरकार ने किया डिजिटल सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक : आशुतोष पोद्दार “हीरा” बेगूसराय, 30 जून 2020 : देश और देशवासियों की सुरक्षा को ध्यान में रखते हुए केंद्र की नरेंद्र More »



Nafih Mohammed Naser is a zestful personality who is attracted by many of his followers due to his active engagement in Public Service, Powerful and impactful positive influence. He  is the new More »

IFTPC – CINTAA – FWICE Resolve Issues For Shoots To Commence

IFTPC – CINTAA – FWICE Resolve Issues For Shoots To Commence

IFTPC, CINTAA and FWICE have today amicably resolved the outstanding issues which paved the way for the immediate resumption of shootings. These understandings were reached in virtual meeting held between IFTPC, FWICE More »

Quarantea Time With Coconut Theatre!

Quarantea Time With Coconut Theatre!

Coconut Theatre’s Chai-Wai and Rangmanch took up a rather ambitious project during COVID-19. It has been bringing together several award-winning playwrights, directors, actors and technicians and provided students of theatre an opportunity More »


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Guns Of Banaras Marks South Star Ganesh Venkatram’s Bollywood Debut

A household name in the South, actor Ganesh Venkatram enjoys huge popularity among the audience. Having worked with the Indian film industry veterans like Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Haasan, Mohanlal and Nagarjun among others in over 20 films across Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam cinemas, Guns of Banaras marks South star Ganesh Venkatram’s Bollywood debut. The film is directed by Shekkhar Suri and features Karan Nath, Vinod Khanna, Nathalia Kaur, Abhimanyu Singh, Zarina Wahab and Shilpa Shirodkar as his co-stars.
Marking his debut in Bollywood, that too with a negative role as a menacing villain is where Ganesh Venkatram is breaking traditional barriers where actors from the North were cast as the bad guys by the South counterparts and their film industry. Ganesh avers, “I am forever indebted to directors down South to have appreciated my talent and effort. I would not have been able to venture into Bollywood unless I would’ve done credible work.” For his performance in the Amitabh Bachchan starrer Kandahar, he earned rave reviews for his role as a commando while the legendary actor played his father.
Ganesh Venkatram is extremely happy after receiving fantastic feedback for his portrayal of Vikram Singh from Bollywood actors Sunny Kaushal, Shakti Kapoor & others. “Of all the compliments I have received the one closest to my heart is the one from the ever green Rekha ji,” he blushes. He underwent a rigorous transformation to change into a cocaine snorting Banarasi gangster. “I believe in giving my best & hence I go to any length to get into the skin of my character. I am also grateful to have had the opportunity to work in a content-oriented film like Guns of Banaras.” The action sequences featuring Ganesh and Karan have been choreographed by Shyam Kaushal, and have also earned critical acclaim.
Born and brought up in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Mumbai, he avers that he has had certain advantages. As a multilinguistic person, Ganesh Venkatram professes that, often, it tends to be easier for him simply because he knows Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu among other languages. He also got the right exposure as he started out in his career after winning Gladrags Mr. India. This was followed by a move to the TV industry by playing the lead in Antariksh on Star Plus. After a brief stint in the small screen circuit, he decided to try his luck on the silver screen down South. That worked wonders!
What more to expect from this South Star? Well, Ganesh Venkatram is looking forward to further his presence in Bollywood. He is currently promoting the film across India with the cast and crew of Guns of Banaras. With regional barriers slowly vanishing and multiple platforms like films & OTT co-existing, Ganesh is looking forward to display his versatility and allure across cinemas!

साऊथ सुपरस्टार गणेश वेंकटरमण  ने ‘गन्स ऑफ बनारस’ से बॉलीवुड में डेब्यू किया
साऊथ सुपरस्टार गणेश वेंकटरमण दक्षिण फिल्म दर्शकों के बीच बहुत लोकप्रिय हैं। गणेश ने फिल्म उद्योग में कई महान अभिनेताओं के साथ काम किया है, जैसे महानायक अमिताभ बच्चन, कमल हासन, मोहनलाल, नागार्जुन और २० अधिक फिल्मों में तमिल, तेलुगु और मलयालम सिनेमा में काम किया है और अपने अभिनय से एक अलग पहचान बनाई हैं। अब एक नयी पारी, याने ‘गन्स ऑफ बनारस’ फिल्म के साथ बॉलीवूड इंडस्ट्री में आपण कदम रखा हैं। फिल्म का निर्देशन शेखर सूरी ने किया है और फिल्म में उनके सह-कलाकार करण नाथ, विनोद खन्ना, नथालिया कौर, अभिमन्यु सिंह, जरीना वहाब और शिल्पा शिरोडकर हैं।
इस फिल्म में वह एक खतरनाक खलनायक के रोल में दिखेंगे। गणेशने कहा,“मैं हमेशा अपने प्रतिभा और प्रयासों की सराहना करने के लिए साऊथ के निर्देशकों का ऋणी हूं। अगर मैंने विश्वसनीय काम नहीं किया होता, तो बॉलीवुड में अपनी जगह नहीं बना पाता। “अमिताभ बच्चन स्टारर ‘कंदहार’ में एक कमांडो की उनकी भूमिका के लिए बहुत प्रशंसा मिली, इस फिल्म में महान अभिनेता अमिताभ बच्चनने उनके पिता की भूमिका निभाई थी।
इस फिल्म में विक्रम सिंह की भूमिका के लिए बॉलीवुड अभिनेता सनी कौशल, शक्ति कपूर और अन्य कलाकारोंसे शानदार प्रतिक्रिया प्राप्त करने के बाद गणेश बेहद खुश है। अपनी इस ख़ुशी को जताते हुए उन्होंने कहा,” मुझे बेहद ख़ुशी है की मेरे इस भूमिका को काफी सराहा गया। खासकर मेरे दिल की सबसे करीबी तारीफ प्रसिद्ध अभिनेत्री रेखा जी से थी।” गणेश को इस फिल्म में बनारसी गैंगस्टर की भूमिका को निभानेके लिए कठोर बदलाव का सामना करना पड़ा।  इस फिल्म में श्याम कौशल के कोरियोग्राफ किए गए गणेश और करण के एक्शन दृश्यों ने भी बहुत प्रशंसा बटोरी।
एक बहुभाषी व्यक्ति के रूप में, गणेश वेंकटरमण हिंदी, मराठी, तमिल और तेलुगु जैसी अन्य भाषाओं को जानते हैं, इसलिए उन्हें भाषा से संबंधित कोई बाधा का सामना नहीं करना पड़ा। उनके करियर को ग्लैडरस मिस्टर इंडिया प्रतियोगिता जीतने के बाद एक शानदार शुरुआत मिली। उसके बाद, उन्होंने स्टार प्लस पर ‘अंतरिक्ष’  नामक शो में एक प्रमुख भूमिका निभाकर टीवी उद्योग में एक नयी पहचान निर्माण की। छोटे पर्दे के तुरंत बाद, उन्होंने साऊथ फिल्मो में अपनी किस्मत आजमाने का फैसला किया और आपकी एक्टिंग से कमाल कर दिया!
इस साउथ स्टार से और क्या उम्मीद की जाए? फ़िलहाल, गणेश वेंकटरमण वर्तमान में गन्स ऑफ बनारस के कलाकारों और क्रू के साथ पूरे भारत में फिल्म के प्रचार में व्यस्त हैं।

दाक्षिणात्य सुपरस्टार गणेश वेंकटरमण यांचे ‘गन्स ऑफ बनारस’ चित्रपटातून बॉलिवूडमध्ये पदार्पण 
दाक्षिणात्य चित्रपटांचे सुपरस्टार गणेश वेंकटरमण यांनी भारतीय चित्रपट सृष्टीतील अनेक दिग्गज अभिनेत्यांसोबत काम केले आहे. अमिताभ बच्चन, कमल हासन, मोहनलाल आणि नागार्जुन सारख्या भारतीय चित्रपटसृष्टीतील दिग्गजांसोबत तमिळ, तेलगू आणि मल्याळम सिनेमांमधील २० हून अधिक चित्रपटांमध्ये काम केले आहे. आता ‘गन्स ऑफ बनारस’या चित्रपटातून दक्षिण तारा गणेश वेंकटरम यांनी बॉलिवूडमध्ये आपले पहिले पाऊल टाकले आहे. या चित्रपटाचे दिग्दर्शन शेखर सूरी यांनी केले आहे तसेच करण नाथ, विनोद खन्ना, नथलिया कौर, अभिमन्यू सिंग, जरीना वहाब आणि शिल्पा शिरोडकर हे त्यांचे सहकलाकार आहेत.
या चित्रपटात ते एका खतरनाक खलनायकाची भूमिका साकारत आहे.  यावेळी आपल्या दक्षिण चित्रपटातील प्रवासाला आठवत गणेश म्हणाले,“मी साऊथच्या दिग्दर्शकांचा नेहमीच ऋणी आहे की माझं कौशल्य आणि प्रयत्न जाणून नेहमीच माझे कौतुक केले आहे. मी विश्वासार्ह काम केले नसते तर मी बॉलिवूडमध्ये पाऊल टाकू शकलो नसतो.” अमिताभ बच्चन स्टारर ‘कंदहार’ मधील कमांडोच्या भूमिकेसाठी खूप वाह-वाही मिळवली. या चित्रपटात महानायक अमिताभ बच्चन यांनी गणेशच्या वडिलांची भूमिका साकारली होती.
बॉलिवूड अभिनेता सनी कौशल, शक्ती कपूर आणि इतरांकडून त्याच्या या चित्रपटातील भूमिका विक्रम सिंग साठी विलक्षण प्रतिक्रिया मिळाल्यानंतर गणेश सध्या खूप खुश आहेत. “मी खूप खुश आहे कि माझ्या भूमिकेला लोक इतकी पसंद करत आहेत. माझ्या मनातील सर्वात जवळची स्तुती मला ऐकायला मिळाली, ती म्हणजे ख्यातकीर्त अभिनेत्री रेखा जी यांच्याकडून.” बनारसी गुंडाची भूमिका साकारण्यासाठी गणेश यांना कठोर अश्या बदलाला सामोरे जावे लागले.  याबद्दल ते म्हणाले, “मी कठोर परिश्रम आणि सर्वोत्कृष्ट कामगिरी देण्यावर विश्वास ठेवतो आणि म्हणूनच मी माझ्या व्यक्तिरेखेला  साकारण्यासाठी कुठल्याही स्थरापर्यंत जाऊ शकतो. गन्स ऑफ बनारससारख्या कन्टेंट-ओरिएंटेड फिल्ममध्ये काम करण्याची संधी मिळाल्याबद्दल मी कृतज्ञ आहे.” या चित्रपटात श्याम कौशल यांनी कोरिओग्राफ केलेलया गणेश आणि करण यांच्या ऍक्शन दृश्यांना देखील खूप प्रशंसा मिळाली आहे.
गणेश यांचा जन्म मुंबईत झाला. बहुभाषिक व्यक्ती गणेश वेंकटरमण यांना  हिंदी, मराठी, तामिळ आणि तेलुगू इतर भाषेची जाण असल्यामुळेच त्यांना भाषेसंबधी कोणतेच अडथळे आले नाहीत. ग्लॅडॅरग्स मिस्टर इंडिया जिंकल्यानंतर त्यांच्या कारकीर्दीला योग्य अशी दिशा मिळाली. त्यानंतर स्टार प्लसवरील ‘अंतरीक्ष’ मध्ये मुख्य भूमिका साकारून टीव्ही इंडस्ट्रीत त्यांनी आपली एक आगळी वेगळी छाप सोडली. छोट्या पडद्यामधून काही काळानंतर त्याने दक्षिण रुपेरी पडद्यावर आपले नशीब आजमावण्याचा निर्णय घेतला आणि आपल्या अभिनयाने चमत्कार केले!
या दक्षिण ताऱ्याकडून आणखी काय अपेक्षा करावी? बरं, गणेश वेंकटरमण सध्या गन्स ऑफ बनारसच्या कलाकार आणि क्रू यांच्यासह संपूर्ण भारतभर चित्रपटाचे प्रोमोशन करण्यात व्यस्त आहेत.

The web series Anarchy – M for Mom – Live Together – Wabasta – Socha – Vihaan and the short film – Infection have been released on the OTT platform Rapachi App

New World of Entertainment Rapachi App

The web series Anarchy – M for Mom – Live Together- Wabasta – Socha – Vihaan and the short film – Infection’ have been released on the OTT platform Rapachi App. Recently, Dharam Gupta, director of Rappachi app at Ramada Palmgrove Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai, released the above web series in the presence of many Bollywood celebrities.

Dharam Gupta says that Rapchi made a splash as soon as he stepped into the OTT world. Today our app is presenting many types of content to its audience. Which can be seen sitting with the whole family. There were 15 shows on this app when we started the app. As its time progresses, the demand for app content is also increasing. My app is not weak or superficial with the frills of very big names, here is the content king. I have worked in this line for the longest time and I am seeing a change from television to OTT app. This platform is the future of entertainment.

This app is also made for production houses and people who have great scripts and shows. And I am giving such people a chance to reach their content through this app. Now television is not only a platform for entertainment, but the OTT platform has gained momentum in the web world. Many OTT apps are attracting their attention with affordable monthly subscription plans. Currently, the service of Rappachi app can be obtained free of charge for one year.


