The Grand Rocket In Kanakia Silicon Valley Unveiled  Rockey Boys – R Madhavan And Nambi Narayanan Sir Cheer For The Rocket Of Another Kind

The Grand Rocket In Kanakia Silicon Valley Unveiled Rockey Boys – R Madhavan And Nambi Narayanan Sir Cheer For The Rocket Of Another Kind

During The Launch Of ‘Kanakia Sillicon Valley’, Actor R Madhavan And Ex-ISRO Scientist Nambi Narayanan Together Salutes The ‘Rocket’ Of Another Kind* Both Dignitaries Were Present During The Unveiling Ceremony Of ‘Kanakia More »

विधिवत पूजा व मुहूर्त के साथ शुरू हुई निर्माता दिलीप सोनकर के धारावाहिक “काशी विश्वनाथ” की शूटिंग

विधिवत पूजा व मुहूर्त के साथ शुरू हुई निर्माता दिलीप सोनकर के धारावाहिक “काशी विश्वनाथ” की शूटिंग

कमलाश्री फिल्म्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड, वाराणसी के बैनर तले बन रहे टीवी धारावाहिक “काशी विश्वनाथ” का मुहूर्त 21 सितंबर को मुंबई के मढ आइलैंड क्षेत्र में हुआ। जहां काशी से आगत आचार्य सुरेश More »

हुमा क़ुरैशी ने बैग्स के एक बड़े ब्रैण्ड मैगनोलिया के साथ जुड़कर उसके विज्ञापन को अंजाम दिया।

हुमा क़ुरैशी ने बैग्स के एक बड़े ब्रैण्ड मैगनोलिया के साथ जुड़कर उसके विज्ञापन को अंजाम दिया।

फैशन इंडस्ट्री के एक बड़े ब्रैण्ड मैगनोलिया बैग्स ने गुरुवार को फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री की टैलेंटेड अदाकारा हुमा क़ुरैशी के साथ अपने विज्ञापन की शूटिंग संपन्न की। ज़ूममंत्रा प्रोडक्शंस के साथ काम कर More »

Motivational Master Class By Ashish Vidyarthi Inspires Students At Asian School Of Business

Motivational Master Class By Ashish Vidyarthi Inspires Students At Asian School Of Business

Noida: In a captivating and enlightening event, the Asian School of Business was privileged to host the esteemed actor and motivational speaker, Ashish Vidyarthi, for a Motivational Master Class that left an More »

Dance And Fashion Fusion – Four Iconic Collaborations That Transcended Boundaries

Dance And Fashion Fusion – Four Iconic Collaborations That Transcended Boundaries

When the worlds of dance and fashion collide, a mesmerizing fusion of artistic expression and elegance emerges. History is adorned with iconic moments where dancers and models harmoniously united, creating captivating images More »

Sandeep Marwah A Cultural Maestro Reinstated In World Book Of Records London

Sandeep Marwah A Cultural Maestro Reinstated In World Book Of Records London

London: In an extraordinary feat of cultural diplomacy and advocacy, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, an adorned recipient of over 1100 awards from around the world, has once again etched his illustrious name into More »

महिमा चौधरी, मुग्धा गोडसे, ज़ोया अफरोज ने रिकवर्स एकेडमी मिस यूनिवर्सल 2023 के ग्रैंड फिनाले में बढ़ाई शोभा

महिमा चौधरी, मुग्धा गोडसे, ज़ोया अफरोज ने रिकवर्स एकेडमी मिस यूनिवर्सल 2023 के ग्रैंड फिनाले में बढ़ाई शोभा

रिकवर्स एकेडमी मिस यूनिवर्सल का ग्रैंड फिनाले 16 सितंबर, 2023 को द क्लब मुंबई में आयोजित किया गया। इसमें मुख्य अतिथि के रूप में महिमा चौधरी, मुग्धा गोडसे, ज़ोया अफरोज, अरोमा मैजिक More »

रेडियोथेरेपी के लिए विश्व की अत्याधुनिक मशीन  Vital Beam Version – 3 अब पटना के सवेरा हॉस्पिटल में इस वर्जन की भारत मे यह पहली मशीन कैंसर के मरीजों के इलाज हेतु शुरुआत की जा चुकी है

