मिस यूनिवर्स 2023 की विनर बनीं प्रियंका चंद, आयोजक सैंडी जोएल का किया शुक्रिया

मिस यूनिवर्स 2023 की विनर बनीं प्रियंका चंद, आयोजक सैंडी जोएल का किया शुक्रिया

मुम्बई में आयोजित सैंडी जोएल प्रेजेंट टीन मिस्टर, मिस ऐंड मिसेज यूनिवर्स 2023 ब्यूटी पेजेंट में मिस यूनिवर्स 2023 का खिताब प्रियंका चंद ने अपने नाम कर लिया। वह इस पेजेंट की More »

Child Artist Pihu Yadav Takes The Spotlight As An Emerging Star In The Entertainment

Child Artist Pihu Yadav Takes The Spotlight As An Emerging Star In The Entertainment

In this highly competitive environment of the entertainment industry, Pihu Yadav is proving that age is just a number. With her exceptional talent and boundless enthusiasm, she is already creating ripples as More »

पल्लवी (ताई) कुणाल सरमालकर और मिल्टन फर्नांडीस ने विलिंग्डन कैथोलिक जिमखाना में विकलांग और अनाथ बच्चों के साथ क्रिसमस मनाया।

पल्लवी (ताई) कुणाल सरमालकर और मिल्टन फर्नांडीस ने विलिंग्डन कैथोलिक जिमखाना में विकलांग और अनाथ बच्चों के साथ क्रिसमस मनाया।

क्रिसमस एक ऐसा अनमोल और सुनहरा त्योहार है जिसका हर उम्र के लोग, खासकर बच्चे बेसब्री से इंतजार करते हैं। सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता श्रीमती ऐसे मौके पर पल्लवी (ताई) कुणाल सरमालकर (सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता) More »

Distinguished Media Figure Dr Sandeep Marwah Appointed To Advisory Board Of Bhartiya Sanskriti Vaishvik Nyas

Distinguished Media Figure Dr Sandeep Marwah Appointed To Advisory Board Of Bhartiya Sanskriti Vaishvik Nyas

Noida: In a significant development, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, a distinguished international media personality and President of Marwah Studios, has been nominated to the advisory board of Bhartiya Sanskriti Vaishvik Nyas (BSVN). This More »

प्रमोद शास्त्री की फ़िल्म ‘दत्तक पुत्र’ के ट्रेलर को मिला लाखों आडियंस का प्यार

प्रमोद शास्त्री की फ़िल्म ‘दत्तक पुत्र’ के ट्रेलर को मिला लाखों आडियंस का प्यार

फ़िल्म निर्देशक प्रमोद शास्त्री जब भी कोई फ़िल्म बनाते हैं तो उन फिल्मों में पारिवारिक रिश्तों की अहमियत देखते ही बनती है। वे हर फ़िल्मों में परिवार के मार्मिक रिश्तों को सलीके से More »

LOVE KARU YAAA SHAADI Music Launch Event A Star-Studded Ensemble Of Film & TV Industry

LOVE KARU YAAA SHAADI Music Launch Event A Star-Studded Ensemble Of Film & TV Industry

Mumbai, 2nd Dec, 2023 – Director-Producer Jaiprakkash Shaw orchestrated a dazzling affair at the Grand Music Launch of the upcoming film ‘Love Karu Yaaa Shaadi’ produced by Happyzon Telefilms & Auro Film More »

The Importance Of Tax Planning For Startups And Entrepreneurs By CA DUNIA

The Importance Of Tax Planning For Startups And Entrepreneurs By CA DUNIA

Tax planning is a crucial aspect of running a successful business. For startups and entrepreneurs, understanding the intricacies of tax laws and regulations can make a significant difference in their financial health More »

BHARAT NATIONAL NEET 23 A Grand 3 Day Event in form of JANAJATIYA GAURAV DIVAS  is being organized on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December in Malad West.

BHARAT NATIONAL NEET 23 A Grand 3 Day Event in form of JANAJATIYA GAURAV DIVAS is being organized on 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December in Malad West.

This Event is attributed to the Memory of Dharti Aaba Bhagwan Birsa Munda. This Event is Organized by PRADHANMANTRI ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT ABHIYAN SANGHATHAN Presented by CHILDREN WELFARE CENTRE COLLEGE OF LAW. Prominant More »


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Staring : Sonpreet Jawanda, Sardar Sohi, Binni SIngh, Mahanbir Bhullar, Harjit Bhullar, Karamjit Brar, Kul Sidhu, Satwinder Kaur, Kns Sekhon, Jasbir Singh Boparai, Kullu Panesar, Nindi Dhillon, Daman Dhillon, Semi Mansa & Others
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An emotional journey of teachers, their love and passion towards their profession and their determination to impart strong moral values to their students whilst fighting the growing “commercialization” of education is what sums this heart warming story. Surani Pictures’ Chalk N Duster has much to offer as a Family Entertainer which due for release on the 15th of January 2016.


Starring Shabana Azmi, Juhi Chawla and Divya Dutta in the lead roles, it is supported with an ensemble of strong seasoned cast comprising of Upasna Singh, Samir Soni, Aarya Babbar, Zarina Wahab, Girish Karnad and Adi Irani. Adding to this plethora of super talented actors are Jackie Shroff, Richa Chadda and Rishi Kapoor in special appearances to deliver a delightful cinematic treat for moviegoers.


“At Surani Pictures, we thrive to deliver meaningful yet entertaining cinema. This being our maiden production, we feel lucky to have worked with such a talented team and releasing this film within a year of its commencement itself speaks volumes about our and teams dedication towards this film and business” – commented Mr Amin Surani, the producer of the film.


Talking about the film, director Jayant Gilatar added “Chalk N Duster is a film that pays respect to the most undervalued profession – Teaching, which ironically is the most important profession for the growth of every individual, leave alone the Nation! I have tried to highlight the joys as well as the pitfalls of being in this profession, and I believe eventually, every human being imparts and receives knowledge in some form or another, so everyone eventually is student or a teacher!”


The trailer launch was held at a popular suburban preview theatre and attended by the cast and crew of the film. The film is due for release on 15th January 2016 and is distributed pan India by Sony Pictures India.

CHALKNDUSTER (4)Leo Media ChalkdusterLeo Media

About Surani Pictures:

Surani Pictures, launched in 2015 is a young and dynamic production house, which is in the business of creating quality and entertaining content for mainstream cinema. Their belief is in producing original and message driven films, which are targeted, to the masses. Their debut production is titled, Chalk N Duster, set for 15th January, 2016 pan India release is produced by Mr. Amin Surani and directed by Mr. Jayant Gilatar.

Yash, Raaj aur film | Official Trailer | Ajay Raj Tomar, Preet Saluja, Chakshu Tiwari

Releasing on 11 December Yash Raaj Aur Film all over by  Screenshot media & entertainment group, Mumbai.

Yash Raaj Aur FilmLeo Media Yash Raaj Aur Film (2)Leo Media

Surani Pictures launch the trailer of Chalk N Duster

An emotional journey of teachers, their love and passion towards their profession and their determination to impart strong moral values to their students whilst fighting the growing “commercialization” of education is what sums this heart warming story. Surani Pictures’ Chalk N Duster has much to offer as a Family Entertainer which due for release on the 15th of January 2016.

Launching Chalk & Tuster (6)Leo Media Launching Chalk & Tuster (7)Leo Media

Starring Shabana Azmi, Juhi Chawla and Divya Dutta in the lead roles, it is supported with an ensemble of strong seasoned cast comprising of Upasna Singh, Samir Soni, Aarya Babbar, Zarina Wahab, Girish Karnad and Adi Irani. Adding to this plethora of super talented actors are Jackie Shroff, Richa Chadda and Rishi Kapoor in special appearances to deliver a delightful cinematic treat for moviegoers.

Launching Chalk & Tuster (3)Leo Media  Chhalk & TustersLeo Media

“At Surani Pictures, we thrive to deliver meaningful yet entertaining cinema. This being our maiden production, we feel lucky to have worked with such a talented team and releasing this film within a year of its commencement itself speaks volumes about our and teams dedication towards this film and business” – commented Mr Amin Surani, the producer of the film.

Talking about the film, director Jayant Gilatar added “Chalk N Duster is a film that pays respect to the most undervalued profession – Teaching, which ironically is the most important profession for the growth of every individual, leave alone the Nation! I have tried to highlight the joys as well as the pitfalls of being in this profession, and I believe eventually, every human being imparts and receives knowledge in some form or another, so everyone eventually is student or a teacher!”

The trailer launch was held at a popular suburban preview theatre and attended by the cast and crew of the film. The film is due for release on 15th January 2016 and is distributed pan India by Sony Pictures India.

About Surani Pictures:

Surani Pictures, launched in 2015 is a young and dynamic production house, which is in the business of creating quality and entertaining content for mainstream cinema. Their belief is in producing original and message driven films, which are targeted, to the masses. Their debut production is titled, Chalk N Duster, set for 15th January, 2016 pan India release is produced by Mr. Amin Surani and directed by Mr. Jayant Gilatar.