मनोरंजन की नई दुनिया रापची एप्प

ओटीटी प्लेटफॉर्म रापची एप पर वेब सीरीज ‘अराजक, एम फ़ॉर मॉम, लिव टूगेदर, वाबस्ता, सोच, विहान और शॉर्ट फिल्म ‘इंफेक्शन’ को रिलीज कर दिया गया है। हाल ही में मुम्बई के जुहू स्थित रामदा पामग्रोव होटल में रापची एप के संचालक धरम गुप्ता ने बॉलीवुड के कई हस्तियों की उपस्थिति में उपरोक्त वेब सीरीज को रिलीज किया।

धरम गुप्ता का कहना है कि रापची ने ओटीटी दुनिया मे कदम रखते ही धूम मचा दी है। आज हमारी एप्प कई तरह के कंटेंट अपने दर्शकों को पेश कर रहा है। जिसे पूरी फैमिली के साथ बैठकर देखा जा सकता है। जब हमने एप्प शुरू की थी उस समय इस एप्प पर 15 शो थे। जैसे जैसे इसका समय बढ़ता जा रहा है वैसे वैसे एप्प कंटेट की डिमांड भी बढ़ती जा रही है। मेरा ऐप बहुत बड़े नामों के तामझाम के साथ कमजोर या सतही नहीं है, यहां कंटेंट किंग है। मैंने इस लाइन में सबसे लंबे समय तक काम किया है और मैं टेलीविजन से ओटीटी एप में बदलाव देख रहा हूं। यही प्लेटफॉर्म मनोरंजन का भविष्य है।

यह एप उन प्रोडक्शन हाउस और लोगों के लिए भी बनाया गया है जिनके पास शानदार स्क्रिप्ट और शो हैं। और ऐसे लोगों को मैं इस एप्प के माध्यम से अपना कंटेट लोगों तक पहुंचने का मौका भी दे रहा हूँ। अब टेलीविजन ही मनोरंजन के लिए प्लेटफॉर्म नहीं रहा है, बल्कि ओटीटी प्लेटफॉर्म वेब दुनिया में गति पकड़ चुका है। कई ओटीटी एप्स सस्ती मासिक सदस्यता योजनाओं के साथ अपना ध्यान आकर्षित कर रहे हैं। फिलहाल रापची एप की सेवा एक वर्ष तक निशुल्क प्राप्त की जा सकती है।

—–Fame Media

A Star-Studded Premiere of Coconut Theatre’s Play 3Cheers! Directed By Paritosh Painter

Writer-Director Paritosh Painter, known for his rustic yet contagious laughter-filled comedy and theatrics, is back with his next mega-production, Coconut Theatre’s 3Cheers!, a satirical comic rollercoaster, produced by Rashmin Majithia and written-directed by Paritosh Painter. Starring Sangita Ghosh, Shweta Gulati, Paritosh Painter, Balwinder Singh Suri, Jayesh Thakkar and Vishal Kotian, Coconut Theatre’s 3Cheers! is a play about Shree, Aditya and Manav; three friends who are Blind, Deaf and Dumb respectively… The characters are financially broke with a long list of creditors behind their back and the problem begins when the creditors hire a goon called Salim Supari to retrieve their money from the 3 friends.
Besides, Mr.Rashmin Majithia, Mr.Keyur Sheth and Mr.Ritesh Lalan of Coconut Theatre, director Paritosh Painter, cast Sangita Ghosh, Shweta Gulati, Jayesh Thakkar, Balvinder Singh Suri and Vishal Kotian, the premiere of Coconut Theatre’s play 3Cheers!, held at Vile Parle’s Mukesh Patel Auditorium, witnessed many stars from television industry, like Vatsal Sheth, Ishita Dutta Sheth, Harmeet and Manmeet of Meet Bros, Aamir Ali, Ananth Mahadevan, Varun Badola, Indra Kumar, Juhi Babbar, Annup Sonii, Dheeraj Kumar, Ayub Khan, Deepshikha Nagpal, Karanuday Jenjani, Ritoo K Jenjani, Rajendra Chawla, Rupali Ganguly, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Shalin Bhanot, Tannaz Irani, Sai Deodhar, Tushar Hiranandani, Umesh Pherwani, Shweta Pherwani, Vipul Roy, Anusha Srinivasan Iyer, Rishi Bhutani and Krishna Hegde among many many others.
Rashmin Majithia, Producer of Coconut Theatre’s 3Cheers! averred, “We are expecting an overwhelming response from the audience. The plot of play is very funny and suitable for people of all the age groups. It shows situational comic moments and reactions of each character in in a fun, light-hearted manner. I’m hoping that an appealing set and music, neatly incorporated in the narrative, will definitely entice and captivate the viewers.” Keyur Sheth – CEO of Coconut Media Box echoed the same!

The team is now all set to embark on a tour starting March 14 at St. Andrews in Bandra and March 15 at Mukkti Cultural Hub in Andheri.
Paritosh Painter’s association with the Indian entertainment industry goes back to the 90’s as an actor, producer, director and writer, previously having directed hit theatrical comedy plays like Double Trouble, Whose Wife Is It Anyway?; See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil; Get Rid of My Wife, SELFIE, Women Decoded, Liar Liar, Madhouse, Amar Akbar Ann Tony; I Do, I Don’t and I love You 2 among others. He has also delivered hit films like Total Dhamaal, Dhamaal, All The Best et al while creating and writing iconic TV shows like Tenali Rama, Akbar Birbal and Partner among others.

Dr Vijay Kushvaha’s Ayurvita Speciality Clinic Inaugurated By Kumar Nirmalendu President – The Sandesh Ltd

Recently a new branch of Ayurvita Healthcare Pvt. Ltd was inaugurated by Kumar Nirmalenduji President Sales Marketing The Sandesh Ltd, Guest of Honour was actress and Social activist Dr Daljeet Kaur (President of IAWA), Actor Karan Anand and enthusiast media.

This new centre is located at: Ayurvita Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

5, Saiwadi, N S Phadke Road, Teli Gali Junction,

Near Hotel Suba Galaxy, Andheri East ,Mumbai  400069

Mob: 9146038209 / 8425980808.

Ayurvita spearheaded by Dr. Vijay Kushvaha, firmly believes,

‘If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.’

He asserts that if you are persistent in curing yourself in terms of having balanced your thinking, diet, lifestyle and usage of herbs as per his directions you are sure to be on your way to healing. And furthermore, if you are consistent in doing so, you will lead a healthy life for sure.

We believe in promoting health, wellness, beauty and cure through a natural healing system that came into existence 5000 years ago. And to rediscover the healing power of Ayurveda and eradicate disease. What sets Ayurvita apart from the other available Ayurvedic products is its usage of authentic herbs in their ultra-concentrated form combined with active ingredients manufactured on par with international standards.

Ayurvita centers follow the individual-oriented approach rather than system-oriented one. It emphasizes on the prevention of illness, early detection and intervention, and health promotion.


Computerised Body Scanning by Japanese Quantum Analyzer

Benefits of Quantum Diagnostics:

  • Determines the current health of organs predicts their well being for the future
  • Helps to uncover the onset of major diseases which can assist in early treatment and maintenance
  • Provides complete and full health reports explained in a practical, Simple and inexpensive way
  • Offers health results quickly, respects clients confidentiality with features that are easy and simple to utilize.

The Colon Hydrotherapy

  • It is a simple cleansing process, done without the use of drugs or surgery, to keep the colon healthy
  • Is is a safe and effective method of removing waste from the large intestine.

Detoxification Therapy


  • Increase in energy [physical and mental]. Vitality and stamin
  • Detoxify the body from toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution
  • Internally cleanses the body from parasites and toxins which results in greater bladder control, better pH balance, significant pain relief [gout and arthritic pains] including headaches.

The clinics can diagnose following conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood pressure.
  • Heart disease / Cholesterol
  • Kidney disorders / Uric acid / Stones
  • Joint pain / Arthritis
  • Liver disorders / Gall stones
  • Asthma / Lung diseases
  • Migraine / Paralysis / Brain disorders
  • Thyroid & hormonal imbalance

Constipation / Piles / Fissure / Fistula

  • Female health problems / PCOD
  • Skin & Hair problems
  • Infertility / Sexual disorders [Male / Female]

Payal Singh Nail Artist – Brand Ambassador Of Mrs India Globe 2020

Mumbai: Bollywood model, actress, nail artist, Payal Singh becomes brand ambassador

Yes Payal Singh was crowned as the brand ambassador of Mrs. India Globe 2020, Payal Singh remains in the limelight due to modeling as well as nail artist, Payal Singh in Crown Ceremony organized by Redwing Production in Mumbai, Ravi Ranjan,and Archana,was made the brand ambassador for Redwing,the upcoming fashion show Mrs. India Globe 2020,on the occasion Ravi Ranjan,Archana Pal,Payal  Singh, Donal Bisht,actor Anand Balraj Vij,actor Ali Khan, comedian Sunil Pal,music director Dilip Sen,actor Rahul Rajvardhan,Actress Saloni and to all the guests present.

Let me tell you that Payal Singh attended in a beautiful style,when he was being crowned, everyone’s eyes were on him,Payal Singh looked very beautiful in gray silver gown,Payal Singh’s look was different.  It was like, Payal Singh is a nail artist who always keeps experimenting,   

Payal Singh also runs an academy under the name of Nail Art, where by giving a simple training of three months, people  Programming makes 15 worth to earn 20 thousand, it’s a big deal in itself, the anklets Singh said, please see the full report.

South Actress Angelina Bharwa will debut in Bhojpuri with film Khandak

फिल्म “खंदक” से साउथ एक्ट्रेस एंजेलिना भारवा  करेंगी भोजपुरी में डेब्यू !

फिल्म “दिलवाले दुल्हनिया ले जायेंगे” में शाहरूख खान और काजोल की जोड़ी खूब पसंद की गई थी। इस मूवी ने मोहब्ब्त की नई दास्तां लिखी । मुहब्बत का जब भी ज़िक्र होता है तो हर आशिक की जबान पर ये शेर आ ही जाता है ।

सुनते ही तेरा नाम ये दिल धड़कता है अदब से ॥

हालांकि तुम्हें पास से देखा भी नही है ॥

या फिर ये शेर

अभी हल्की सी जो तड़प महसूस होती है ॥

बहुत मुमकिन है कल इस का नाम मुहब्बत हो जाये ॥

कुछ इसी तरह की एक प्यारी सी लव स्टोरी अब भोजपुरी में आ रही है। राईटर  और डायरेक्टर नज़र हल्लाैरी  की भोजपुरी फिल्म ”खन्दक” में रोमांस के क्यूट इमोशंस को दर्शाया जाएगा।

फीलिंग्स म्यूजिक कंपनी द्वारा प्रोड्युस की जा रही इस फिल्म से साउथ फिल्मों की हीरोइन  एंजेलिना  भारवा भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्री में कदम रख रही है। फिल्म “खन्दक” के म्यूज़िक डायरेक्टर राजेश घायल हैं। इस रोमांटिक मूवी के सभी गीतों की रिकॉर्डिंग कर ली गई है ,जिसमे सिंगर खुश्बू जैन की सुरीली आवाज़ है। इस फिल्म में गीत संगीत का बड़ा योगदान होगा और इसे आप एक म्यूज़िकल रोमांटिक ड्रामा कह सकते हैं। फिल्म के बाकी कलाकारों की घोषणा भी जल्द की जाएगी।


फिल्म के टाइटल खंदक को लेकर भी दर्शको के बीच अभी से उत्सुकता बढ़ गई हैं। भोजपुरी फिल्मों में एक ही जैसी कहानियां देख देख कर ऊब चुके दर्शकों के लिए यह फिल्म किसी ताजा हवा के झोंके की तरह होगी। और मुहब्बत करने वालो के लिये एक खूबसूरत एहसास ॥


This is for India to know that Diveyaa Dwivedi nominated for film “Diya the Wonder Girl” in Gujrati Screen and Stage Awards,  but her presence there was not just to receive award in fact her presences for Gujarati Screen and Stage Awards was  there for a cause to spread the message to every parent in India that what a mother goes through too make the girl child tough to survive in this world. India is dealing with crime and rape of girl child its important for every parent in india to be aware about it. Awareness can transform many lives to make girls tough , stronger and strongest in this human endeavor of life POWER TO ALL THE WOMEN AND GIRLS ……..”JAI HIND”

Diveyaa Dwivedi A Woman Who Has Built A World Of Her Own, But Loves Living With The World Around Her.

By Team Bollyy 

Ali Peter John

My mother, my mother, I don’t think there will be a time in my life when I would be able to start anything, especially writing about anyone as long as I write which is my only life. I am about to write about one of the few women I geniunely admire and may be would also like to love in my own way, a young woman of many achievements who I have known for the last eight years, all thanks to my dear friend, philosopher and guide (genuinely) Dr Trinetra Bajpai, who introduced me to her when he was making his first magnum opus of a TV-serial called “Bikhari Aas Nikhri Preet”, directed by the late Lekh Tandon who he has always considered as his mentor when it comes to cinema or television….

Diveyaa was one of the leading female character in the serial, who left a lasting impact with her natural performance.I was a regular visitor during the making of a serial and I could see the making of a good actress who had the calibre to carry herself on her own and build a world of her own from where she could take decisions about how to go about her career and also her life. It was this quality of standing on her own feet and making it in what was till known as a man’s world.


I have been following her growth and have also had to do some going back to before I knew her to know an her career. She had started in a strange way, she had entered a radio station and it took her very little time even as a little girl to win the little world which was to be her stepping stone to the bigger world she was destined to be a part of and make a difference to it, in her own way….

In the next few years, Diveyaa Dwivedi was known as the leading actress of Bhojpuri films and had done more than twenty films as the leading lady and at one time she was even considered as the number one actress of films in the language of which she was a master because she was basically from Ranchi and had mastered the language with all its nuances and niceties. She ruled till she wanted to rule and when the woman in her found that the films made in the language were not doing justice to the women characters in the films they made, she raised her voice in protest and was in the centre of controversy….

Diveyaa however crossed all the lines of darkness that was trying to over power her and her talent, decided to build another world when it came to her career because she had the faith and the fortitude to fight her way to make her light (Diveyaa shine in other worlds and so did films in other languages like Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Marathi. She had once again shown her ability to master languages, however difficult they were…

Diveyaa, the woman had to take a break for personal reasons and there was talk about her putting an end to her career as an actress, but I was sure the woman, who had the courage to build her own which she has left would certainly come back to her world without any fear of what the future would hold for her.

She has like I hoped she would, come back because true talent always pushes and inspires the one who is talented to find new ways of exploring the talent that is still there in an ample measure, because true talent really doesn’t have an end….

Diveyaa then is fast finding her roots and then leading her own way to find as many ways as she can use her talent. She is surprised herself to see how she is playing major roles in two interesting and important films in Gujarati Cinema which is now at the crossroads and growing into a major force in Indian Cinema as the recent National Awards have proved.Diveyaa has tried to master the Gujarati language and is picking up fast and has many other offers on hand.

The talent in Diveyaa has also led her to do a full-fledged play in Hindi called “Ai Mohabbat” , written by one of the giants of Hindi theatre, Sagar Sarhadi.

She has also started her own company with the intention and only motive to make entertainment of any form spring from darkness to light (Diveyaa).

Like it has been proved again and again, true talent cannot be hidden for long and by any kind of crisis or circumstances. It is always a winner and as a leading light of talent, I am sure Diveyaa Dwivedi will not only show the light but also lead the light and add glory to the world she has built for herself and no power can take it away from her.

Lead kindly light, Diveyaa!!!

Sandy Joil Present Mr. Miss & Mrs. Universe 2020 Successful Mumbai Auditions

The Mumbai Auditions of Mr. Miss & Mrs. Universe 2020  was held in Andheri Mumbai, this was the third Audition City were many contestants participated and gave their best performance in front of Jury. All The Jury members had a tough time to select the contestants from Mumbai which will represent Mumbai For A Grand Finale To be Held In Goa on 13 May 2020. After Mumbai Audition the next audition will be held on 8th March 2020 In Pune.

This Pageant is initiative to give a proper platform in the field of Modelling &  Acting to  all the selected contestants For their bright future. Before 10th Of April 2020 auditions for Great Pageant Mr. Miss & Mrs. Universe 2020 will be completed all over India covering major cities.

Respected Jury Members for Audition were Aditya Singh Rajput, Anushka Sharma, Nutan Nutan Vaichal,  Priya Rana, Sohail Sayyed,  Yash Wadali & Producer Director Rakesh Sabarwal.


Associate Partners Zoya Shaikh – Gordon Dsouza- vinod Kcheda

Founder Sandy Joil

Photography Partner Jagdish  Navghane – Gunjan Chawhan

Director and Photographer In RGBE Solutions

President Surjeet Dadiala

Man of the Match – Sudhir Kumar Singh becomes the main lead of Bhojpuri film

मैन ऑफ द मैच’ सुधीर कुमार सिंह बने भोजपुरी फिल्म के मेन लीड

क्रिकेट स्टार सुधीर कुमार सिंह अब बनेंगे फिल्म स्टार

मनोज तिवारी की टीम भोजपुरी टाइगर्स को फाइनल कप दिलाने वाले खिलाड़ी सुधीर कुमार सिंह को भोजपुरी फिल्म का ऑफर

भोजपुरी सितारों से सजी टीमों को लेकर क्रिकेट का एक मुकाबला बेहद लोकप्रिय है जिसका नाम है BIPL अर्थात भोजपुरी इंडस्ट्रीज प्रीमियर लीग। पिछले दिनों बीआईपीएल के चौथे सीजन का फाइनल श्री अटल बिहारी अंतरराष्ट्रीय एकना स्टेडियम, लखनउ में सम्पन्न हुआ, जहां विजेता का खिताब इस बार कप्तान मनोज तिवारी और ओनर रत्नाकर कुमार की टीम भोजपुरी टाइगर्स ने हासिल किया. आपको बता दें कि भोजपुरी टाइगर्स की टीम की इस मुकाबले में हैट्रिक है। २०१७ से हर साल इस मुकाबले का आयोजन किया जाता रहा है।

फाइनल मुकाबले में टाइगर्स ने कप्तान पवन सिंह की टीम भोजपुरी सुल्तान को पराजित किया और इस तरह यह टीम विनर बन गई। भोजपुरी टाइगर्स को यह कप दिलवाने में जिस खिलाड़ी का सबसे बड़ा योगदान रहा वह हैं सुधीर कुमार सिंह। सुधीर कु. सिंह के हरफनमौला प्रदर्शन के लिए उन्हें ‘मैन ऑफ द मैच’ का खिताब मिला, जबकि उनको बेस्ट बल्लेबाज का खिताब भी मिला.


प्रयागराज के रहने वाले सुधीर कुमार सिंह को बचपन से ही क्रिकेट खेलने का गहरा शौक रहा है। उनका यही जुनून उनको इतनी शोहरत दिलवाने में सफल रहा। सुधीर कुमार सिंह के लिए यह फाइनल मैच उनकी किस्मत बदलने वाला सिद्ध हुआ क्योंकि ना सिर्फ वह इस मैदान पर हीरो बनकर निकले बल्कि अब वह जल्द ही सिल्वर स्क्रीन पर भी हीरो बनकर दिखेंगे। जी हां, दरअसल इस महामुकाबले के पुरूस्कार वितरण के दौरान भोजपुरी टाइगर्स के ओनर रत्नाकर कुमार ने सुधीर कुमार सिंह को लेकर एक भोजपुरी फिल्म बनाने की घोषणा भी कर दी। सुधीर कुमार सिंह उस लम्हे को याद करते हुए कहते हैं “मै वर्ल्ड वाइड रेकॉर्ड्स के ओनर रत्नाकर कुमार का शुक्रिया अदा करना चाहूंगा कि उन्होंने मुझे मेन लीड में लेकर भोजपुरी फिल्म प्रोड्युस करने का एनौंस्मेंट कर दिया है। यह मेरे लिए मेरे सपने के सच होने का एहसास है। मै अपनी टीम भोजपुरी टाइगर्स के तमाम खिलाड़ियों, कप्तान मनोज तिवारी और इस टीम के ओनर रत्नाकर कुमार को थैंक्स कहूंगा कि इन सब की वजह से मुझे यह मुकाम मिला।”

तो तैयार हो जाएं, एक और भोजपुरी स्टार सुधीर कुमार सिंह की फिल्मों में एंट्री के लिए।

Casting Directors Rajat Sharma & Himanshu Aggarwal’s latest Music Video is creating magic

Famous star Manjul Khattar and very well known promising actor Rits Badiani teams for KYUN, a love story twisted by destiny. Kyun is sung by famous bollywood playback singer Shahid Mallya and is composed by Shourya. This Music Video is loved by every one and already crossed 10 million views on youtube.  Casting of this Music Video done by casting directors “Rajat Sharma & Himanshu Aggarwal”

They have been a very important part of this music video as right from the conception they were involved in the process. Both Rajat And Himanshu are known producers too. They have made few music videos which have been released on big music companies.

Asking about this video and its casting, Rajat and Himanshu say, this journey was awesome. The team was very cooperative and it was fun working with  them. Our previous released was song “High Heels”with Rajat Verma and Diana Khan.

Rajat and Himanshu have few more projects lined up in this year. We wish them all the very best for their upcoming projects.

SOCH EK FULL STOP.. Actor Krishna Kaurav And Others Produced by Tofail Khan

Waterdrop Entertainment Presents “SOCH ek full stop…..”, A series by TK Films & Entertainment, Produced by Tofail Khan

It stars Anamika Singh, Prateek Dixit, Krishna Kaurav& Neeti Sharma, Ankita Khare, Riya Singh & in a very important character.

“SOCH ek full stop…..” will be coming on  Rapchee Originals which got launched on 20th February 2020


“SOCH ek full stop…..”, it is a story of a girl who thinks that love and sex are two different things, she married a boy who is older in age, but from lower cast and poor by money from her. But she couldn’t change her fate, a incident changes her life completely, her husband leaves her for whom she had revolted to get married. But she doesn’t lose her hope and finally…

“सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” तोफैल खान निर्मित, कृष्णा कौरव व अन्य द्वारा अभिनीत एक लव स्टोरी है।

वाटरड्रॉप एंटरटेनमेंट की प्रस्तुति “सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” , एक वेब सीरीज टी के फिल्म्स एंड एंटरटेनमेंट द्वारा, निर्माता तोफैल खान, निर्देशक विवेक चौवण, सह-निर्माण हिमान्शु डी ढोलकिया, कास्टिंग डायरेक्टर सोनू सिंह राजपूत। इसके लेखक इला वर्मा व जागृत वसवाड़ा एवं कैमरा अजेय पाल सिंह हैं।

“सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” के कलाकारों में अनामिका सिंह (दिया और बाती की दीपिका सिंह की बहन), प्रतीक दीक्षित, नीती शर्मा, अंकिता खरे, रिया सिंह व एक खास भूमिका में कृष्णा कौरव हैं।

“सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” इसका OTT प्लेटफार्म Rapchee है, जिसे २० फरवरी २०२० को निर्देशक धर्म गुप्ता ने लांच किया है।

“सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” , ये कहानी है एक लड़की की सोच जो सेक्स और प्यार में फर्क करती है। वह अपने से छोटी जात और गरीब लड़के से शादी करती है, जो उम्र में उससे बड़ा है। परन्तु उसके जीवन की एक घटना, उसकी जिंदगी बदल देती है। जिस पती के लिए वह सबसे लड़ती है, वही उसे छोड़ देता है। फिर भी वो हिम्मत नहीं हारती और अपनी सोच दुनिया के सामने रखती है।

The film Paglu Will Be Released Alongside Tiger Shroff’s Film Baaghi 3

टाईगर श्रॉफ की फिल्म बागी 3 के साथ रिलीज़ होगी फ़िल्म ‘पगलु’ ।

हीरो मंतोश कुमार टाइगर श्रॉफ की तरह मार्शल आर्ट के माहिर हैं

हिंदी फिल्मों के एक्शन स्टार टाईगर श्रॉफ की फिल्म बागी 3 जहां 6 मार्च को रिलीज होने जा रही है वहीं भोजपुरी में भी एक जबरदस्त एक्शन थ्रिलर फिल्म पगलू उसी दिन रिलीज़ हो रही है। साथ यह भी महज इत्तेफाक है कि पगलू के हीरो मंतोश कुमार भी टाइगर श्रॉफ की तरह मार्शल आर्ट के माहिर हैं और इस फिल्म में उनके नए नए तरह के एक्शन देखने को मिलेंगे.यह एक ऐसी अनोखी फ़िल्म है जिसमे फ़िल्म के एक्टर मंतोश कुमार के स्टंट और अभिनय के आप कायल हो जाएंगे। फ़िल्म ‘ पगलु’ का ट्रेलर दर्शकों के दिलों पर राज कर रहा है। ‘पगलु’ का ट्रेलर माँ एटरटेनमेंट म्यूजिक द्वारा रीलीज किया गया है। माँ एटरटेनमेंट के मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर श्री राजेश राजा गुप्ता का कहना है कि जो कॉमेंट आ रहा है उसे साबित हो रहा है कि पब्लिक साफ सुथरी फ़िल्मे को बहुत पसंद करती है । इस फ़िल्म में दमदार एक्शन देखने को मिलेगा जिसे फ़िल्म के हीरो ने खुद ही किया है.मार्शल आर्ट में अपनी एक खास पहचान बना चुके हीरो के लिए यह फ़िल्म काफी महत्वपूर्ण है.इस फ़िल्म की अदाकारा अरुणा  गिरी है अरुणा की यह पहली भोजपुरी फ़िल्म है.बात करे मंतोश की तो इस फ़िल्म में की शूटिंग के दौरान लोगो ने जब मंतोश को एक्शन करते हुए देखा तो लोगो ने उन्हें एक्शन हीरो का खिताब दे दिया है.सामाजिक बिषयों पर आधारित यह फ़िल्म जल्द दर्शको के बीच आएगी.