TRIBUTE TO THE LEGEND! Rajnikanth- “THE WARRIOR WITHIN” Author Seema Sonik Alimchand launches a biography on superstar Book unveiled by Sajid Khan‏

THE WARRIOR WITHIN” Author Seema Sonik Alimchand launches a biography on superstar Book unveiled by Sajid Khan

A handwritten note by the star’s older brother for the book is the ultimate blessing.

Title: “The Warrior Within”- 250 page biographical story of a Superstar.

Author: Seema Sonik Alimchand

The book launch was a starry affair. Filmmaker Sajid Khan unveiled Seema Sonik Alimchand’s biographical story on super star Rajnikanth. The filmmaker exhibited his fondness towards the superstar and spoke a few words about his rendezvous with Rajnikanth.

LegendLeo Media Legend (7)Leo Media

The launch witnessed Sandhya Sonik Mamik and Vandana Sajnani khattar who both read a chapter each .

Seema Sonik Alimchand is a writer, presenter & producer. Born to a well known music composer of the Indian film Industry, Seema was naturally drawn to the world of cinema. Her book “THE WARRIOR WITHIN” is a biographical story of a superstar. It is the story of a star torn between the material and spiritual. As the book released today as a token of gift to Thalaivar, she says THE WARRIOR WITHIN” recounts Rajini’s career in meticulous detail, tracing his incredible cinematic journey from his very first film till now. Along the way, the book provides rare insights into the Thalaivar’s personal life, from his childhood days to his times of struggle—and then his eventual stardom: revealing how a legend was born”

Legend (5)Leo Media Legend (1)Leo Media

On a trek to the Himalayas, in search of the self, in search of Mahaavtaar Babaji, a superstar reminisces the last sixty years of his life. And herein begins the journey of a poor boy who rises from the ashes of poverty to the zenith of popularity, to become one of the highest paid film actors in the world.

“The Warrior Within” is the story of a star torn between the material and the spiritual.

The book has interviews with:-Hemaji, Bijon, Pankuj Parashar, Ananth Rao Gaekwad,  Swami Vishveshwarananda, Swamini Somashekhari and most
importantly Mr. Satyanarayana Rao Gaikwad, Rajinikanth sir’s oldest brother.

The world-wide popularity of this superstar, his ascension and the intrigue of the spiritual world, make this, then, a story, with the potential to impact all, irrelevant of age, gender and country. His immense popularity in Japan, Singapore etc. opens up a window of opportunity for translations.

Her forthcoming book is Deedara, Dara Singh’s biography and is 80% complete. This is in collaboration with Daraji’s family and should be ready for release by early 2016.


Great historical step today towards digital India. You tube n Whistling Woods launched its space station at Whistling Woods studios  to provide facilities to  Indian creators to learn connect n create content for you tube on  sharing basis. Subhash Ghai with you tube global space head Lance Podell And INDIA head Satya Raghavan.

Snipetson Dubhashghai (2)Leo Media Snipetson Dubhashghai (1)Leo Media

LIBRA LEGENDS”- The First franchise Team under Masters Champions League (MCL) unveiled

Mumbai: Presence of sports, Bollywood, television and business pioneers marked the launch of “LIBRA LEGENDS” which is the first franchise under Masters Champions League (MCL).

Libra LegendsLeo Media Libra Legends (23)Leo Media

Pooja Jhunjhunwala  of Popcorn Sports & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. the biggest patrons of sports & entertainment in the country became the proud owners of “LIBRA LEGENDS”- The First Franchise unveiled under Masters Champions League (MCL). Touted as one of the most successful youngest entrepreneur, Pooja feels privileged to be the owner of the 1st franchise under MCL “My company’s ultimate aim is to never let the sports and entertainment fever die. We wish to give quality entertainment to the masses. Owing a team under MCL is an honor. Our reason to be associated with MCL is their unique concept which attracted us to be a part of the MCL family”.

Libra Legends (6)Leo Media Libra Legends (2)Leo Media

Sam Khan- Director of MCL & Zarah Shah- CEO of MCL spoke a few words about the first team “LIBRA LEGENDS” under MCL and exhibited their fondness towards the sport.

Former Indian pace bowler of the mid-1990s Abey Kuruvilla & Nilesh Moreshwar Kulkarni, former Indian cricketer graced the event with their gracious presence.

Libra Legends (15)Leo Media Libra Legends (14)Leo Media

The launch which was anchored by Salil Acharya witnessed the presence of  Sandhya Shetty, Shweta Khanduri, Sejal Mandavia, Prashant Virendra Sharma, Swaroop Khan, Anjali Pandey, Aparna Sharma & Sumeet Tappoo.

Talking about the logo, the logo of “LIBRA LEGENDS” symbolizes victory. The logo resonates the irresistible nature of the game and how the love for the game lifts the spirit of each and every fan. The logo’s shape suggests forward movement, energy, speed and accuracy, just like the tools of cricket- Bat and a Bowl.

Libra Legends (7)Leo Media Libra Legends (8)Leo Media

The pink color jersey with the logo engraved right in the center depicts how the team feeds off the energy of every individual talent and would look to play exciting cricket together in the MCL.

. In keeping with the curiosity, Team Name, Jersey & Logo which was strictly kept under wrap was officially announced on 30th November, 2015 on Monday at J.W. Marriott, Juhu, Mumbai in the presence of cricket and Bollywood pioneers “We take immense pride to be the 1st team unveiled under MCL. I believe the team name, jersey and logo can speak volumes about the team ethics. Hence I assure the name, jersey and logo have blown the audience away. We are looking forward to have the best cricketers in the team and eagerly waiting to set the pitch on fire” says Pooja Jhunjhunwala Joint Owner of Popcorn Sports & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Libra Legends (22)Leo Media Libra Legends (19)Leo Media


Gone are the days when women were considered no match for all powerful men in this world. The male dominated world was always reluctant to even acknowledge the fact that women were as good as men on parameters of hard work, intelligence quotient (IQ) and leadership traits. Owner of Popcorn Sports & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. , at a very young age has glorified her name in the Industry “The new generation  women across the world have overcome all negative notions and have proved themselves beyond doubt in all spheres of life including the most intricate and cumbersome world of entrepreneurship. India too has its own pool of such bold and fearless women who have made a mark for themselves both within the country as well as overseas”

Gold Reel Production and Entertainment Ltd. marks its inroads in the film industry with their ambitious project: film “IDENTITY”

Mr.Satish kaushik ,Mr.Manish goswami , Mr. Shyam shroff & Mr. Jayantilal gada graced the launch as the guest of honor.

Gold Reel Production and Entertainment Ltd. Company headed by three Directors: – Mr. Anirban Aditya, Mr. Ankit Aditya and Mr. Sahadeb Chowdhury.

1st December, 2015, Mumbai: The launch of “Gold Reel Production” was a lavish affair which took place at one of the plush hotels. Renowned directors Mr. Indra Kumar & Mr. Satish Kaushik graced the launch as the guest of honor and launched “Gold Reel Production” house along with the 1st film “IDENTITY”.

Identity (1)Leo Media Identity (3)Leo Media

The launch witnessed Presence of Chamapk Jain, Prashant Virendra Sharma  Liza Malik, Lovel Arora, Sharad Kapoor, Ajaz Khan, Sandhya Shetty, Mithoon. Palak Muchchal, Sheeta Khanduri, Avesh Dadlani. Vikas Verma,  Aditya Singh Rajput, Bob Brahmbhatt, Shravan, etc.

Identity (10)Leo Media Identity (11)Leo Media

Head of Gold Reel Production and producer of the film “IDENTITY Mr. Anirban Aditya says “The first project “IDENTITY” has been made to create an identity of Gold Reel and let people know of the kind of work we do. Pocket- size feature film was in our mind as we felt the audience these days are losing the patience to sit for 120 mins”

Identity (25)Leo Media Identity (24)Leo Media Identity (23)Leo Media

Head of Gold Reel Production and Director of the film “IDENTITY Mr. Ankit Aditya says “IDENTITY” will always be a very special brainchild of mine, as this is my first step towards cinema as a filmmaker. Working in this project has given me a lot of experience which will enable me to correct myself on future ventures. I hope everyone watches the film and criticizes it to its full extent. After all, it’s for them, that Identity has been a possibility. God bless Indian cinema”

Identity (22)Leo MediaIdentity (21)Leo MediaIdentity (20)Leo Media

Head of Gold Reel Production Producer of the film “IDENTITY” Mr. Sahadeb Chowdhury mentions “IDENTITY” is the very first project being launched by Gold Reel Production and Entertainment Ltd. A lot of hard work has gone into the project from its makers and hopefully it will leave an unforgettable impression on you. I’m looking forward to the feedback of the audience as it will most definitely help us grow and create a spot for us in your heart”

Identity (19)Leo Media Identity (18)Leo Media Identity (17)Leo Media

Gold Reel Production and Entertainment Ltd. marks their way into Bollywood with the announcement of their first psychological drama, mystery pocket-sized feature film “IDENTITY”. “IDENTITY” posses many sequential twists which excite the audience and appreciate the mind of the director further. The background score as well as the title track plays a major part on the audience’s reception of the film.