इस फ़िल्म के निर्माता रामकृपाल सिंह और चंदन भंसाली है.फ़िल्म के निर्देशक फुना  बाबू है.जबकि फ़िल्म के प्रचारक अखिलेश सिंह है।फ़िल्म के एक्सक्यूटिव प्रोड्यूसर प्रमोद राणा है.फ़िल्म के कलाकारों में देव सिंह,अनूप अरोरा,वैभव रॉय,अर्जुन यादव शामिल है.

R-Vision Pvt Ltd Launches Their Latest Music Video Munde Bad Ne Saare

Music album ‘Munde Bad Ne Saare’ was released by Managing Director of R-Vision India Pvt. Ltd Mr. Ravindra Singh at preview theatre in Sahara Star hotel.

The music video features versatile female singer Anaya Brahma and guest appearance by Tiktok influencer and a trend setter Eshaan Masih, music composed by Mr. Praveen Heera, directed and choreographed by Mr. Chinni Chetan. This item song has already received over whelming seven lakh views on YouTube.

Mr. Ravindra Singh had made his appreciation very clear by heaping on the praise for Anaya Brahma and Eshaan Masih and the entire team of this musical peppy number. On this occasion Anaya quoted her heart out that she had butterflies leaping her around when producer Mr. Singh and music composer Mr. Praveen Heera showed confidence in her singing skills thereby grabbing the opportunity to sing Punjabi song for the first time with great success.

Eshaan had reiterated how he was reached by R Vision team to invite him to participate in this music video. He quoted” I came out of movie theatre and suddenly I get call from the team asking me to come directly to the set. I was pretty surprised but my lady luck Preeti wanted to follow her sixth sense and I abided by her gut feeling. We were confident we will do the best for what we would be offered. When we reached there we got the download of what we had to do and I was nervous but our producer Mr. Singh said that he has full faith and confidence in me as he believes in giving opportunity to aspiring and upcoming artists. Also our choreographer Mr. Chetan who was so humble was very supportive and made me feel comfortable and we gelled beautifully”.

This peppy item song will definitely become even more spectacular and mesmerising with the audience’s trust and love. With this Mr. Singh also announced to feature the couple in his new music video as a token of appreciation.

Anaya hails from Guwahati and has sung songs in various languages across India. This Assamese beauty debuted with her Bollywood playback with song Char Din ki Chandni and was also nominated in Artist Aloud music award for hindi single.

Our hearthrob Eshaan Masih and his talented dusky beauty Preeti Chawla hail from beautiful city of Chandigarh. This multi talented couple have captured many hearts by their thrilling performances from more than five hundred shows, especially by their outstanding act on Kamasutra theme on India’s Got Talent which was recognised and glorified by none other than Karan Johar and Malaika Arora on Colors Channel.

आर विजन की ‘मुंडे बैड ने सारे’ का म्यूजिक लॉन्च

आर विजन प्राइवेट लिमिटेड की प्रस्तुति म्यूजिक अलबम ‘मुंडे बैड ने सारे’ को मुम्बई स्थित सहारा स्टार होटल के सिनेथक प्रीव्यू थिएटर लॉन्च किया गया।

म्यूजिक लॉन्च के अवसर पर अल्बम की सिंगर अनाया ब्रह्मा ने कहा कि मैं पहली बार पंजाबी गाना गायी हूँ, संगीतकार प्रवीण हीरा के सहयोग से यह संभव हो सका है। मैंने गाने से पहले लिरिक्स की मीनिंग और फिलिंग को महसूस की। फिर निर्माता रविन्द्र सिंह जी ने रिकॉर्डिंग के बाद तारीफ की। उन्होंने मुझे यह खास मौका दिया। वे एक नेकदिल इंसान हैं।

अनाया ने बताया कि शूटिंग से पहले रिहर्सल के दौरान थककर बीमार भी पड़ गई लेकिन बाद में सब आरामदायक हो गया। पहले तो ईशान का डांस देखकर नर्वस भी हुई फिर जल्द ही हमारे बीच बढ़िया तालमेल बन गया।

इस अल्बम में अनाया के साथ टिकटोक स्टार ईशान की मुख्य भूमिका है। वह चंडीगढ़ से हैं और इंडियाज गोट टैलेंट में विनर हैं। कलर्स चैनल पर करण जौहर और मलाइका अरोड़ा के सामने उसने बेझिझक कामसूत्र वाला परफॉर्मेंस भी पेश किया है।

ईशान अपनी गर्लफ्रैंड के साथ म्यूजिक लॉन्च इवेंट पर पहुंचे थे। उन्होंने बताया कि आर विजन से अचानक एक दिन कॉल आया और मैं सीधे सेट पर जा पहुंचा, रविन्द्र सर ने मुझपर भरोसा किया। मुझे इसके गीत और संगीत ने बहुत प्रभावित किया। रविन्द्र जी ने ऑन द स्पॉट फैसला लिया और हमनें शूटिंग शुरू की।

वीडियो डायरेक्टर चीनी चेतन ने कहा कि रविन्द्र सर मौका देते रहते हैं। गाने की शूटिंग में अनाया और ईशान दोनों ने आसानी से स्टेप को पकड़ लिए।

निर्माता रविन्द्र सिंह का कहना है कि चीनी चेतन हीरा है। उनके भीतर बहुत प्रतिभा है और हमेशा नया करते हैं। अनाया बहुत टैलेंटेड सिंगर है साथ ही वह बड़ी तेजी से कोई भी विधा को सीख लेती है। गायिकी के साथ अभिनय में भी उन्होंने कमाल कर दिया है। ईशान के आ जाने से वीडियो और भी शानदार बन गया है। अब तक यूट्यूब पर इस गाने को सात लाख व्यू मिल चुका है। इसी के साथ रविन्द्र ने ईशान और प्रीति को साथ लेकर अगले अलबम की घोषणा भी कर दिया है।

The Biopic Rizwan of the famous Social Worker Rizwan Adatiya has been Released in Theaters from 28th February In Maharashtra- Gujarat and many States

प्रख्यात समाज सेवी रिज़वान अदतिया की बायोपिक”रिज़वान”आज 28 फरवरी से सिनेमा घरों में पहुँच रिलीज हो चुकी है महाराष्ट्र, गुजरात सहित कई राज्यों में आज से फ़िल्म देख सकते है । पूरी फिल्म बहुत ही अच्छी है फ़िल्म में अलग से कोई मशाला नही डाला गया है । फ़िल्म की पूरी कहानी बिजनेस टाइकून रिज़वान की जीवन कहानी है फ़िल्म को जो भी देखा बहुत ही तारीफ किया । ऐसा माना जा रहा है कि फ़िल्म युवाओं के लिए एक प्रेरणा होगी युवाओ में नवर्स भावना को खत्म कर ऊर्जा भरने का काम कर सकती है।फ़िल्म से जो भी कमाई होगी वह शतप्रतिशत रिज़वान अदतिया फाउंडेशन में जाएग   ताकि बड़े पैमाने पर गरीब और असहाय लोगो को मदत मिल सकेगी और काफी लोग समाज सेवा का हिस्सा बन सकेंगे ।


आपको बतादे रिज़वान अदतिया फाउंडेशन फाउंडर  श्री रिज़वान अदतिया ने बताया कि उन्हें इस बात की खुशी है कि देश के विभिन्न कोने से लोगो को फ़िल्म देखने का काफी दिनों से इंतजार था आज वो घड़ी आ गयी है जब लोग फ़िल्म अपने नजदीक सिनेमाघरो में जा के देख पाएंगे । आपकी जानकारी के लिए बतादे रिज़वान अदतियाका जन्म गुजरात के पोर बन्दर के एक छोटे से गाँव मे एक गरीब परिवार में हुआ था लेकिन अपने मेहनत ,ईमानदारी, और लगन के बलबूते आज आज बिज़नस की दुनिया की बुलन्दियों पर है आज लाखो लोगो का सहयोग,स्वास्थ शिक्षा  पे कार्य कर रहे है ।

Madhusudan Global School’s 5th Annual Festival

मधुसुदन ग्लोबल स्कूल के वार्षिकोत्सव में जमकर थिरके बच्चे

मीरारोड, मीरा भायंदर के मधुसुदन ग्रूप आॅफ स्कूल द्वारा संचालित मधुसुदन ग्लोबल स्कूल का पांचवा स्थापना दिवस और वार्षिकोत्सव समारोह भायंदर पूर्व के इंद्रलोक के विश्वकर्मा वाड़ी में रंगारंग समारोह के साथ मनाया गया। समारोह में मुख्य अतिथि मधुसुदन ग्रूप आॅफ स्कूल के चेयरमैन मधुसुदन शर्मा ने दीप प्रज्वलित कर कार्यक्रम का शुभारंभ किया । मुख्य अतिथि ने उपस्थित लोगों को संबोधित करते हुए मधुसुदन ग्लोबल स्कूल के बढ़ते कदमों एवं उपलब्धियों के बारे में जानकारी देते हुये हुए प्रतिभागियों का उत्साहवर्धन किया। वद्यालय की डायरेक्टर प्रियंबदा शर्मा ने बताया कि किस प्रकार बहुत ही कम समय में यह विद्यालय नई ऊंचाइयों को छूने के साथ-साथ विद्यार्थियों के चहुंमुखी विकास में अपनी महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभा रहा है।उन्होंने विद्यालय द्वारा किए गए उल्लेखनीय कार्यों एवं उपलब्धियों के विस्तार पूर्वक जानकारी दी और कहा कि कम फीस स्ट्रक्चचर में हम छात्रों को बेहतर सुविधायें देते हैं। हम साल में ६ से सात बार पैरेन्टस का फीडबैक लेते हैं।

वार्षिकोत्सव समारोह के अवसर पर रंगारंग कार्यक्रम की प्रस्तुति की गई जिसमें स्वागत नृत्य के माध्यम से अद्भुत संगम देखने को मिला। इसके उपरांत विद्यालय के छात्र-छात्राओं ने विभिन्न रंगारंग संगीत एवं कथात्मक प्रस्तुतियां ,हास्य एकांकी, डांडिया नृत्य,पंजाब की सांस्कृतिक झलक, फैशन शो योग,स्केट ड्रिल, कव्वाली, गौरव गान के साथ-साथ लाइव आॅर्केस्ट्रा के माध्यम से भारत के हर रंग को साकार करने का काम किया। इस अवसर पर  डायरेक्टर दृष्टि शर्मा ने भी अपना विचार रखा। छात्रों का हौसला अफजाई करने खुद मधुसुदन ग्लोबल स्कूल की डायरेक्टर मीना शर्मा भी मौजूद थीं।इस अवसर पर मधुसुदन ग्लोबल स्कूल के ट्रस्टी डॉ.गौरव शर्मा, तुषार शर्मा ने भी बच्चों को संबोधित किया। इस अवसर पर विद्यार्थियों को उनकी शैक्षणिक उपलब्धियों एवं विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में उनके उत्कृष्ट प्रदर्शन व योगदान के लिए वार्षिक पुरस्कारों से पुरस्कृत किया

Discussion On Shooting in Kashmir – People From The Film Fedration Meet Governor

हरी भरी वादियों में शुटिंग पर चर्चा – गर्वनर से मिले फिल्म जगत के लोग
मुंबई, फेडरेशन आॅफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्पलाईज के पदाधिकारियों ने जम्मू कश्मीर के गर्वनर लेफ्टिनेंट गिरीश चंद्र मुरमू से मुलाकात कर वादियों में शुटिंग को लेकर चर्चा किया। फिल्म जगत से जुड़े इस संगठन के पदाधिकारियों और उनके प्रतिनिधिमंडल ने गर्वनर से मुलाकात कर फिर से हरी भरी वादियों शुटिग करने को लेकर पहल शुरु की। इस मुलाकात में जम्मू कश्मीर में फिल्म की शु्िटंग के सिलसिले में बातचीत हुयी। साथ ही यहां के स्थायी लोगों को फिल्म इंडस्ट्रीज में काम करने को प्रोेत्साहित करने और मौजूदा फिल्म इंडस्ट्रीज के वर्करों और टैक्निशियनों की समृद्धि एवं सुरक्षा के बारे में विस्तार से चर्चा की।

एक समय में फिल्म की शुटिंग के लिये घाटी एवं वादियों के रुप में जाने वाले जम्मू काश्मीर में प्रोडक्शन हाऊस, डायरेक्टर और अभिनेताओं की पहली पंसद होती थी लेकिन घाटी के बिगड़ते माहौल के चलते वहां पर शुटिंग लगभग बंद हो गयी थी।
इस चर्चा में फेडरेशन आॅफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्पलाईज के प्रेसिडेंट बी.एन. तिवारी, आॅल इंडिया फिल्म एम्प्लाईज कांफिडरेशन के नेशनल प्रेसिडेंट और फेडरेशन आॅफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्पलाईज के जनरल सेक्रेटरी अशोक दुबे, फेडरेशन आॅफ वेस्टर्न इंडिया सिने एम्पलाईज के ट्ेजरार गंगेश्वरलाल श्रीवास्तव(संजू) , राजन सिंह और राकेश मौर्या प्रमुख रुप से उपस्थित थे।

DHANTAAL JIYA Gold Non Alcoholic Beer launched by Miss India SIMRAN AHUJA At Bhuj Kutch