IdentityLeo MediaLeo Media IDENTITY WRITE UPLeo MediaLeo Media

News flash! So far, the film “IDENTITY” has won the Best Screenplay – Jury award at the 4th Delhi Shorts International Film Festival 2015, has been selected at the Jaipur International Film Festival, and is in consideration at various other festivals such as Toronto International Short Film Festival, 6th Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival, New Film Makers New York, Sundance Film Festival, Central India International Film Festival. “IDENTITY” has also won the award for the Best Film at ‘Expressions Punjabi Global Foundation’, Mumbai (2015).

Identity (16)Leo Media Identity (14)Leo Media Identity (15)Leo Media

Gold Reel Production and Entertainment Ltd. is a film production house with offices in Mumbai and Kolkata. Gold Reel Production and Entertainment Ltd. is a company which is an amalgamation of Entertainment with future technologies.

Identity (22)Leo Media Identity (5)Leo Media Identity (7)Leo Media

Gold Reel Production and Entertainment Ltd. Company headed by three Directors: – Mr. Anirban Aditya, Mr. Ankit Aditya and Mr. Sahadeb Chowdhury, is an entertainment focused company making its inroads in producing short films. The company plans to produce entertaining, uplifting films that combine excellent storytelling and superior acting talent with manageable budgets.

Identity (13)Leo Media Identity (9)Leo Media
Gold Reel Production and Entertainment Ltd.’s primary focus lies to contribute too many talents – each brilliant in its own creative field. Very few, however, have enjoyed consistency in their creative endeavours and even fewer have managed to create an organization that has become an integral part of the entertainment business in India.  The three Directors of the company- Mr. Anirban Aditya, Mr. Ankit Aditya and Mr. Sahadeb Chowdhury have merited this unique distinction.

Produced By: – Anirban Aditya, Sahadeb Chowdhury; Director: – Ankit Aditya; Executive Producer:- Soumitra Sarkar,; Assistant Director:- Joydip Mukherjee, Divya Dhir; Editor:- Ujjwal Shee; Music Director:-Pritam Chowdhury; Lyricist:- Debangana Dey Nath; Singer:- Ankit Aditya; Story And Screenplay:- Ankit Aditya; Script:- Joydip Mukherjee, Divya Dhir, Souvik Roy; Director Of Photography: Ayan Sil; Art Director:- Entire Team Of “Identity”; Publicity Design:- Say Cheese Studios; Vfx Artist:- Tanbir RK; Color Artist:- Tanbir RK.

Identity (27)Leo Media Identity (4)Leo Media

Cast of the film “IDENTITY”; Aditya Roy – Shamaun Ahmed; Dr. Kaur – Soumitra Sarkar; Client 1/Patient 2 – Kinkar Roy; Client 2/Patient 3 – Ratna Aditya; Meera/Nurse – Sunanda Hiroo; Stranger/Patient 5 – Krish Deep Singh; Client 3/Patient 3 – Debashish Chakraborty; Thief 1/Wardboy 1 – Souvik Roy; Thief 2/Wardboy 2 – Niloy Saha; Tea Seller/Patient 1 – Joydeb Paul; Patient 4 – Ujjwal Shee

Camera Team-B:- Debashish Chakraborty; Aritra Bhattacharya, Biprajit Sil; Costume And Make-Up:- Roshni Aditya; Location Manager:- Niloy Saha; Production Manager:- Souvik Roy, Niloy Saha; Unit Manager:- Souvik Roy, Niloy Saha, Erum Khan; Production Team:- Joydeb Paul, Dinonath Gaine, Rajesh Mandi, Mansoor Ali; Recording Studio:- What A Studio; Sound Recordist:- Pritam Chowdhury;Background Score:- Pritam Chowdhury; Mixing And Mastering:- Anirban Ganguly; Location:- Aditya Academy Senior Secondary (Barasat); Dub-Artists:- Dr. Kaur – Barun Chanda, Meera – Ankita Kundu Saha.

Special Thanks to: – Barun Chanda, Gopi Bhagat, Sahadeb Chowdhury, Anirban Aditya, Aditya Academy Senior Secondary (Barasat), De Sovrani (Salt Lake), Aditya Hospital (Dumdum).

Identity (6)Leo Media Identity (11)Leo Media

The company soon plans to launch a digital portal, their target for which is to launch a number of short films and mini-series annually. Through their digital channel, they will be connected to their audience as well as give regular updates on the upcoming projects. The viewers can subscribe and follow them through the same. Their digital portal, combined with future technologies will enable them to reach out to a mass crowd of young and old, all the same, and get their message through to them.

Divyajyotee Sharma at the trailer launch of her film “Chalk N Duster”

Television and Bollywood actress Divyajyotee Sharma attended the launch of her next film “Chalk N Duster”. The launch saw a star studded line of Juhi Chawla, Divya Dutta, Aarya Babbar, Upasna Singh, Sameer Soni, Adi Irani, Gavie Chahal,

In an exclusive interaction with the media the actress shared her experience working with the pioneers of the film industry. Divyajyotee Sharma who has already made a significant mark in Television & Bollywood Industry gears up to share the screen space with legends like- Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Divya Dutta and many more in her upcoming film Chalk N Duster. “It was a life time experience for me to work with so many legends in one film. Initially I thought it will be difficult but the way everyone treated me on the sets was overwhelming.

Launching Chalk & TusterLeo Media Launching Chalk & Tuster (1)Leo Media Chhalk & Tusters (1)Leo Media

The biggest advantage of working with pioneers of our industry is that you go really deep in the craft of acting and understand the fine nuances of the character you are portraying on screen. It was a dream cast for me” says Divya.

Bhoot HaiLeo Media Launching Chalk & Tuster (2)Leo Media

Offering a slew of variety of roles in her career, Divyajyotee Sharma prepares to triumph upon the hearts of the audience with her role of an elderly Christian teacher- Mrs. Pinto in the film “Chalk N Duster”. Talking about her role, Divya proclaims “I am playing the role of a Christian teacher in the film. It was a challenge for me because I am playing a role more than my age, adapting to that was a task for me but I overcame the challenge.

Chalk & TasterLeo Media Launching Chalk & Tuster (3)Leo Media

Besides Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Rishi Kapoor, Divya Dutta in prominent roles, the film also stars Jackie Shroff, Zarina Wahab, Arya Babbar, Upasana Singh, Ritu Shivpuri, Samir Soni and Girish Karnad.

Chalk & TusterLeo Media Chalk & Tuster (2)Leo Media Chalk & Tuster (1)Leo Media

This film is all about teacher and student’s communication. It highlights the problem of teachers and students where teaching way in the education system is changing day by day.

Launching Chalk & Tuster (7)Leo Media

Film Chalk n Duster produced by S3 Creations is written by Ranjeev Varma and directed by Jayant Gilatar. The music is composed by Sandesh Shandilya, while the lyrics for the film are penned by the seasoned Javed Akhtar. The movie is produced by Subhash Singh and Sonali Singh under the 3S Creations banner. The movie is co-produced by Amin Surani. The film slated to release in December, 2015.

Film “SORRY DADDY” is releasing on 11th December 2015

“Sorry Daddy” is a Bollywood children Action drama film directed by Vijay Pal & Shakur Sir. Starring Shamim Khan and Tinnu Verma in the lead roles, it is produced by Wasim S Khan. Set in the early 2014s, “Sorry Daddy” is a Children story centring on the turbulent relationship between Inspector Shamim and Children, a relationship which is affected by Children’s issues with alcohol, begging, abuse and temperament.

Sorry Daddy Posters (3)Leo Media Sorry Daddy Posters (2)Leo Media


Film is made under the banner of S.K.Films Entertainments, produced by Wasim S Khan, directed by Vijay Pal & Shakur Sir, co-producer Ramzan Solanki, associate producer Uday Singh, music by Vaisnav Deva & Liyakat Ajmeri, lyrics by Faiz Anwar, writer Salim Ahmed, editor Ashfaque Makrani, d.o.p Hashmukh Rajput, action Shakeel Shaikh & James Warla and choreographer Shakur Shaikh.

Sorry Daddy Posters (19)Leo Media Sorry Daddy Posters (17)Leo Media

Film has Shamim Khan in lead role, supported by Gayatri Singh, Mukesh Tiwari, Raghuvir Yadav, Razzak Khan, Amrit Pal, Javed Khan, Shehzad Khan and Tinnu Verma.

Sorry Daddy Posters (7)Leo Media Sorry Daddy Posters (6)Leo Media

Synopsis of “SORRY DADDY”

Inspector Ravi Sharma (Shamim Khan) is very honest and very intelligent police officer. He burst the racket of Daddan’s (Mukesh Tiwari) illegal wine factory to shows his intention against the enemy of law and society. Meanwhile, his daughter Anishka seeks his help to find out her lost school friend Aditya. Aditya is a very bright student but always looks puzzled because of his drunken father who fights with his mother every time. One day the fight takes an ugly turn and father dies accidentally. Aditya runs away from the home in fear. Ravi arrests his mother as murderer and she lands in prison. Innocent Aditya walks randomly in the city and meets a gang of street beggars who want to help him. But unfortunately he lands in cage of Sevak Ram (Tinu Verma). Sevak Ram is socialist who runs a self-organization for the betterment of these street children. But the truth is that he make them handicap hand pushes them in begging business. Ravi searches Aditya every possible place with his time but is unable to find him. In this process he comes to know that there is lot of people who runs racket of begging and forcing the kidnapped/loss/poorer street children in this business.



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Jacqueline Fernandes celebrates Dessange’s 2nd Anniversary

Mumbai: Dessange, undoubtedly the world’s leading international salon & spa with over 2000 salons in 47 countries, popped the bubbly along with Bollywood actor and uber fashionista Jacqueline Fernandes to celebrate its second anniversary in India. Prior to raising the celebratory toast, the spa & salon known for it’s glamorous aura and exceptional experiences, showcased their talent by a live hair and makeup session by two of its top in-house professionals.

Supermodels of the likes of Deepti Gujral, Candice Pinto, Sony Kaur and Archana Kumar sashayed down the ramp flaunting hair and makeup that was created live on-stage by Dessange Creative Art Directors Loic Chapoix and Florian Hurel. As the music and the atmosphere reached a booming crescendo, Jacqueline Fernandes walked on-stage and gave a loud cheer to Dessange. Styled by Dessange for the exhilirating night, Jacqueline was seen flashing her trademark smile while she spiritedly praised the designers for their expertise and skill.

Jacqueline with Dessange Designers (3)Leo Media

On their gala second year anniversary celebrations and also the opening of their third salon at Skyzone High Street Phoenix , Emmanuel Gasnot, Director of Dessange International said, “It has been two fantastic years in India. We take pride in opening up our third salon in Lower Parel and we aspire to make Dessange an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. With our latest Autumn  Winter collection, we have brought the focus back to India with styles that are absolutely trendy and wearable.  I am very pleased to see Bollywood’s style icon Jacqueline Fernandez getting styled exclusively by Dessange Paris.”

Dessange Jacqueline 2Leo Media Dessange Jacqueline 4Leo Media

Levan Ramishvili, Director, Dessange Mumbai said, “We are pleased to celebrate our second year in Mumbai and opening of our third salon at Skyzone High Street Phoenix Lower Parel. We would like to thank Kerastase and L’Oreal Professionnel for their support. A special thanks to Jacqueline Fernandez for being the ‘Guest of Dessange’ for the evening. She represents unique beauty with a great sense of style. We are committed to offer world class beauty and wellness solution and set unmatched standards”

Aseem Kaushik, Director, L’Oreal Professional Products Division, speaking of the occasion and especially highlighting the Dessange AW ’15 ‘Collection ‘Light of Shadows’ said, “We would like to congratulate Dessange Paris on its astounding success here in Mumbai as the salon celebrates its second anniversary and the launch of their new hair collection ‘Light of Shadows. This milestone reinforces the great partnership of French brands L’Oreal & Dessange that brings to India world-class salon standards and luxury hair services.”

About Dessange:

The No. 1 “Haute Coiffure” in the world as it is rightly called; DESSANGE is undoubtedly world’s leading International salon and spa with around 2000 salons in 47 countries. Femininity, elegance and charm – three words define the world of DESSANGE, a house of luxury dedicated to womens’ beauty. Aiming to offer state of art and a global concept of beauty that combines the elegance, personality and quality of a genuinely tailor-made offering, Dessange Paris recently opened its gates in Lower Parel while enjoying a highly successful two-year run in Mumbai with two signature salons located at Kemps Corner and Bandra. Their salon and spa expertise extends to the core of the brand’s product ranges with hair care, make-up, face and body care formulae that offer every woman a glamorous aura, sensory experience and a professional result.

About the Dessange AW 2015 Collection ‘Light of Shadows’:

Between Light and Darkness, every woman’s beauty is enhanced and hair is embellished. A structured cut, smooth hair, contrasting colour and every detail are accentuated by interplay of shadows and light, giving free rein to imagination. Colour becomes an accessory, while the iconic Dessange balayage technique is showcased and emphasized. Light bursts from the shadows and beauty reveals new radiance.

About L’Oréal Professionnel:

Born in Paris, the capital of fashion and artistic inspiration, L’Oréal Professionnel, the No.1 salon brand in India and the world, has always been in tune with the artistic community; working closely with designers to create inspirational hairstyles that grace the catwalks, setting the hair trends of tomorrow. It has been committed to providing salon professionals with only the best in art, technique and technology. In India, L’Oreal Professionnel has strived to provide new development opportunities for hairstylists through superior products, innovative marketing, advanced education and access to a worldwide network of leading hairdressers. Education is a crucial part of success for L’Oréal Professionnel. From the company’s academies, to in-salon and on-location training, the company offers the professional salon community technical expertise, artistic inspiration and business building skills that bring self-improvement to individuals and empowerment to hairdressers.

About Kérastase:

Born in the luxury environment of Paris in 1964, Kérastase has been the worldwide leader in professional luxury hair care. Kérastase technology leverages on the unique know-how of hair care and respects the uniqueness of every woman and man. Kérastase is the only professional brand that offers customized solutions for your hair and scalp needs based on diagnosis done with a special Kérastase camera. Indulge and pamper your scalp and hair with a ‘Kérastase Ritual’ – the ultimate hair care beauty experience. This unique multi-sensorial treatment combines precise dosages of the most innovative and advanced hair care formulations with therapeutic head-massage techniques that completely relax and rejuvenate you and your hair looks stunningly beautiful. Kérastase Rituals are accompanied by a new collection of iconic styles, a range called Couture Styling. The innovative textures of these products are formulated like skin care, infused with feminine and elegant fragrance, for fluid styles with freedom of movement.


Culture Machine’s bold new film depicts women’s fear for their safety in urban India

Mumbai, November 2015: Culture Machine, India’s leading digital entertainment company that is known for its disruptive content, has made another statement with their latest film ‘Cover Up’ by Roshnee Desai. Under the belt of Culture Machine’s Blush Originals banner and supported by their Being Indian channel, the experimental mixed media film explores a woman’s subconscious regarding her safety as she travels alone at 3 am in Mumbai.

Cover up

Using abstract art, textures and patterns, a montage of visuals and a narrative; the film re-creates the character of the city at night and follows the narrator as she takes an auto to get home at what is traditionally considered an “unsafe” time. The narrator, an independent woman in her late 20s talks about how she fears for herself at night in her subconscious and is forced to cover up her identity, compromising her so called freedom, to only feel safe. The 2 minute film underscores the inner turmoil, the brutal fear and hypocrisy that women experience in Indian society.

Commenting on the film, Roshnee Desai, Designer & Film maker said, “We are taught that as women, we are constantly being watched and scrutinised. Subconsciously, we become puppets to this punishable voice in our heads – always checking, judging and being too wary of ourselves. After I went to study in London, I realised that our society has conditioned us to not believe in ourselves. I found my inhibitions as a woman were slowly changing and I could stop the voice from dictating me. I hope that after people watch this film, they start to question the validity of these inhibitions and hopefully free themselves of it. Culture Machine’s Blush Originals is a kickass new age woman’s platform which questions a lot of these norms, so associating with them seemed really apt. I hope we get the message out and more girls start to rationalise these subconscious fears.”

Wajah Tum Ho Video Song | Hate Story 3 | Zareen Khan, Karan Singh | Armaan Malik | T-Series” on YouTube‏

Presenting “Wajah Tum Ho” Video Song in the voice of Armaan Malik from Hate Story 3 starring Zareen Khan, Sharman Joshi, Daisy Shah & Karan Singh in lead roles exclusively on T-Series.
Click to share it on FB: http://bit.ly/WajahTumHo_HS3

Hate Story1

Buy it from iTunes :- https://geo.itunes.apple.com/in/album…

Listen it on Hungama.com :- http://www.hungama.com/#/music/album-…

Set it as your Caller Tune sms HTSY To 54646
Wajah Tum Ho – Kaise Kahu http://bit.ly/KaiseKahuWajahTumHo
Wajah Tum Ho http://bit.ly/WajahTumHoHTSY



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Hate Story 3 Dialogue Promo – “Dushman Ka Dushman, Dost Hota Hai” | T-Series” on YouTube‏

Spirit of India – comes alive with Chinmaya Mission’s musical evening

Spirit of India marks the beginning of ChinmayaAnandaUtsav being celebrated on the occasion of  the Birth Centenary of Swami Chinmayananda in 2015-16

A musical concert by Shankar Mahadevan dedicated to Swami Chinmayananda, ‘Spirit of India’ blends together spirituality, music and patriotism



Mumbai, November , 2015:Chinmaya Mission has dedicated the upcoming year to a celebration of spirituality and its various nuances. ChinmayaAnandaUtsav from December 13 to 20 is a part of the year long celebrations.  ChinmayaAnandaUtsav begins with ‘Spirit of India’organized by Chinmaya Mission Mumbai as a musical evening on December 13 2015 at theSri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Auditorium. It serves to be a significant occasion that brings together youth, corporates,industrialists devout acharyas, members and trustees of various Chinmaya Mission Trusts, and the who’s who of India’s business world who are fervent followers of the mission.