Launching product of Dhantal jiya gold non alcholic beer at Bhuj Kutch.. and same as they launched their musical jingle also- announced by managing director Mr. Prabhakar Dhantal and inaugurate by miss india 2013 miss Simran Ahuja from Mumbai..on this event professional models are walked on ramp on live Garba and Dhol with classical fusion played by famous school from bhuj is Sanskar Dchool- garba group and musician group perform by sanskar school team and supported by m/s Neeta Bhatt from sanskar School Group.Sandeep Solanki from Mumbai choreograph and design the show. gujarat.saurastra.kutch distributor attain this event and make this event successful. moto is to have an non alcoholic beer consider as healthy drink.and all family desire to drink non alcoholic beer – here they full their desire to drink our Dhantal Jia gold non alcoholic beer that’s what managing director of Jia Gold non alcoholic beer said..event happened on 14th February 2020@heart city of Bhuj well know hill view resort.and their distributor come and celebrate the bottle knotch of non alcholic- Dhantal Jia Hold Non Alcoholic announced with their next target is 5000cr of their goal in next three years with this type of non alcoholic beer with different flavour and they announced–Dhantal Jia gold non alcoholic beer piyo and Dubai jaou in 2021


भुज कच्छ में धंतल जिया गोल्ड नॉन अल्कोलिक बीयर का प्रोडक्ट लॉन्च करना। और इसी तरह उन्होंने अपना म्यूजिकल जिंगल भी लॉन्च किया- जिसकी घोषणा मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर श्री प्रभाकर धंतल ने की और मिस इंडिया 2013 के मुंबई के सिमरन आहुजा ने इसका उद्घाटन किया।  पेशेवर मॉडल जीवंत गरबा और ढोल पर रैंप पर चलते हैं, जो भुज से प्रसिद्ध स्कूल द्वारा बजाए जाने वाले शास्त्रीय फ्यूजन के साथ संस्कार स्कूल- गरबा समूह और संगीतकार समूह द्वारा संस्कार स्कूल टीम द्वारा किया जाता है और संस्कार स्कूल समूह के नीता भट्ट द्वारा समर्थित है। संदीप सोलंकी  कोरियोग्राफ और शो को डिजाइन करता है।  gujarat.saurastra.kutch वितरक इस घटना को प्राप्त करते हैं और इस आयोजन को सफल बनाते हैं। एक गैर मादक बीयर को स्वस्थ पेय के रूप में माना जाता है। और सभी परिवार नॉन अल्कोहलिक बीयर पीने की इच्छा रखते हैं – यहाँ वे हमारी पूरी शराब पीने की इच्छा रखते हैं।- जिया गोल्ड नॉन अल्कोहलिक बीयर के प्रबंध निदेशक ने कहा..वह 14 फरवरी 2020 को @ भुज कच्छ शहर में Hill view रिसॉर्ट में हुआ। और उनके वितरक आते हैं और गैर अल्कोहल की बोतल गाँठ मनाते हैं – धंतल  जिया गोल्ड नॉन अल्कोहलिक बीयर अगले लक्ष्य के साथ अगले तीन वर्षों में अपने लक्ष्य 5000cr का Target है। इस प्रकार की नॉन अल्कोहलिक बीयर अलग-अलग स्वादों के साथ है और उन्होंने घोषणा की – धंतल जिया गोल्ड नॉन अल्कोहलिक बीयर पियो और दुबई जौ 2021 में ।।

Dilshad Khan Honored With Bollywood Iconic Award 2020

बॉलीवुड आयकोनिक एवार्ड  2020 से सम्मानित दिलशाद खान

उत्कृष्ट पत्रकारिता के लिए दिलशाद खान को मिला ‘बॉलीवुड आयकोनिक एवार्ड’

मुंबई में ‘बॉलीवुड आयकोनिक एवार्ड -2020’ फंक्शन का आयोजन किया गया। फाउंडर तथा डायरेक्टर कृष्णा चौहान के इस शानदार व यादगार इवेंट की शुरूवात योगेश लखानी ने दीप प्रज्वलित करके की तथा समारोह के मुख्य अतिथि थे प्रसिद्ध म्युजिक डायरेक्टर दिलीप सेन।

इस एवार्ड फंक्शन के दौरान उत्कृष्ट पत्रकारिता के लिये सीनियर जर्नलिस्ट दिलशाद खान को बॉलीवुड आयकोनिक एवार्ड प्रदान किया गया। उनके अलावा एक्टर-कॉमेडियन सुनील पाल, दीपा नारायण झा, म्युजिक कम्पोजर-सिंगर संतोख सिंग, गीतकार सुधाकर शर्मा, एक्शन डायरेक्टर आर पी यादव, शिरीन फरीद, शोएब अहमद, सुष्मिता बिस्वास, पत्रकार राजाराम सिंह, संतोष साहू, तथा बेस्ट पी आर ओ के लिए अब्दुल कादिर, फरहा अंजर खान व चाहत खन्ना को बॉलीवुड आयकोनिक एवार्ड देकर सम्मानित किया गया।


डायरेक्टर तथा इस एवार्ड के फाउंडर कृष्णा चौहान ने बताया कि ये उनका दूसरा एवार्ड फंक्शन है। इससे पूर्व वे बॉलीवुड लिजेंड एवार्ड का आयोजन कर चुके हैं।

IBG ENTERTAINMENT Pot Boiler 19th February 2020

We hosted a unique Pot Boiler specially for those in the Media and Entertainment Industry. Young film makers had to chance to interact and showcase their talents in front of Senior Industry Doyens

We showcased two trailers of young upcoming artists. They evoked the curiosity of the crowd who asked for repeated encore. The trailers shown were:

  1. Alia  – By Colorify Productions
  2. Maha Pratishodh written & directed by Ramesh Meer

The event also witnessed a marvellous singing performance by Singer Santokh Singh, the famous voice behind the hit bollywood song Rashke Qamar.

IBG Pot Boiler was a spectacular event with a crowd of over 130 leading lights of the media and entertainment industry.


We had famous celebrities like:

  1. Mr. Sunil Pal an Indian comedian is a famous national actor,voice actor and the winner of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.
  2. Mr. Ahsaan Qureshi Indian stand-up comedian. He is well known in India for his unique style of comedy and poetry. He is the 2005 runner-up of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.
  3. Mr. Arif Khan, is an Anil Kapoor look-alike artist. Arif has made an appearance on the reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3 with one of Anil Kapoor’s chartbuster songs.
  4. Ms. Urmila Sharma is a TV Actress who has featured in popular T.V shows namely Diya Aur Baati Hum Show, Kumkum Bhagya, and Punar Vivah, and has played the role of Dhanush’s mother in film Raanjhanaa.

Mr. Business Guru – Vikash Mittersain, Founder President of IBG, and Hon. Consul General of the Republic of Mali.

The Upcoming Film 22 Chamkila Forever A Biopic on Life of Late Punjabi Music Legends Amar Singh Chamkila and Amarjot Kaur

आने वाली फिल्म 22 चमकीला अमर सिंह चमकीला अमरजोत कौर की कहानी को दर्शाती है

जैस्मिन राय प्रोडक्शन की फिल्म 22 चमकीला का म्यूजिक और ट्रेलर लॉन्च हो चुका है यह फिल्म अमर सिंह चमकीला की कहानी पर आधारित है जिसके निर्माता जैस्मिन राय  निर्देशक दीपा राय  म्यूजिक सौरव सैनी लेखक कुलविंदर कुक्की और  नीतू पन्धेर कलाकार दीपा राय युव्लीन कौर पूनम सूद सुरेंद्र शिंदे निर्मल ऋषि आदि है कलाकार एशोसियट  डायरेक्टर, स्टोरी राईटर और स्क्रीनप्ले डायरेक्ट  बल्जितेंद्र शिद्धू हैं।फिल्म के ट्रेलर और म्यूजिक लांच के समय अमर सिंह चमकीला के पुत्र जय मनजीत सिंह चमकीला भी मौजूद थे अमर सिंह चमकीला पर बनी यह फिल्म 22 चमकीला उनके साथ हुए हादसे को दर्शाती है जो अभी भी एक रहस्य बना हुआ है 80 के दशक के पॉपुलर पंजाबी गायक अमर सिंह ‘चमकीला’ और उनकी पत्नी अमरजोत की 1988 में गोली मारकर हत्या कर दी गई थी। 8 मार्च, को दोपहर 2 बजे चमकीला और उनकी पत्नी पंजाब के गांव महसामपुर, जालंधर में एक स्टेज शो के लिए पहुंचे थे। जैसे ही वे गाड़ी से उतरे उन पर मोटरसाइकल गिरोह ने अंधाधुंध फायरिंग गोलियां बरसाईं।

इसमें चमकीला और उनकी पत्नी स्टेज पार्टनर अमरजोत के साथ दो और लोग मारे गए। बता दें, चमकीला और उनकी पत्नी के मर्डर की गुत्थी अब तक नहीं सुलझ पाई है इस फिल्म में अमर सिंह चमकीला से जुड़ी हुई   कहानी दिखाई जाएंगी और यह फिल्म वैशाखी पर पूरे भारत में रिलीज हो रही है

The upcoming film 22 Chamkila forever..a biopic on life of late punjabi music legends Amar Singh Chamkila and Amarjot kaur..the trailer is Soon to be launched as the movie is about to be released worldwide near vaisakhi time. The trailer of the movie is ready to be launched soon..! The movie has been produced by Jasmine Rai Productions. Directed by Deepa Rai who is also playing the main lead role of Amar Singh Chamkila. Story written by kulwinder kukki ,childhood friend and secretary of amar singh chamkila.. screenplay by Baljinder Singh sidhu & dialouges by Nitu pandher. Artists include Surinder Singh shinda the real ustad od late Amar Singh chamkila, Yuvleen kaur, Poona Soon, Daljit kaur, dilawar sidhu, gurchet chittarkar, Nitu pandher, Bansi barnala, vanit atwal, Ram Uppal, Nirmal Rishi, & Yaad grewal. Bacround score has been done by Deep Bawa and team PB32- wale.80’s popular panjabi singing jorri, Amar Singh chamkila and Amarjot kaur we’re shot and killed on 8 march 1988 at 2pm in village Mehsompur Jallandher Panjab along with two other music team members. Late Amar Singh chamkila and Amarjot kaur’s only child Jai manjit Singh chamkila has thanked all the media and Jasmine Rai productions whole team for their efforts into making a film on his late parents & has told the whole media that only Jasmine rai productions has the rights to make this movie and nobody else.

Music and Trailor Launch of Film Kehta Hai Yeh Dil

कहता है ये दिल’ फ़िल्म का ट्रेलर लॉन्च

निर्माता निर्देशक आर के शर्मा की हिंदी फिल्म ‘कहता है ये दिल’ का ट्रेलर मुम्बई में कलाकारों व तकनीशियनों की उपस्थिति में लॉन्च की गई। त्रिवेणी फिल्म्स द्वारा निर्मित इस फ़िल्म में रणवीर कलसी, एलिना टुटेजा और श्रावणी सहाय की मुख्य भूमिका है। फ़िल्म की एडिटिंग जगदीप सिंह देओल की है।

आर के शर्मा ने ही इस फ़िल्म की कहानी लिखी है। उन्होंने बताया कि यह एक ट्रायंगल लव स्टोरी है। मेरा मानना है कि दर्शक सिनेमाघर में दो घंटे मनोरंजन के लिए आते हैं। इसीलिए मैंने उनके मनोरंजन के हिसाब से फ़िल्म बनायी है। इस फ़िल्म का कंटेंट नया है और सभी कलाकारों ने बढ़िया अभिनय किया है। इस फ़िल्म शूटिंग 40 दिन में पूरी हुई है। इस दौरान हम सभी एक परिवार का हिस्सा बन गए थे। इसके निर्माण में मुझे सभी तकनीशियन ने बेहतर सहयोग दिया है।


फ़िल्म की पूरी शूटिंग इलाहाबाद और नैनीताल में की गई है। इस फ़िल्म को हमनें पूरी ईमानदारी के साथ बहुत मेहनत करके बनाई है जो दर्शकों की उम्मीदों पर खरी उतरेगी। फ़िल्म में स्क्रिप्ट के मूड के अनुसार चार गाने रखे गए हैं। 28 फरवरी को सम्पूर्ण भारत में इस फ़िल्म के प्रदर्शन की तारीख तय की गई है।

इस फ़िल्म के बाद आर के शर्मा अपनी दूसरी फिल्म ‘पिक्चर तो बनेगी बॉस’ की शूटिंग प्रारंभ करेंगे जिसकी चार गाने रिकॉर्ड हो चुकी है।

———–संतोष साहू

Miss World America Washington Shree Saini spotted watching Miss World in London, United Kingdom

Shree Saini, the 24-year-old Indian American student and anti-bullying activist who was crowned Miss World America Washington, and the winner of five awards at Miss World America 2019, was spotted in London at Miss World with beauty queens from over 110 countries.

Shree says “being at the Miss World in London, UK was a profound experience throughout.  Just this year, Miss World has fundraised, 60 million for their various charities.”

Shree is seen congratulating Miss World 2019 Toni Ann Singh, for her win.

“Our newly crowned Miss World Toni’s inspiring words and her sincere voice warms everyone’s heart”

Shree is also seen alongside three other Miss Worlds. Miss World 2014 Megan Bata’s speech for Mrs. Julia Morley in 2014 and her work with Zero Hunger UNICEF inspires Shree. Miss World 2018 Vanessa De Leon Ponce, was seen earlier this year visiting Shree in the hospital and now next to Shree, well recovered. Shree with Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle Diaz, whom Shree admires for her service work as Beauty with a Service Ambassador.


Shree with the reigning Miss India Suman Rao, Miss World America Emmy Rose Cuvelier, Barney Walsh, Miss World Emcee, Jack Heslewood, reigning Mr. World.

Shree thanked everyone at the Miss World Organization for being pillars in her life, noting that “Miss World contestants are the girls I grew up watching and looking up to”.

Miss World CEO Julia Morley has been raised 1.3 billion dollars through her vision and her Beauty with a Purpose charity-based projects all over the world.

Industrialist Govind G. Wadhwani Met The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand

उद्योगपति गोविंद जी. वाधवानी ने की उत्तराखंड के मुख्यमंत्री से मुलाकात

उत्तराखंड की हसीन वादियों में फिल्म की शूटिंग को लेकर चर्चा

उत्तराखंड फिल्मों की शूटिंग की एक नई और आकर्षक लोकेशन बनती जा रही है। पिछले कुछ समय में यहां सैकड़ों फिल्म और टीवी सीरियल की शूटिंग हो चुकी है। यहां सरकार फिल्मों की शूटिंग पर कई रियायतें भी दे रही है, सम्भवतः इसी लिए निर्माता निर्देशक यहां शूटिंग को प्राथमिकता देने लगे हैं।

मशहूर उद्योगपति गोविंद जी. वाधवानी ने हाल ही में उत्तराखंड के मुख्यमंत्री त्रिवेन्द्र सिंह रावत से मुलाकात की। ए के फायर फिल्म्स नामक प्रोडकशन हाउस के निर्माता गोविंद जी. वाधवानी ने सी एम से वहां अपनी अपकमिंग फिल्म की शूटिंग के सिलसिले में बात की।

गोविंद जी. वाधवानी ने कहा कि उत्तराखंड की हसीन वादियां

फिल्मों की शूटिंग के लिए बेहतरीन और खूबसूरत लोकेशन हैं। उत्तराखण्ड का प्राकृतिक सौन्दर्य फिल्मों की शूटिंग के लिए एकदम अनुकूल है। यहां का शांत माहौल हम जैसे फिल्म निर्माताओं को बेहद पसन्द आता है.

आपको बता दें कि उत्तराखण्ड में फिल्मों की शूटिंग से संबंधित सभी औपचारिकताएं एक हफ्ते के अंदर पूरी की जा रही हैं. देहरादून में मौजूद एयरपोर्ट का विस्तार भी किया जा रहा है. गोविंद जी. वाधवानी उत्तराखंड में फिल्मों की शूटिंग के लिए उत्साहित हैं।

Ya Habibi Blew The Internet Post Release – Musiway In Association With Gudiya Films Production

Bollywoods new record label Musiway launches ‘Ya Habibi’ an arabic bollywood dance number Sung by Ash King and Jyotica Tangri featuring the super hot Kangna Sharma in association with Gudiya Films Production which bagged millions of love straight after the release. The creators of this hardcore dance number Abhishek – Amol’s vision with the song was to make an international content and taking India to the universall charts. Sung by the swagger Ash king and the sizzling Jyotica Tangri which features the hearthrob Kangna Sharma. With a song that has a catchy Rap by Abhishek Talented who also wrote the song and Srushti Barlewar who wrote the arabic part and the peppy beats which was produced by Amol Shrivastava & Insanez has already crossed millions within very few hours of releases. The video is directed by the hit director Akshay Aggarwal, beautifully shot in Jaipur in a palace, the video registered love and impressions all over the internet. Producers of the song Gaurav Pai and Rakesh Kothari seemed very excited for the association and the amount of love they recieved on the song. Gaurav Pai and Rakesh Kothari also celebrated their their first association with Sunrise Entertainment.

The owners of new bollywood record label Musiway, Abhishek Talented, Ambuj Singh and Amol Shrivastava are very excited for their new venture and are very strong with their vision to cater International music with indian style. The vision is very staright to keep the level content high and engaging and serving the world with new and good music. The music revolution and musical universe of its own in the hearts of the people is what Musiway is aiming to. Gudiya Films Production under leadership of Mr. Rakesh kothari with their very first venture associates with Musiway to create an international song which has already made a mark and will continue to do so in coming future with their India Tour and World Tour. Also Musiway will be coming up with bundles of song every month which with every genre .

Exhibition of Hundred Photographers Inaugurated at 8th Global Festival of Journalism

Noida: One Hundred Photographers from all over India participated in the grand photography exhibition titled “AN EYE’ planned during 8th Global Festival of Journalism at Marwah Studios Film City Noida.

“It is the custom at Marwah Studios to have an exhibition in every major festival. This time one Hundred photographers from AAFT School of Photography submitted their best work for the exhibition. It was difficult for the department to choose pictures for the show as all of them were very exclusive,” introduced the exhibition by Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of International Journalism Centre, ICMEI and AAFT at the inauguration of 8th Global Festival.

“What a collection! I am sure no picture could have been rejected,” encouraged by H.E. Muhamed Cengic an international photographer and Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina to India while lighting the ceremonial lamp.

“I can see the variety of work, portraits, animals, historical monuments, public, flowers this shows the depth of knowledge of the photographers and their varied interests,” motivated H.E. Radu Octavian Dobre, Ambassador of Romania to India.

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is, Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving,” said H.E. Michael Aaron N. N. Oquaye, High Commissioner Republic of Ghana

“Photography is more than just a skill or talent; it’s a passion that needs constant fulfillment,” saidHE Carlos Polo, Ambassador of Peru to India.

“It’s not enough to just own a camera. Everyone owns a camera. To be a photographer, you must understand, appreciate, and harness the power you hold!” H.E. K L Ganju, Honorary Consul General & Advisor to the Foreign Minister, Consulate of Union of Comoros.

“Only photography has been able to divide human life into a series of moments, each of them has the value of a complete existence.” H.E. Dr. Marjan Cencen, Ambassador of Slovenia to India.

“It takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” Said Komal Nahata renownd journalist from Mumbai.

“Photography is about finding out what can happen in the frame. When you put four edges around some facts, you change those facts Narayanan Madhavan, Renowned Journalist & Writer.

“This is my first visit to Marwah Studios and I am impressed by the variety of works they are involved in,I congratulate the team for this beautiful exhibition,” Mophethe Sekamane, Counsellor High Comm. Lesotho.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce,” added Ashok Tandon, Member, Prasar Bharti.

PSJ Media Vision: Emerging name in the World of Production – Post Production and Acting Academy

PSJ Media Vision is a media hub where all the work related to the TV and film world takes place. It is one stop in the entertainment world where film production, post production, acting academy, PR, in film branding, event management, celebrity management, talent pool are many things. PSJ Media has its own specialties in film making, TV shows, music videos, short films, corporate films, ad films, documentary films and web series. The company is managed by a strong and experienced team of professionals, the team consists of people who are experts in creativity, teaching, pre and post production, music, VFX and PR.

The founders of PSJ Media are three brothers Pratush, Sumit and Jai. The team of these people have successfully completed many TV shows and feature films. His team consists of well wisher and mentor Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota,  Pramod Bokadia, the son of famous producer director KC Bokadia, head of the film division, business head Smita Pandey, creative advisor Roopa Das and academy head Shivangi Vajpayee.

Jai says that the vision of our company is to celebrate creativity. We are in the entertainment industry.


Want to build a brand of our own and give a lot of value to our work and complete. As far as the film school of our company is concerned, it is different from other types of acting schools or acting courses. We teach acting at a nominal fee and also make them work in the industry because the vision of our company is that we give opportunity to new talent, get them a platform to show their talent. Our mission is to promote new talent.

PSJ Media Vision Academy has courses in Acting, Dance, Music, Voice Over and Film Making. Kathak, hip hop, Bollywood style dance are taught here in dance academy, while both camera acting and theater acting are trained in acting academy. Many types of music are taught here, including Hindustani classical music, light music and bhajan singing. Proper training of voice-over and dubbing is also provided for TV shows, radio, commercials and corporate ads.

Pinga is a Marathi film under production under this banner. For DD, the company which has made many shows like Shreejay, Yog Yatra has also produced Crime Stories. The company has also made 50 episodes of a web show called Filmy Parinde and ad films of Pan Raj and Lukman E Hayat, which have produced shows like Safar e Cinema. PSJ Media Vision is an emerging name in the field of production, post production and film academy, located in four Bungalow, Mumbai.

The next goal of PSJ Media Vision is to soon bring an Ott platform (YD) and a music company (S N MUSIC) to the audience. Through SN Music, listeners and viewers will get to hear some beautiful songs written by emerging lyricist Rachna Mishra, and we will provide many such talents through our platform.

Troubled to see your business stagnate? Reach out to Business Coach Arvind Khinvesra

Entrepreneurs, who are struggling to achieve their targets or goals, are generally focused outwards. They have complaints about the government, market conditions, competition, policies, et al. However, they ignore the area that needs to be looked at urgently – themselves. Arvind Khinvesra, an enterprising Business coach, elevates an entrepreneur’s thought processes and professional skills which, in turn, elevate their business.

Are you someone who has the burning desire to succeed?

Are you looking forward to multiply your business growth?

Coach Arvind Khinvesra of Achieve ThySelf, a leading Business Coach, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs work on their skills and enabled them to make their business dreams a reality.

After working with the top professionals for 20 years in his corporate job, and with hundreds of entrepreneurs thereafter, Coach Arvind realized most entrepreneurs struggle to scale up, not due to the external conditions, but due to their own limitations. And these limitations could be as simple as their lack of clear thought process. Their inhibitions as well as a lack of professional skills required to manage a growing enterprise can be other limiting factors.


Entrepreneurial Insight – Result Oriented Action

Entrepreneurs, not satisfied with their business growth, need to look inwards. To be able to win over the external world, they need to look at three key areas:

1) Belief system and what drives their behaviour

2) Professional skills required to manage a growing business

3) Implementation or ‘taking action’

Coach Arvind, who has worked with top leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry believes that business growth can be achieved if entrepreneurs understand their own and business’ strengths, and he works with entrepreneurs to help them leverage their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

While talking to media Coach Arvind said, “Most entrepreneurs don’t need solutions; they already have it in them. They only need someone who can help them introspect and guide them to find these within and implement them.”

His personal experience of and working in a small manufacturing firm has helped him appreciate the problems of the Indian entrepreneur. And his work with global leaders of multinational corporations has armed him with techniques and system called “Entrepreneur Insight” to overcome these challenges and take the business to the next level.

If You Want to Lead, Start With a Vision – Vinay Lamba, Founder & President, International Business School of Washington (IBSW)

Every successful leadership position, regardless of whether it’s a department chair, director, dean, vice president or president, requires the leader to articulate an organizational vision.

Mr. Lamba vision is to help develop the knowledge and skills critical to businesses around the world today and learn to navigate a global landscape that is changing faster than ever before.

working toward a clearly defined vision can create educational opportunities that not only benefit students but can also give the institution a leadership position in higher education.

Vinay Lamba is a bonafide leader who has given the average Indian a glimmer of hope of making it big in the industry. Hailing from a humble and quintessentially middle-class Punjabi household, his meteoric rise to the top is nothing short of a reassuring reminder of the ‘American Dream’. His unwavering commitment to pushing the envelope with innovation is commendable.

Mr. Lamba, an entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the education/training industry, channel development and global alliances.  His career highlights include the management and coordination of multiple projects in both the global alliances and educational markets.

In 2018 he became president of International Business School of Washington US. Lamba, the embodiment of competence and character, is a global leader and a well-established entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the global education and training industry, channel development and global alliances. His vision for the college was to become the business school of choice for students and employers. To achieve that goal, he focused on important initiatives that raised the profile of the college in the World. His initiatives focused on the development of the college. His success set the college firmly on a path to becoming a top choice among potential students. As you develop your organizational vision, you too will be developing a path toward future success.

Mr. Lamba is the resourceful and high-energy founder of Nextec Inc, a global technology services company & IBSW, a school of higher education in the field of fashion, design, business, technology and hospitality. He is also the founder of University of Reston, a college of higher studies based out in DC metro region.  As the CEO for both IBSW and Nextec, he is responsible for vision and strategic leadership who envisions smart solutions and executes them with urgency across all levels of organizations. He is a transformational marketing, strategic problem-solver and product leader that gets things done with limited resources.

With years of experience Mr. Lamba has established relationships with business and education partners globally that represent significant growth opportunities for the school, employees and above all its students. During his career, he has successfully developed and delivered training to students and companies in the areas of leadership & management, technology and fashion industry.

As an educator, he strongly believes, in today’s landscape, schools remain the greatest driver of socioeconomic mobility globally, but if we don’t do more to keep it within reach for middle class families it could have the opposite effect – serving as a barrier instead of a ticket to the western education. Every qualified student deserves access to an affordable, high-quality degree or credential that allows them to put their talent to work. Many more students need access to affordable and quality higher education opportunities – including tuition- and debt-free degree options.