Spirit of IndiaLeo Media

Spirit of India, is a perfect kick start to 2015’s mega event ChinmayaAnandaUtsav, features a charity concert by renowned Bollywood singer Shankar Mahadevan along with a film about Chinmaya Pradeep – A Permanent Outdoor Vision Park coming up in Powai and some key announcements for celebrations in store in the coming year. The concert is dedicated to Swami Chinmayananda. As an evening full of soul enriching music, Shankar and his troupe will be presenting a blend of pop bhajans, patriotic numbers, traditional chants strung along modern tunes.

Spirit of India is a charity concert aimed to raise funds for conducting FREE workshops on “Transforming Indians to Transform India” in schools and colleges for students from 6th standard till graduation.  900 workshops have already been conducted impacting about 60,000 students.  The proceeds will also be used to offer Chinmaya Transformation Scholarships to deserving students for education and also towards the JalyuktShivarAbhiyaan for Farmer’s relief in Maharashtra.

2016 is a special year for Chinmaya Mission. It marks the birth centenary of the founder of the mission – Swami ChinmayanandaSaraswati, a spiritual master who was born in 1916. To commemorate 100 years of his birth, the mission is initiating a series of events and celebrations across India to enrich the spiritual quotient of all the devotees, followers and attendees.

Speaking on this occasion Mr. Shankar Mahadevan, renowned singer of the Bollywood industry said,ChinmayaBhajans that I learnt in Balavihar classes of Chinmaya Mission have inspired me from childhood. I am honored to offer my tribute to Swami Chinmayananda in his birth centenary year through the Spirit of India Concert which also marks the beginning of the ChinmayaAnandaUtsav. Lets come together and celebrate the Spirit of India.’

“Swami Chinmayananda was a true patriot who worked for the betterment of his country and people through the knowledge of Vedanta. With Spirit of India, a musical charitable evening, we wish to re-invigorate the cultural and national spirit of India he firmly believed in – a spirit that can transform the core of every person and inculcate the will to place ‘Nation before self’,” saidSwami SwatmanandaAcharya, Chinmaya Mission Mumbai.

The evening scheduled to begin at 5:30 PM at Sri ShanmukhanandaChandrasekarendraSaraswati Auditorium, Mumbai will be inaugurated by, the Global head Swami Tejomayananda,SmtRajshri Birla,Smt.VibhaShangavi, Shri Ajay PiramalShankar Mahadevan, ShriMukul Patel – President of Chinmaya Mission Mumbai & Swami Swatmananda and the key voices of the mission will share plans for upcoming events scheduled for December i.e. the flagship ChinmayaAnandaUtsavto be held between December 13th and 20th, 2015; and the ChinmayaJyotiYatra from 21 to 31 Dec.

Event Details:

Date: 13th Dec 2015

Time: 5.30 p.m. onwards

Venue: Sri Shanmukhananda Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Auditorium, Sion East, Mumbai

For tickets:http://in.bookmyshow.com/mumbai

Press Release – Selfie Selfie Song | Sheeba Alam | Viral Music Video‏

Playback Singer Sheeba Alam sang the song “Selfie Selfie Song” and shot music video herself with SELFIE STICK in various part of Mumbai, and now its goes viral on YuTube, so please go through the below mention link and watch the music video and share reviews.

Idea of this song came from Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijan (Selfie Le Le), and Sheeba Alam picked Selfie Stick and shot the music video and she claims that its first Music Video who shot with Selfie Stick.

Mera Selfie Selfie Song_PosterLeo Media

Sheeba Alam is so happy that “Selfie Selfie Song” idea goes Viral and music lover, media person talking about this song as well encouraging her talent in positive way, she further state now her second song will be on Girl Saving which will touch peoples heart & soul.

This song composed by Kuldeep Shukla and penned by Tanveer Alam.

Music video








Aura Art eConnect Pvt Ltd is delighted to offer unique works by accomplished artist Rajendra Prasad

Aura Art eConnect Pvt Ltd is delighted to offer unique works by accomplished artist Rajendra Prasad, at www.auraart.in

Born in 1958 in Uttar Pradesh, Rajendra Prasad graduated in Fine Arts from College of Art and Craft, Lucknow, in 1984 and went on to specialize in Textile Print Making Designing in the following year from the same college. He has been richly decorated with various state & national awards, scholarships & honours and has done significant solo shows and participated in group exhibitions at prestigious venues in India and abroad.

auraart2aLeo Media auraart2bLeo Mediaauraart2cLeo Media

An expert in the field with a great depth of understanding in the subject he has undertaken large commissioned works, associated himself with demonstrations, teaching, training and conservation. Rajendra has conducted survey reports on several museums and has books and catalogues publications to his credit.

auraart2dLeo Media auta art1Leo Media auraart2Leo Media

Rishiraj Sethi
Director, Aura Art eConnect Pvt Ltd
Director, Aura Art Development Pvt Ltd
Chief Strategist, Aura Art

A-117, 1st floor, Vinay Bhavya,
159, CST Road, Kalina, Santacruz (E)
Mumbai – 400 098
Telefax: +91 22 2652 4557
Mobile: +91 98203 45740

Preety Performs in Chiang Mai (Thailand)‏

Preety Performing at an Opening Ceremony of a Guru (Master Ruma)’s Retreat in Chiang Mai(Thailand)  where she represented India amongst other Singers from Vietnam, China & other countries.

We are available for 31st December, pls feel free to call for any queries. Looking forward to doing events with you soon.

Preety Paul In ThailandLeo Media Preety Paul In Thailand (5)Leo Media

Preety Paul In Thailand (4)Leo Media Preety Paul In Thailand (1)Leo Media

Deepu Paul



Winner of Dabur Honitus BIG Junior RJ hunt to feature on BIG Magic’s ‘Comedy ka Rocket’

Mumbai, 1st December, 2015: India’s leading natural cough & cold remedy Dabur Honitus and 92.7 BIG FM, India’s largest and the No.1 radio network launched the quest to hunt the most quick-witted and chirpy kid RJ with Dabur Honitus BIG Junior RJ Season 3. Noted television artist with a distinctive modeling career and brilliant fashion designing skills and a celebrity mom, Mandira Bedi has joined the campaign as the face of the property and will gauge the participants’ various skills. Children between 8-14 years across 45 cities will be adjudged by the eminent jury and 45 lucky winners will get a chance to co-host their very own show on their local 92.7 BIG FM station while one will feature on BIG Magic’s ‘Comedy ka Rocket’.

92.7 BIG FM Mandiar Bedi (5) (Copy)

Dabur Honitus BIG Junior RJ Season 2 garnered a magnanimous response with over 70,000 participants nationally and a similar response is expected this season as well.

92.7 BIG FM Mandiar Bedi (4) (Copy) 92.7 BIG FM Mandiar Bedi (Copy)

Speaking about the 3rd edition of Dabur Honitus BIG Junior RJ, Mandira Bedi said, “I am glad to be a part of such a novel initiative which offers a platform for kids as young as 8 years to bring out their hidden talent. 92.7 BIG FM and Dabur Honitus are doing a commendable job of tapping the talent at a young age and in a way also making the parents see the potential their child has. Being a mother, I would strongly recommend parents to identify the interest and skills of their children early in their lives and encourage them to take a focused approach towards achieving the same.”

At an event held today in Mumbai, Mandira Bedi conducted a short workshop with the participating kids. She guided the kids on their speech clarity and diction while enabling them to discover their hidden talent and skills. She also suggested ways to the parents through which they can help their child realize his/her hidden potential while grooming them and encouraging them in their endeavor to win the coveted title.

While RJs are appreciated, loved and distinguished for their extensive knowledge on multiple topics, opinions on current events, diction, vocabulary and clarity of speech; India’s largest RJ talent hunt Dabur Honitus BIG Junior RJ season 3 is looking to hone the very same skills in their junior RJs.

Daisy Shah on BIG Magic’s Chutki Shopkeepaah Aur Woh‏

Catch multi-talented Daisy at her candid best tomorrow on BIG Magic at 9 pm and Sat 7 pm on 92.7 BIG FM

After making her big screen debut last year with superstar Salman Khan, Daisy Shah is back to woo audiences with her latest film ‘Hate Story 3’.  To promote her new film, the actress is all set to create a laugh riot with Shopkeepaa aka Gaurav Gera on BIG Magic and 92.7 BIG FM’s Chutki Shopkeepaa aur Woh.