The annual day of the Children Welfare Centre High School and Clara’s College of Commerce was celebrated with Enthusiasm and Gusto

Karisma Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, Sonali Bendre, Aditya Pancholi, Chunky Pandey and others add glitter to the annual day celebration of the Children Welfare Centre High School

Mumbai.A grand colourful function was organised on the occasion of 39 th annual day of the Children Welfare Centre High School and Clara’s College of Commerce, at school’s ground at Yari Road, Andheri West on Saturday, 15 February, 2020. In the program, the prizes were distributed among school and college students at the hands of Principal Ajay Kaul and visiting guests. The students presented a colourful dance, a play based on national integration and various other cultural programmes.

Besides, Principal Ajay Kaul, Activity Chairman Prashant Kashid and Shabnam Kapoor, Shiv Sena MP Gajanan Kirtikar, MLA Dr Bharti Lavekar, former Corporator Shailesh Phanse, Laxmi Agarwal, Dr Amarsinh Nikam, Dr Manish Nikam, film artists -Karisma Kapoor, Sunil Shetty, Sonali Bendre, Aditya Pancholi, Chunky Pandey, Khali, Karishma Tanna, Daya Shetty, Siddharth Nigam, social workers and leaders participated and graced the program. All the guests were honoured and children were given prizes at the hands of the guests.


Principal Ajay Kaul in his speech said that besides studies, in the school, the students are exposed to different type of sport activities, “Digital India”, cultural and social programs and are encouraged to develop national and universal brotherhood. Their skills are developed as per their choice so that they could progress in their life. Our responsibility does not with merely imparting training. It is essential that teachers and parents pay attention towards the children and give them right advice, so that their future becomes bright.

On the occasion the Children Welfare Centre High School’s Activity Chairman Prashant Kashid was felicitated for organising the program methodically and successfully. At the end of the program, AjayKaul and Prashant Kashid thanked all those who attended the program and also school staff members for contributing to make the program successful. The people spontaneously hailed the program, which went down as the most successful and inspiring program.

——————Sanjay Sharma Raj(P.R.O.)


Producer: Retesh Narain, Anupama Sharda, Sahil Pareek
Production House: Bangg On Motion Pictures
Feature Artists: Angel Singh, Simona Jesensky
Retesh Narain, Anupama Sharda, Sahil Pareek of Bangg On Motion Pictures dropped a Valentine’s Day melody “Ae Ri Sakkhii”. 

This romantic ballad grabs instant attention not only for its layered melody, for its visual extravaganza. Retesh Narain, Anupama Sharda, Sahil Pareek visioned a song to create a significance difference in the music industry. In a bid to revive the musical era of 90s & 2000s, the video highlights the creative aspect with elaborated costumes, stylish jewelry, grand sets, exotic locations & unique visuals. The beautiful melody is created by Music Director & Sung by Vipin Patwa.

Retesh Narain, Anupama Sharda, Sahil Pareek said “Ae Re Sakkhii is all about art and class. We have observed not much attention is given to the creative aspect of music videos these days. We want to bring & re introduce audience to songs which not only have audio appeal, they also enjoy the video of the song” further adding “It’s a beautiful song with beautiful moments. Ae Ri Sakkhii will help you explore the enchanting world of thoughts and emotions”

“Ae Ri Sakkhii” is an expression of love and longing, an undying love story of two soulmates.

Director: Avinash Nanda; Supporting Artist :Balvinder Singh ; Lyrics- Anupama Sharda ; Music Director: Vipin Patwa ; Choreography/Screenplay:  Sahil Pareek #Spsahil #Sahilrock; Story / Styling / Sets / Costumes And Creatives: Retesh Narain @retesh_retesh #reteshretesh #retesh; Director Of Photography: Shakil Khan .


Singer: Vipin Patwa, Mame Khan, Soumee Sailesh ; Music Producer : Prasad Sashte  ; Associate Music Producer: Kartik Kush, Ankush Borthakur & Kemmy ; Sarangi : Dilshad Khan ; Rhythm And Percussion : Dipesh Varma ; Mix And Master : Roopjeet Das ; Recording Studio : Amv & Play Heads ; Hair And Makeup : Arifa Yadav ,Imran Mujawar ; Artist Coordinator: Mahima Parasrampuria; Editor: Enigo ( Lucia Studio) ; Production Controller: Pradip Yadav ; International Partner: Fahad Kidwai ; Jewellery Partner: Sukkhi Fashion  Jewellery ; Costume Illustrator – Samya Shriti ; Assistant Costume Stylist And Designer : Samya Shriti ; Assistant Costume And Set Director:  Ishutosh Pandey; Assistant Director: Subhashis Tripathy/Puja Priyadarsini/Anil Bhanja/ Anmol Nanda/ Ishutosh Pandey ;  Associate Director: Kajal Jena ; Focus Puller : Mantesh Chougule ; Assistant Dop :Sagir Ahmed ; Assistant Choreographer :Monica ; Special Mention :Devang Desai/ Guri / Rajeev Khinchi ; Special Mention Numerology Advice : Mr Sumit Tyagi ; Video Making : Chandrashekhar ; Digital Partner : Vincon Technology.

Label Pearl and Hariom Dazzles at a Fashion Week

Nagpur based Label  Pearl and Hariom showcased Cassava collection at recently held Lakme Fashion Week. The collection was all about nature and natural elements that were present in the form of material and design language. The Bamboo fabrics were used in the said collection and collection had insertions of natural elements such as insects. the collection was made according to the ongoing summer season hence lightweight material and shades were the choices made by the designer. Actors Sahil Anand and Dheeraj Dhooper walked along with the designers.

When asked about experience young designer pearl said “ I was elated as well as nervous as this is the first time I have showcased my collection at the runway ”. The central idea behind the collection was to keep it easy-breezy, multi-functional and modern keeping in mind the essence of tradition and blending it carefully with modernity.

Glimpses from Kakatiya High School 20th Anniversary Celebration

The 20th Anniversary celebration of Kakatia High School was a fun activity and was witnessed by Asmita Chowdhary a leading name in Bhiwandi, the School is supported by the entire education society from different parts of the country, Alumni and committee members. And its interesting to see how this institute is blooming in exteriors away from the city.

It was the year 2000, Ramesh Pasikanti the founder along with  Co-Founder  Chandrakala Pasikanti as   started Kakatiya Education society in Bhiwandi. Initiating a noble cause such as education and serving it for 20 years the team has spread knowledge in the life of more than thousands of students.  Around 1000 students study at the school today and numerous have made their life and careers from Kakatiya high school.

While speaking today The founder of Kakatiya Education society Mr Ramesh Pasikanti thanked the Bhiwandi for supporting him and how their faith helped him to do better for society.

The event was a grand success, organized at Varaldevi Mangal Bhawan in presence of 2000 students and parents witnessing the grandeur of several programs choreographed by Bosco Dance company from Hyderabad.  The kids and their family had a gala time and teachers were emanating nothing but happiness.

Launching Product of Dhantal Jiya Gold Non Alcholic Beer at Bhuj Kutch

Launching product of Dhantal jiya gold non alcholic beer at Bhuj Kutch.. and same as they launched their musical jingle also- announced by managing director Mr. Prabhakar dhantal and inaugurate by miss india 2013 Ms Simran Ahuja from Mumbai..on this event professional models are walked on ramp on live garba and dhol with classical fusion played by famous school from Bhuj is sanskar school- garba group and musician group perform by sanskar school team and supported by Ms Neeta Bhatt from Sanskar School group. Sandeep Solanki from Mumbai choreograph and design the show. gujarat. saurastra. kutch distributor attend this event and make this event successful.


Moto is to have an non alcoholic beer consider as healthy drink.and all family desire to drink non alcoholic beer – here they full their desire to drink our Dhantal Jiya Gold non alcoholic beer that’s what managing director of Jiya Gold non alcoholic beer said..event happened on 14th February 2020@heart city of Bhuj well know hill view resort.and their distributor come and celebrate the bottle knotch of non alcholic- Dhantal Jiya gold non alcoholic announced with their next target is 5000cr of their goal in next three years with this type of non alcoholic beer with different flavour and they announced–Dhantal Jiya gold non alcoholic beer piyo and Dubai Jaou in 2021.




सुरक्षा हेल्थ एंड एजुकेशन एनजीओ की 6th चेरेटी प्रोग्राम व सेवा खबर न्यूज़पेपर की दूसरी वर्षगांठ मे गणमान्य व्यक्तियों का जमघट*

सुरक्षा हेल्थ एंड एजुकेशन वेलफेयर एसोसिएशन के 6th चेरेटी  प्रोग्राम व सेवा खबर न्यूज़पेपर की 2nd वर्षगांठ मनाई गई *स्वागत बगीचा रिसोर्ट* मे जहां तमाम जानी-मानी हस्तियां आई और उनका गर्मजोशी से स्वागत किया गया आने वाले अतिथियों की मानवता और भाईचारा इस मंच पर देखने मीला

श्री हैदर आजम जी (बीजेपी माइनॉरिटी अब्दुल कलाम से मंत्री) को ट्रॉफी देकर सम्मान कीया श्री असलम शेख जी (कैबिनेट मिनिस्टर ऑफ महाराष्ट्र) के पुत्र श्री हैदर असलम शेख ने श्री विनोद शेलार जी (उत्तर मुंबई जिला बीजेपी नेता) ने  ट्रॉफी देकर श्री असलम शेख (कैबिनेट मिनिस्टर ऑफ महाराष्ट्र) सम्मान किया उनकी नई मौजूदगी में उनके पुत्र श्री हैदर असलम शेख ने ट्रॉफी ली व। उनका भी सम्मान किया गया श्री विनोद शेलार जी का सम्मान डॉक्टर प्रणव कावर जी ने ट्रॉफी देकर किया डॉ प्रणव काबरा का सम्मान ट्रॉफी देके श्री जावेद अहमद खान ने किया श्री विनय कुमार सिंह फाउंडर प्रेसिडेंट व चीफ एडिटर ने एनजीओ की प्रेस की ट्रॉफी देकर  लाइटाइम अचीवमेंटअवॉर्ड फिल्म डायरेक्टर श्री शकील सैफी जी को दीया आज की कैंसर जैसी बड़ी बीमारी से जूझ रहे !


आए हुए मेहमान,  राजनेता,पुलिस ऑफिसर, बिजनेसमैन, डॉक्टर, स्कूल प्रिंसिपल, फिल्म कलाकार, इलेक्ट्रॉनिक व प्रिंट मीडिया, समाजसेवक सेविका, एनजीओ, और कई सारे गणमान्य व्यक्तियों ने अपनी उपस्थिति दर्ज कराई और *एनजीओ व न्यूज़पेपर और ऊंचाइयों को छुए ऐसा उन्होंने शुभकामनाएं दी और सभी आए हुए अतिथियों का मान सम्मान किया गया !

श्री फिरोज सर प्रिंसिपल

श्री जयशंकर सिंह ठाकुर समाज सेवक श्री रिजवान अहमद सिद्धकी साकीब टाइम न्यूज़पेपर कुमारी सलमा  मेमन समाज सेविका

Shri Javed Ahmed Khan

Shri Salim Shaikh

Shri Lal ji Patel

Shri Omi Patel

Shri Sohel

Shri Sagar Binay Singh

Msr Rupali BINAY Singh

Shri Mohan Bhai Jaat

Shri Samir Dhah Samaj ki khabren, Shri Syed advocate

Shri vinod shah shah supermart







Popular hindi punjabi Films n TV artiste JEET VIRK















Spl Thenks Swagat Bageecha Resort


Mr BINAY Singh

Sewakhbar newspaper

Suraksha Haleth and Education NGO

Top 50 Indian Icon Awards one of the most Prestigious Award was held on 14th February 2020

Top 50 Indian Icon Awards” one of the most prestigious award was held on 14th February 2020. And it was our honour that some hounarable names who have contributed to make this award more successful was present.

We are pleased and honoured with their presence.Sincere thankful for our jury members for their contribution, Mr. Vibhav Tomar, Dr. Ritu Singh, Ms. Simmer Bhatia,Mr. Rajendra Jain, Mr. Atul Mohan, Mr. Vivek Jain, Mrs. Sweety Walia, Mr. Manish Awasthi, Dr. Khushboo Qadri, Kumar Ganesh, Mahamandleshwar Maartand Puri,Mr. Santosh Bhartiya and the award Director Mr. Dushyant Pratap Singh.

And we are thankful to our Awardees & many congratulations to Mrs Archana Kochhar, Mrs. Shubangi Atre, Ms. Taranjit Kaur, Ms. Janhavi Singh, Mr. Sandip Soparrkar, Mr. Shahid Sayyed, Dr. Yogesh Lakahani, Mr. Pawan Sharma, Ms. Tveeshaa Sharma, Mr. Faisal Khan,Mr. Sanjay Khanduri, Mr. Pradeep Shah, Mr. Sameer Sen, Ms. Ekta Jain, Mr. Ravi Dhankar, Mr. Rajkumar Kanojiya, Mr. Ved Prakash, Dr. Shweta Garg,Mr. Manoj Nandawana, Ms. Jyoti Tripathi, Mr. Raju Gauli, Mr. Jay Vijay Saraiya, Dr. Mukta Dubey, Ms. Sona Khan, Dr. Swarajya Singh, Mr. Brijendra Pratap Mishra,Mr. Raaj Dutt, Ms. Seema Kumar, Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Mr. Keshar Singh Bisht, Mr. Mohammad Muzaffar, Mr. Amit Tyagi, Dr. Sridevi Reddy Dumpa, Ms. Nidhi Tapadiya, Mr. Vijay Singh, Dr. Vijay Surase,Mr. Santokh Singh, Mr. Govind Ubhe, Dr. Monika Sai, Mr. Adesh K Arjun, Mr. Janhardan Parit, Mr. Raj Vishwakarma, Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh,Ms. Khushi Hegde, Mr. Arsh Mohammad, Mr. Neeraj Pandey.

जुहू के इस्कॉन टेम्पल में हुआ टॉप 50 इंडियन आइकॉन का आयोजन

” टॉप 50 इंडियन आइकन अवार्ड” एक बहुत प्रतिष्ठित पुरस्कार है। जिसका आयोजन जुहू  इस्कॉन टेम्पल के आडोटोरियम वेलेंटाइन डे के अवसर पर  १४ फरवरी २०२० को हुआ।  यह पुरस्कार विभिन्न क्षेत्र में अपने उलेखनीय कार्य के लिए दिया जाता है । जूरी सदस्य डॉक्टर रितू सिंग, सुक्षी सिमर भाटिया, श्री विभव तोमर,कुमार गणेश,श्री विवेक जैन,श्री संतोष भारतीय,श्री राजेन्द्र जैन, श्री अतुल मोहन,श्रीमती स्वीटी वालिया,श्री मनीष अवस्थी, डॉक्टर खुशबू कादरी, महामंडलेश्वर मार्तंड पुरी का अवार्ड के निदेशक दुष्यन्त प्रताप सिंह ने  आभार व्यक्त किया ।

इस अवार्ड समारोह में श्रीमती अर्चना कोचर, श्रीमती शुभांगी अत्रे, सुश्री तरनजीत कौर, सुश्री जानवी सिंह, श्री संदीप सोपरकर,

श्री शाहिद सैयद, श्री योगेश लखानी, श्री पवन शर्मा, सुश्री त्विशा शर्मा, श्री फैसल खान, श्री संजय खंडूरी, श्री प्रदीप शाह, श्री समीर सेन, सुश्री एकता जैन, श्री रवि धनकर, श्री राजकुमार कनोजिया, श्री वेद प्रकाश, डॉक्टर शवेता गर्ग, श्री मनोज नंदवाना, सुश्री ज्योति श्रिपाठी, श्री राजू गवली, श्री जय विजय सरैया, श्रीमती मुक्ता दुबे,सुश्री सोना खान, डॉक्टर स्वराज्य सिंह, श्री बिजेन्द्भ प्रताप मिश्रा, श्री राज   दत्त, सुश्री सीमा कुमार, श्री अभिषेक शर्मा, श्री केशर सिंह बिष्ट, श्री मुहम्मद मुजफ्फर, श्री अमित त्यागी, डॉक्टर श्रीदेवी रेड्डी  डूंपा, श्री संतोख सिंह, श्री विजय सुरसे, श्री गोविन्द उभे, डॉक्टर मोनिका साईं, श्री राज विश्वकर्मा, श्री राजेश कुमार, सुश्री खुशी हेगड़े, श्री अर्श मोहम्मद, श्री नीरज पांडेआदि को सम्मनित किया गया ।

Grand Finale Of Filmora Miss And Mrs 2020 Beauty Pageant To Support Women’s Empowerment

Mumbai: India’s largest beauty pageant, Filmora Miss & Mrs. India 2020, was held on 14 February, at Juhu Plaza Hotel, Juhu, on the occasion, prominent guests Aroon Bakshi, Dilip Sen, Sunil Pal, Kamaal Malick, R J Dilip Singh Radio Adda,  Dr.  Chatur Singh Khalsa, Chand Seth, CMD SoS Nightlife, Ajay Gosalia, Actress Poonam Jhawar, organizers Akhilesh Singh and Satish Agarwal were present, the organizer said his key guests and jurors, his Shrest Yogad  Not Given reveal his special gratitude to the jury member Dr. Surana Rane Malhotra, Dr. Puja Mathur, beads Mansukhani, Dr Astute Singh Khalsa,  Actress Tanisha Singh,

Let me tell you that the filmora was the winner of Miss and Mrs. 2020, Bhumika Sharma, Ananya Choudhary, Shruti Priya, the same show director and choreography Shubh Malhotra, fashion designer Asha Talwar did Kia, organizer Akhilesh Singh Satish Agarwal, Shubh Malhotra, Asha Talwar,  Chand Seth  Sos Nightlife, with all the contesant Bhumika Sharma, Ananya Choudhary, Shruti Priya, Babita Mishra, Shweta Prajapati, Shivani Girdhar, Anita Patel, Mah  A. Gupta, prosperity Gupta, has wished a bright future Vandana, Prinsi.


It may be noted that the program was organized to promote women, Contestant Anita Patel shared her experience and everyone was in tears, Anita said that she has studied till the second grade, wants to study further,  I want to stand on my feet, I want to support my old parents, Anita Patel said that society has given a lot to all of you. It is the duty of all of you to support such people  Do what is really needed.

Girish Nakod Feat Muhfaad And Ankita Thakur Released By Vsquare Music On Valentine’s Day

It’s exhilarating time for Vsquare Music releasing the video of ‘Drame Na De..’ on the eve of Valentine’s Day with great pride. The video is out on Vsquare Music’s social media handle which has received a massive appreciation from all across. Looking at the video it seems like a treat to watch. We are all just going gaga over the sizzling chemistry and adorable video which is doing all the rounds across the internet.
The music of this video is  produced by Sagar Dhote, composed and lyrics by Girish Nakod, featuring Ankita Thakur, and Muhfaad, directed by Himanshu Tyagi and produced by Vikas Vashistha.

This video is all about the insecurities, jealousy and anxiety of a girl who is in relationship with a boy. In spite of getting the best assurances of his commitment and loyalty to her and further explanation that it’s a part and parcel of his job being associated with several other girls of his genre. However, she grunts and feels rejected and abandoned. Finally, the boy asks to stop throwing tantrums at him  and start believing in the foundation of love and accept each other as they are and ultimately they unite.
This is a beautiful love story with bundles of mix emotions which definitely will touch the audience.

Jeetendra Kapoor To Be The Chief Guest Of Honour For Rahul Education’s Annual Event UTSAV

The theme of the festival is – Mind Your Head

Mumbai, – Rahul Education has announced their annual inter-collegiate festival- UTSAV. It is the coming together and synergizing of more than 10,000+ students from colleges all over Mumbai, where they compete across various disciplines like sports, arts, culture, theatre, music, dance, films, technology and many more. In its second edition, ‘Utsav’ has incorporated the burning issue of mental health awareness as its central theme, calling in ‘Mind your Head’ and a conclave for the same will be held on 16th February 2020.

The event will see Legendary Actor Jeetendra Kapoor as the Chief Guest of Honour and the actor will be commemorating and awarding all the winners across colleges. The college festival will aslo see a number of other dignitaries attend the festival like-Shri  Parshottam Rupala- Union Minister of State for  Agriculture and farmers welfare (Govt of India ), Smt. Geeta Jain- MLA ,Mira Bhayandar, Shri. Narendra Mehta- Ex. MLA Mira Bhayandar, Smt. Dimple Mehta- Mayor, Mahanagar Pallika Mira Bhayandar, Shri. Chandrakant Vaity- Dy. Mayor,Mahanagar Pallika Mira Bhayandar, Smt. Shweta Shaini- Maharashtra Spokesperson, BJP, Dr Sandip Jha – Chairman, Sandip Foundation Nashik, Shri. Amarkant Mishra- Head Purchase dept, Tech Mahindra, Shri . Rajan B Vichare- Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, Shri  Pratap Sarnaik- MLA,  for Ovala – Majiwada, Shri Maninderjeet Singh Bitta- Chairman, All- India Anti Terrorist Front (AIATF), Mr. Uttam Prakash Agarwal – Chartered Accountant among many others.

UTSAV will also see a number of celebrities and influencers as judges for various events. Dancer and choreographers Sanjana Sharma, Saurabh Prajapati, Actor Ankur Rathee, Film Producer Mansi Bagla, Fashion Designer Rashmi, Tik Tok Stars Aashna Hegde and Sanket will also be gracing the college festival.

Alongside the intense competition and entertainment, Utsav will strive to create awareness and generate understanding about concerns surrounding mental health through the festival. The authorities are working alongside the student’s body in bringing people from all walks of life with varied professional backgrounds to initiate stimulating discussions on mental health. The discussions will be led by Rishi Nityapragya ji, a devout disciple of Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

VIVO S1 Pro and HDFC Speciale have come on board as Title Sponsors for the college festival that commences from 13th February to 16th February. Global advertisers are on board as hoarding partners and Radio City will be on air media partners for Utsav 2020.


With young students, artists and influencers all under one roof, the aim is to create an open and engaging space for some intellectually enriching and socially valuable takeaways for one and all.

So, get ready to witness a breath-taking festival that offers exciting opportunities to showcase your talent and have a time of your life. Come celebrate life, spread smiles and make sure to bring your highest levels of enthusiasm, to UTSAV 2020!

Great Grand Opening of 8th Global Festival of Journalism Noida

Noida: The most exclusive festival, first of its kind in Asia and second in the World saw the grand opening of its 8th edition at Noida Film City hosted by Marwah Studios.

The colorful flags of different nations were quite inviting and speaking about the international presence at the festival. In total 56 countries have been part of this festival where as delegates from all the 28 states and 9 union territories were present in the festival.

“ICMEI- International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry-and International Journalism Centre together with AAFT University have designed this festival to mark respect to the decision of having International Day of Journalism on 12th February which was declared nine years back by our association,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Global Festival of Journalism.

Media creates perception, time has come when all mediums of media keep in mind the unity and integrity of the nation should not be at stake when they write or speak and show any coverage. Country is definitely bigger than profession,” said Tirath Singh Rawat Member Parliament Lok Sabha and Secretary BJP.

“I appreciate the bye line   given to this festival-Love Peace And Unity Through Art And Culture. Positive journalism can bring new ife to the relations,” said H.E. Dr. Marjan Cencen, Ambassador of Slovenia to India.


“Do your research well before you write a piece for press. Your deep research can bring correct information to the reader. People still believe blindly   what all has been printed or shown on television.  You have a great responsibility towards reader and viewer,” said H.E. Radu Octavian Dobre, one time journalist and now Ambassador of Romania to India.

“A media person must aware of his duties and responsibilities. More than that he should also be attentive towards media laws. His coverage can provoke and can depress the masses. A balanced and researched news or article for any medium is always useful,” said H.E. Mr. Michael Aaron N. N. Oquaye,  lawyer and High Commissioner Republic of Ghana to India.

“What a unique festival, never ever heard like this in any other country. Journalist should remember that mediums are for three major reasons Information, Education and Entertainment as per Press council of India. Always keep a balance between the three,” said K L Ganju, Honorary Consul General & Advisor to the Foreign Minister, Consulate of Union of Comoros

“Tremendous changes can be brought with the help of media. Positive journalism can bring prosperity in every field be it a government or private sector,” said HE Carlos PoloAmbassador of Peru to India

H.E. Muhamed CengicAmbassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina to India.Ashok Tandon Senior Journalist & Member Prasar Bharti, Mophethe Sekamane Counsellor High Commission of Kingdom of Lesotho, Narayanan Madhavan renowned Journalist & Writer, Komal Nahta, Film Critic & Journalist from Mumbai also expressed their views in detail.

A poster was launched to mark respect to 12th February as International Day of Journalism. Earlier the dignitaries inaugurated an exhibition of photographs. Later Dr. Sandeep Marwah presented all the Luminaries with life membership of International Journalism Centre and memento of the festival as souvenir. Albeena Abbas Director Department of Journalism conducted the programme.

The Poster of Drame na De.. Released by Vsquare Music

It’s exhilarating time for Vsquare Music releasing the poster of ‘Drame Na De..’ on successive month with great pride. The poster is out on Vsquare Music’s social media handle which has brought lots of excitement among the viewers as usual. It’s well designed with calm and soothing effect says a lot about the chemistry among the actors.
The music of this video is produced by Sagar Dhote, composed and lyrics by Girish Nakod, featuring Ankita Thakur, and Muhfaad, directed by Himanshu Tyagi and produced by Vikas Vashistha.

This video is all about the insecurities, jealousy and anxiety of a girl who is in relationship with a boy. In spite of getting the best assurances of his commitment and loyalty to her and further explanation that it’s a part and parcel of his job being associated with several other girls of his genre. However, she grunts and feels rejected and abandoned. Finally, the boy asks to stop throwing tantrums at him  and start believing in the foundation of love and accept each other as they are and ultimately they unite. This is a beautiful love story with bundles of mix emotions which definitely will touch the audience.
The teaser and full music  video will be released shortly.