Daisy Shah (2)Leo Media Daisy ShahLeo Media

The upcoming episode will witness Daisy reveal her hidden singing talent as she sings ‘Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha’ for Shopkeeper. Having a strong background in dance and being an assistant choreographer, there were no guesses about her engaging Shopkeepaa in a dance routine, as she shook a leg with him on the famous ‘Mahi Ve’ song from Kal Ho Na Ho. Daisy also touched upon other interesting stories like her association with close friend Salman Khan, and her inspiring journey in Bollywood so far. With so many interesting things in store, this is one episode that you just cannot miss.

Catch Chutki Shopkeepaa aur Woh with Daisy Shah this Wednesday on BIG Magic at 9 pm and Sat 7 pm on 92.7 BIG FM

Feature film “BHOOT HAI” directed by N.S.Panchal is based on superstition.

Hindi feature film “BHOOTH HAI” based on superstition, is being made under the banner of H.P.Films, and it has more than 50 known actors, along with senior actors also, like film ‘China Gate’. Producers Fatee Parik and D.K.Shroff want to disclose the superstitious beliefs in India.

Bhoot HaiLeo Media

Producer & casting director D.K.Shroff wants to send positive waves to Indian audience. He has being casting director for many big budget films, and runs a charity organization to give respects to many artists. Director N.S.Panchal said he will be giving break to many new talents, 25% actors are being selected from Hariyana itself.

Bhoot Hai (1)Leo Media

Film has finalized many actors like Hemant Pande, Mukesh Tiwari, Milind Gunaji, Razak Khan, Shehzaad Khan, Sunil Pal, Viju Khote, Sitaram Panchal, Anant Jog etc. Film will go on floor from January 2016. It will be shot in exotic locations of Mumbai, Delhi,Rajasthan Gujrat, Haiyana, MP & UP. Associate director Rajesh Panchal has 25 years of experience in Hariyanvi films. Film has four songs by music director Siddharth, DOP Daniyal and Vikas Singroha. Film will release in July 2016.

Hate Story -3 Cast visits T-Series StageWorks Academy, Noida‏

The entire team of T_series’ production Hate Story 3 visited the newly launched T-Series StageWorks Academy of Film, Music, and Performing Arts. Seen at the academy were actors Sharman Joshi, Karan Singh Grover and Daisy Shah, director Vishal Pandya  promoting their film releasing on 4th December.

Hate Story Stage Work (1)Leo Media

The team had an interactive session with the students of the academy, and shared their experiences  of making the movie while also offering students tips and insights on acting and related fields. The cast was seen having a great time with the students and even sang and performed on a few songs of their film.

Hate Story Stage Work (2)Leo Media

Also gracing the event were Singer and director of the Academy Tulsi Kumar along with other directors Hitesh Ralhan, Sudesh Kumari, Vipin Sahni,Kiran Sahni,  and Aman Sahni.

The T-Series StageWorks Academy offers certificate courses for acting, singing, dance, modelling, photography and instrumental music, and boasts of names including Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Sharma Joshi, Dino Morea as the course directors.

Chitah Yajnesh Shetty Celebrated the 75th birth Anniversary of Bruce Lee with Celebrities

Mumbai.Action director and martial arts expert Chitah Yajnesh Shetty, who is also the Chairman of Chitah Jeet Kune Do Global Sports Federation celebrated the 75th birthday of  Bruce Lee on November 27, 2015 at Celebration Sports Club, Lokhandwala,Andheri (west),Mumbai(India). The event was attended by celebrities including Sana Khan, Commonwealth Game Gold medallist Sandhya Shetty,Surendra Pal, Rajesh Khatter, Star plus Serial’Mohi’s star Rishma Rochlani & Karan Sharma, Ferdous Khan, Yajnesh Shetty’s wife Amarjit & son Trishaan, Riddhi Jain,  Celebration Sports Club’s Mr.Nair, Lucky Sharma and others. Yajness decision to celebrate Bruce Lee’s Birth Day in such a unique way was appreciated by everyone.

 Chitah Yajnesh ShettyLeo Media bruce birthdayLeo Media

A poster of 75 feet Bruce Lee was displayed at the event. Chitah Jeet Kune Do Global Sports Foundation also organized a Chitah Jeet Kune Do 5th National Championship on 26th and 27th November 2015. Students from 30 schools of Mumbai and 26 states from India participated in the event.

Yajnesh Shetyy (1)Leo Media

Chitah Yajnesh Shetty has organised Bruce Lee’s birthday celebrations consistently for 5 years and has won appreciation from Bruce Lee foundations.

Yajnesh ShetyyLeo Media Yajnesh Shetyy (3)Leo Media

“I organise this event for inspiring children to take it up as a hobby and maintain their health. The competition and the presence of celebrities keep the interest going and Bruce Lee is the ideal of many youngsters in India. This year we have chosen ‘Humanity is the only Religion’ as our theme,” says Chitah Yajnesh Shetty .


Vir Das bags a role in Ajay Devgan’s Shivaay!

Its an elevation mode for Actor and Stand up comedian Vir Das.

After a no. of successful events this year and now the famous US Carolines on the Broadway show , Vir has another good news .

Vir-DasLeo Media

If sources are to be believed , He would be seen in a high action role in parallel to Ajay Devgn in his upcoming next Shivaay.

The film schedule have started however Vir is to join later in December due to his US Comedy tour.

Artist Aloud releases versatile singer Rimi Basu Sinha’s new album ‘Mann Bawra’

The album resonates different facets & emotions of a woman

Mumbai, November 2015: Artist Aloud, the one-stop destination for commercial and independent talents has been the voice for many independent music artists and given them a platform to showcase their talent. Artist Aloud now adds one more musical gem to its repertoire by releasing versatile music director, singer & writer, Rimi Basu Sinha’s new album Mann Bawra. The songs are very melodious and, the vibrant compositions have a magical blend of semi-Indian classical music and western music makes it very distinctive. The album speaks of different facets & emotions of a woman. Rimi has composed & sung 4 soulful tracks; Naina Jaage, Shyam Rang, Tujhse Laage Nain and Mora Mann, each with an expression of its own. A special music video for Naina Jaage has also been released.

Rimi Basu Rimi Basu 2

Rimi has composed songs in different musical genres, her recent work includes the music albumMayya Ka Darbar which was sung along with Kumar Sanu, and it was conceptualized, written, composed by Rimi herself. She was a part of the historic album, Sakhi – Celebrating Womanhoodwhich had four generations of female singers singing together for the first time in the history of Indian Music. This album was also conceptualized, written and composed by Rimi Basu Sinha. A trend setter with shlokas, poems, verses, she was graded as the top artist at AIR/Doordarshan. Taking Indian music across boundaries, her accomplishments also include performing at the United Nations headquarters in Africa on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti organized by Indian High Commission of India to acknowledge her contribution towards promoting Indian culture and music in Kenya.

The song is currently available on Artist Aloud, Hungama, iTunes India and iTunes International.

Immerse yourself in soulful vocals of Rimi and hear it first onhttp://www.artistaloud.com/RimiBasuSinha

BIG Magic: Yuvika Chaudhary and Shibani Kashyap only on Chutki Shopkeepaa aur Woh!‏

Get ready for some grand revelations post Yuvika’s exit from a reality show recently and a surprise for Shopkeepaa from the talented Shibani Kashyap, today at 9:00 PM on BIG Magic~

a2 a1

BIG Magic, the ultimate comedy destination from Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is all set to take the laughter dose a notch higher on Chutki Shopkeepaa aur Woh. This week, Shopkeepaa has a treat for viewers with 2 gorgeous guests – Yuvika Chaudhary and Shibani KashyapCatch the hilarious episode today at 9:00 PM on BIG Magic and on Saturday at 7:00 PM on 92.7 BIG FM.

While Yuvika will share her secrets from the ‘house’, famous composer and performer Shibani Kashyap will enthrall audiences with her golden voice.


Don’t forget to watch the super fun Chutki Shopkeepaa aur Woh episode today at 9:00 PM on BIG Magic and on Saturday at 7:00 PM on 92.7 BIG FM

NCPA and Vinod &SaryuDoshi Foundation presents the 6th edition of Centrestage‏

6th edition | 15 plays | 5 languages | 6-day interdisciplinary workshop

~ 27November – 6 December | NCPA ~

Centre stage

  • Presenting plays across various genres — Musical, Comedy, Social drama, Sci-fi and a tribute play
  • Featuring 15multilingual plays in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi&Rajasthani
  • Festival highlights :The Living Room by KalkiKoechlin, Miss Cuckooby Akvarious Production, KasumalSapnoby Ujaagar Dramatic Association, (Jaipur) Production, 7/7/07 directed by FaezehJalali, Sharad Joshi Express directed by MayankPahwa, The Conference of the Birds directed by Heeba Shah
  • The Chairs – A challenge to Ionesco, an interdisciplinary workshop by Theodora Skipitares, award-winning performance artiste from New York

Mumbai, November 2015:National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) and Vinod &SaryuDoshi Foundation presents the6th edition of Centrestage – Festival of premiering playsfrom 27thNovember to 6thDecember 2015. Presenting quality and unique theatre, this year the Festival will feature a diverse mix of languages and theatre styles, making Centrestage the biggest and the most awaited theatre festival in the city.

The10-day festival will include 15 premiering plays in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Rajasthanipresented by the most sought after directors and productions houses of the country. Along with an exciting line up of plays, Centrestage will host a 6-day interdisciplinary workshop by Theodora Skipitares, award-winning interdisciplinary artiste, based in New York. The workshop will turn lonesco’s play upside down, creating chairs that are powerful autobiographical performing objects.

Deepa Gahlot, Head – Programming (Theatre & Film), NCPAsaid, “Each year, Centrestage is curated keeping in mind the thought to present creative, unique and exceptional works with an edge. This thought has made the festival one of India’s most awaited theatre celebrations and we feel proud to host multilingual productions that showcase the diversity and true essence of theatre.”

Speaking on their partnership with NCPA, Dr. SaryuDoshi, Trustee, Vinod &SaryuDoshi Foundationsays,“The Vinod &SaryuDoshi Foundation is delighted to partner with NCPA for the 3rd consecutive year in this initiative to foster the Performing Arts in Mumbai. Our Foundation continues to reinforce its commitment and energy towards nurturing various facets of Indian Arts and culture.”


Date Play Group Venue Time
27 Nov 2015 Miss Cuckoo (English-Hindi) Akvarious Experimental Theatre 7.00pm
28 Nov 2015 Sharad Joshi Express (Hindi) Kopal Godrej Dance Theatre 5.00pm
28 Nov 2015 The Conference of the Birds (English) Motley Experimental Theatre 7.00pm
29 Nov 2015 The Living Room (English) Circus Experimental Theatre 3.00 & 7.00pm
29 Nov 2015 Whatsup? (Gujarati) Ideas Unlimited Godrej Dance Theatre 5.00pm
30 Nov 2015 Kanupriya (Hindi) Mishri Experimental Theatre 7.00pm
30 Nov 2015 Spandan (Marathi) Taalim Godrej Dance Theatre 5.00pm
1 Dec 2015 Spaces (English) Qadir Ali  Baig Foundation (Hyderabad) Experimental Theatre 7.00pm
2 Dec 2015 7/7/7 (English) FATS The Arts Experimental Theatre 7.00pm
3 Dec 2015 KasumalSapno (Rajasthani) Ujaagar (Udaipur) Experimental Theatre 7.00pm
4 Dec 2015 ISHQ AAH (English-Hindi-Punjabi) Jhoom Experimental Theatre 7.00pm
5 Dec 2015 Babot (Gujarati) Utopia Communications Godrej Dance Theatre 5.00pm
5 Dec 2015 The Gentlemen’s Club (English) Patchworks Ensemble Experimental Theatre 7.00pm
6 Dec 2015 Ambu And Rajalakshmi(English) The NayaPataKollectiv Godrej Dance Theatre 5.00pm
6 Dec 2015 Hayavadana (Gujarati) Riad Mahmood Education and Arts Foundation & Indian Ensemble Experimental Theatre 7.00pm


The Chairs, A Challenge to Ionesco! Workshop by Theodora Skipitares


30 November to 5 th December. 11am to 6pm |Sea View Room


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Box office opens on 12th November for Public

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Aboutthe NCPA:

Opening its doors to the world in 1969, the NCPA became the first multi-venue and multi-purpose cultural centre to be built in South Asia. Vibrant and diverse, the NCPA today is recognized by artistes, patrons and media alike as India’s premier performing arts institution. The Centre provides a fine showcase for India’s rich performing arts traditions, all thanks to the institution’s training and research initiatives.

The NCPA presents over 600 events each year across all major art forms, most notably Indian Music, International Music, Theatre and Film, Dance, and Literature, Visual Arts and Photography. There are Heads of Programming  for  each  of  these  art  forms  who  curate  innovative  events  and  festivals;  representative  of everything from classical to contemporary throughout the year. The NCPA produces its own programmes as well as collaborates with leading cultural promoters from around the world. NCPA is the only member organisation of the International Music Council (IMC) from India.

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About the Vinod and SaryuDoshi Foundation:

The ‘Vinod &SaryuDoshi Foundation’ is a non-profit, charity trust that aims at promoting Art, Culture, Education and Community. It fosters emerging talent in the visual and performing Arts through fellowships, performances, exhibitions and festivals. It empowers bright but financially challenged young individuals to catapult themselves to a higher economic and social orbit by providing scholarships for their entire college career. It is committed to improving the community by funding initiatives in environment protection and social upliftment. The Foundation believes in enriching the mind through education, and the spirit through art and culture.

It articulates the lifelong passions of Vinod and SaryuDoshi who have dedicated a considerable part of their lives supporting these causes.

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Watch “Mukhtiar Chadha | Official Trailer with English Subtitle | Diljit Dosanjh, Oshin Brar” on YouTube‏

Get ready for the Punjabi comedy of the year! Singer-superstar Diljit Dosanjh plays the lovable Mukhtiar Chadha who has to cross paths with a bunch of goons. Let the antics begin!

Mukhtiar Chadha1Leo Media

Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Oshin Brar, Yashpal Sharma & Kiran Juneja
Directed by: DirectorGifty
Produced by: Ohri Productions & Wahid Sandhar Showbiz
Music by: JSL Singh
Sound Design by: Vinod Verma
All songs Mixed & Mastered by: Vinod Verma

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Watch “Carry On Jatta 2 Official Trailer | Gippy Grewal, Ghuggi Punjabi Movie 2016” on YouTube‏

Carry On Jatta 2 Movie Startup Intro Designed by Navjot Bajwa.
This Intro is designed to explore more information about this movie. This information could be different when movie will release.

Carry Oj Jatta2Leo Media

The “King of Comedy” in India – Johny Lever all set to create a laughter riot in the United States of America‏

Aartwo LLC in association with Sistar Mortgage &  Indus American Bank proudly presents International renowned Award Winner Actor & Comedian Johny Lever in a must see stand up comedy with Daughter Jamie Lever.

Johny set to return to the USA, will be performing in the following cities : New Jersey, New York,  Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta Dallas, Chicago, San Jose, Houston, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto Washington DC.

Ritu Rastogi, Organizer, Aartwo L L C: ” I come from a health background and hence know that laughter is the best medicine. Thus, when we as a company decided to do stand up comedy shows all over the US there was no bigger brand and no better name then Mr. Johny Lever.”

King Of Comedy (4)Leo Media King Of Comedy (3)Leo Media

Johny Lever : “Stand up comedy is my 1st love and I have done lots of  live shows all over the world, but this USA tour is very special as my daughter Jamei will be performing along with me for the first time.”

King Of ComedyLeo Media King Of Comedy (2)Leo Media

This segment of the USA Tour allows the ‘King of Comedy’ to not only perform live but also interact with his fans. Having acted in over 300 films and done numerous shows across the globe, Johny is highly popular and due to his demand and his connect with his fans all over, it has granted him to perform a staggering result in front of a full house leaving his fans literally holding their tummy in laughter. The man has his own unique persona which reflects his talent to tickle bones!

Johny began his career back in 1984 he spent his early age in Yakutpura an old city of Hyderabad (India) from where he learnt the unique style of comedy/ acting. He developed a passion for mimicry and stand-up comedy and is considered to be India’s first stand up comedian. Johny idolizes the greats like Kishore Kumar and the legendary Mehmood saab in films and through mimicry artists like, Dinesh Hingoo and Nerella Venumadhav on stage, who he was completely in awe of and that is how, he decided to become a Mimicry Artist.

Johny started performing on stage in India and abroad and during his shows, was offered his first Bollywood film. His success and talent grew gradually and the rest, they say is history! His fans took to him instantly on screen which led him to achieve success by winning 13 Filmfare Awards nomination in The Best Comedian Category and winning it twice. Johny’s forth coming release is the Rohit Shetty directed – Shahrukh Starer Dilwale.

Johny Lever’s ability to capture his viewers and attract his fans by his eloquent humor is one of the main reasons he is loved, very well known and appreciated all over the world.

Maureen Loves u – Rani Hazarika | Maureen Mirza | Pravin Manoj

Presenting Maureen Mirza’s Maureen Loves u song sung by Rani Hazarika and Rapped by Luv o’trigger

Song: Maureen Loves u
Composer/ Lyricist : Pravin Manoj
Singer: Rani Hazarika and Rapped by Luv o’trigger

Maureen Loves YouLeo Media

Director: Colossus

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Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha Attends Special Screening of Film “Ka Kha Ga” at NFDC fILM BAZAAR 2015‏

Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha Attends Special Screening of Film “Ka Kha Ga” at NFDC fILM BAZAAR 2015‏

Governor of Goa Mridula SinhaLeo Media Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha (5)Leo Media

Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha (2)Leo Media Governor of Goa Mridula Sinha (1)Leo Media

The Film Features Fresh cast , and is a Educational film where Director shows that Education can began at any age , and The Journey of Budhan (Truck Driver) to Education begins at 50, when he was thrown by world due to illiteracy.

Darshan Kumar with Aishwarya Rai in Omung Kumar’s ‘Sarbjit’‏

After giving phenomenal performances in national award winning movie ‘Mary Kom’ and the critically acclaimed movie NH-10, Darshan Kumar is soon going to be seen in Omung Kumar’s much talked about upcoming biopic ‘Sarbjit’.  The talented actor who has showcased his exceptional acting skills in his previous movies will be seen in a very distinctive and important role in ‘Sarbjit’.  He will be portraying the role of Khalid Pervaiz, a Pakistani lawyer who left no stone unturned to get justice for Sarbjit.

Darshan Kumar1Leo Media

Khalid Pervaiz was more than a friend and a brother to Sarbjit and was a major support for his sister Dalbir Kaur’s fight to free him from the Pakistani jail.  It is known that Darshan’s role in the movie would be the most challenging one he has done so far and it would also be the first time that the actor would be sharing screen space with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who is playing the role of Sarbjit’s sister, Dalbir Kaur and Randeep Hooda who’s Playing Sarbjit.

Confirming the news of signing Darshan Kumar for the role of Sarabjit’s lawyer, Director Omung Kumar says, “Darshan Kumar is a brilliant actor who gave an outstanding performance in my previous movie Mary Kom. When I started working on my second biopic ‘Sarbjit’, I was certain that I need an exceptionally good actor who would do full justice to this particular role.  I called Darshan for a narration and after hearing it; he instantly said yes and added that he  would do anything for me given the respect he has for me. This really touched my heart.”

The movie will take the audiences through the untold story of the Indian slain prisoner Sarbjit who was imprisoned in Pakistan, mistaken for an Indian spy. ‘Sarbjit’ is slated to go on floors soon and is expected to release in the May 2016.


Priyanka Chopra never fails to surprise, as the actress having conquered the west, proves that there is simply nothing she cannot do.

While everyone who has worked with Priyanka has always been all praise for her professionalism, the actress sets yet another example of packing in 100 hours of work into her 24 hour day.

Priyankaji (4)Leo Media Priyankaji (3)Leo Media

Priyanka who is currently shooting for ABC’s hit TV show in Montreal, will be flying down this weekend to promote Bajirao Mastani.

The actress who has been busy with the show , has been making trips back and forth to complete the film ‘s shoot. Having wrapped that up , Priyanka resumed her Quantico commitments but will be going all out to promote the film, that will release worldwide next month.

Priyanka Chopraji (3)Leo Media Priyanka Chopraji (1)Leo Media

Priyanka will be flying to Mumbai for a day to join Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone for a promotional event. She will then fly back to Montreal and join the Bajirao Mastani team in December for the full fledged promotions.

Priyankaji (1)Leo Media Priyanka ChoprajiLeo Media

Says a source, “Despite being miles away from home and shooting on a choc-o-bloc schedule for Quantico, Priyanka is constantly in touch with the team and in the loop of everything happening on the film ,in terms of marketing and promotions. Slotting her dates has been difficult but she has made the time to fit in the film’s promotions into her schedule as she is very excited about it”.

Watch “Bajirao Mastani Official Trailer with Subtitles | Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra” on YouTube‏

Watch “Bajirao Mastani Official Trailer with Subtitles | Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra” on YouTube‏

Bajirao Mastani1Leo Media

Witness the power and glory of one of India’s greatest empires, and the epic love story of the warrior Peshwa, Bajirao. Watch the full theatrical trailer of ‘Bajirao Mastani’ on Eros Now!

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone & Priyanka Chopra
Directed by: Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Produced by: Kishore Lulla & Sanjay Leela Bhansali
‘Bajirao Mastani’ releasing in theatres on 18th December, 2015
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Yeh Ishq Sarfira | Official Trailer | Akkilesh Verma | Oviya Helen | Naina Aswal

Watch the Exclusive trailer of Yeh Ishq Sarfira starring Akkilesh Verma, Oviya Helen, and Naina Aswal. The movie is directed by Varun Khanna. The movie is Produced by Sushila, Dhaniram Tokas.

Yeh Ishq SarfiraLeo Media

The movie has an extremely gripping plot with a good amount of action scenes.

Archangel Entertainment Presents KOTA JUNCTION – Hindi Feature Film

Archangel Entertainment Presents KOTA JUNCTION – Hindi Feature Film

Kota JunctionLeo Media

Starring Munish Khan & Setareh Nouri

Produced By – Sarosh Khan
Written & Directed By – Sachin P Karande
Banner – Archangel Entertainment

Line Producer – Saqib Sultan & Lalit Verma
Associate Producer – Shateek Malik
Executive Producer – Yogesh Singh
Editor – Mukesh Thakur
Cinematographer – Parvez Pathan
Writer – Manasvni
Action – Deepak Das
Art Director – Sanjiv Waman Rane

Ground & Events Associate – LANCER ENTERTAINMENT

Music Director – Dev Sikdar, Evol Band (Udd Gaya), Ankit & Parag (Udd Gaya Remix)

Singers – Megh Dod, Shahid Mallya, Arghya, Onir, Dev Sikdar

Making Kabul Express was it self a Adventure – Kabul Khan reveals the Inside story‏

I write the script with a good story . But always do the final drafting once again- once my casting with not only the  Lead, but also the character artists is locked.

Kabul Express (1)Leo Media Kabul ExpressLeo Media

My First film Kabul express was itself a adventure, as was finalized by dream Man Aditya Chopra & within three months I was at kabul.

Also some parts were shot in Suburbs of Rajasthan to match the Desert section which we needed for creating war. Also, Bajrangi Bhaijaan has been shot on rajasthan Borders while we were planning to enter into pakistan by shortcut.  Love the culture of rajasthan , especially the Food.

Anurag Kashyap explores different platforms of film-making and exhibition with Amit Masurkar and Bardroy Barretto at the Knowledge Series 2015 at Film Bazaar‏

Day three of the Film Bazaar’s NFDC Knowledge Series had an interesting line up. The day’s second session was New Voices: Pushing Boundaries in Creation, Marketing, and Monetization which was moderated by filmmaker Anurag Kashyap while directors Amit Masurkar (Sulemani Keeda) and Bardroy Barretto (Nachoaea Kumpasar) shared insights on making and releasing their films.

Anurag KashyapLeo Media

Amit’s contemporary indie-classic Sulemani Keeda had a small theatrical release to garner good reviews and then it was released online on theviralfever.com. Amit said, “I made the film in 8.5 lacs because everyone worked for free and then we needed another 20 lacs to release the film. I didn’t go into crowd-funding because I didn’t’ want that obligation. We have had many people who championed the cause of the film.”

He added, “PVR Director’s Rare attached our trailer to all the big films. Theviralfever.com streamed the film a week after its release for hundred rupees per viewing and forty thousand people watched it. This model worked for our film. People have seen it even in small towns. However, I wouldn’t release my movie straight to internet because then people wouldn’t take it so seriously.”

Bardroy Barretto of Nachoaea Kumpasar which is a musical about the star-crossed romance between Goan musician Chris Perry and singer Lorna Cordeiro has made the movie over ten years and for the last year he has been distributing the 3-hor-long Konkani film. He said, “The movie is running for 1 year in one screen in Goa now and we volunteer at the screenings. We are banking on word-of-mouth publicity and I’m taking it to different platforms and cities, at our own pace. We did crowd-funding and within 4 years we expect to break even, repay our producers, and make more money.”

He added, “A multiplex release was not an option for me because of the language and duration of the film. Goan people like three-long movies and my movie is for the people of my hometown.

Anurag Kashyap said that there are many ways to exhibit a movie and people need drive. “We must not run to distributors and exhibitors. We must let them come to us. Web series are a great option for us right now. Netflix has released Gangs of Wasseypur as a web-series now. The other advantage of a web series is that we do not need to deal with obnoxious censorship and we have creative freedom.”

He added, “If you have the drive to recover your money, you can make it happen. Guneet Monga, for example, took her movie from school to school in order to break-even.”

Vikrant Massey in Konkona Sen’s directorial debut Death at the Gunj!!

Vikrant Massey bags a leads in Konkana Sen’s directorial debut Death at the Gunj!!

After playing prominent roles in Lootera and Dil Dhadakne Do and being much appreciated  for the same ,Actor Vikrant Massey is now to play a lead in Konkana Sen’s directorial debut.

Vikrant MesseyLeo Media

It was then when Konkana Sen and Vikrant Massey were shooting for Prakash Jha’s ‘Lipstick Under My Burqa’ in December 2014,  Konkana offered Vikrant a role.

Vikrant will play a young Bengali guy in the film which is set in the hinterlands in the late 70’s. A hinglish thriller that tells the story of a family from the actor’s perspective. It’s expected to roll early next year.

When contacted Vikrant on the same he confirmed “Feels great to be a part of this project, The workshops for the same begin early December. I am looking forward for this one .