रेडियोथेरेपी के लिए विश्व की अत्याधुनिक मशीन Vital Beam Version – 3 अब पटना के सवेरा हॉस्पिटल में इस वर्जन की भारत मे यह पहली मशीन कैंसर के मरीजों के इलाज हेतु शुरुआत की जा चुकी है

रविवार को विश्वकर्मा पूजा के अवसर पर पटना कंकड़बाग स्थित सवेरा हॉस्पिटल पटना में रेडियोथेरेपी की अत्याधुनिक व सबसे उन्नत उपकरण linear accelerator vital beam version – 3 मशीन की शुरुआत रोगियों More »


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MAHA AROGYA FREE CAMP Organized By RK HIV AIDS Research And Care Center At Osmanabad

More than 3 lakh patients took benefit, medicines worth crores were distributed.

Biggest Free General Medical Camp “Maha Arogya Shivir Maharashtra” at Bhum Paranda Osmanabad, Maharashtra was organized by Hon’ble Minister of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Maharashtra on 26th & 27th November 2022. Dr Dharmendra Kumar chairman Guinness Book of World Record holder RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Centre. A total of 3.2 lakh patients came to this camp, 1 lakh 27 thousand people were examined for their eyes and spectacles were distributed.

Medicines worth 2 crore 70 lakh were distributed, 22 thousand blood sugar tests, 1800 surgical patients, 2000 wheelchairs were distributed.

RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Center is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records and Asia Book of Records. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, Chairman of RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Center said that lakhs of patients were benefited here, where a lot of medicines were distributed. Many doctors participated here, a large number of paramedical staff were present. Medicines were given to the patients as per the requirement.

Dr. Dharmendra Kumar told that till now we have conducted 29 thousand medical camps, examined 3 lakh patients in a day. In Jharkhand also, a medical camp for one lakh patients was organized recently.

Food and drink arrangements were also made for all the beneficiaries in this mega medical camp organized in Osmanabad. This medical camp was multi purpose.

By organizing 29 thousand health camps in the last 24 years, RK HIV AIDS Research and Care Center has also registered its name in the Guinness Book of World Records. Seeing 3 crore 55 lakh patients, there is a record of highest number of tests in the world. 96 thousand people have been operated.

MAHA AROGYA FREE CAMP Organized By RK HIV AIDS Research And Care Center At Osmanabad

Sunrise Production And Sunrise Trade Solutions Aim Of Bringing To Light The Budding Talents Working In Various Fields Related To The Film Genre

Who says in the sky Can’t be a hole Throw a stone with your health, friends…!  Sunrise Production, is moving forward in the direction of realizing this proverb, united with its entire team, Mr. Chandrashekhar Bora, Govind Yadav and Rajesh Mandapalli and Komal Alhat, executive producer, is supporting them with full dedication. Recently ‘Crystal Plaza’ at New Link Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai

Sunrise Production and Sunrise Trade Solutions office inaugurated by Deepak Rajwade, Maharashtra Police Officer Senior Bollywood PRO Puneet Khare, Actress Model Shilpi Chugh, Poonam Lubna, Shalini Singh, Madhu Manda, Actors Ravi Shankar, Nishant, Karthik Vyas , Jitendra Jha and Yogendra Srivastava in the presence of many eminent personalities from Bollywood.

Dynamic banner with the aim of bringing to light the budding talents working in various fields related to the film genre. Sunrise Production’s proposed production plans include short films, web series, music videos, reality shows, comedy shows, regional and religious films besides social feature films.


Sunrise Production And Sunrise Trade Solutions Aim Of Bringing To Light The Budding Talents Working In Various Fields Related To The Film Genre

निर्देशक अजहर हुसैन द्वारा कलाकार शॉर्ट फिल्म फेस्टिवल सीजन-3 का सफल आयोजन

रेडएसिड फिल्म्स द्वारा प्रस्तुत फेस्टिवल के ज्यूरी मेम्बर्स में राहुल रॉय, दिलीप सेन, सुनील पाल और अली खान सहित कई हस्तियां रहीं शामिल

बॉलीवुड के विख्यात निर्माता निर्देशक अजहर हुसैन ने 26 दिसंबर को मुंबई में हुए एक भव्य समारोह में कलाकार शॉर्ट फिल्म फेस्टिवल सीजन-3 2022 का सफल आयोजन किया।

रेडएसिड फिल्म्स द्वारा प्रस्तुत कलाकार शॉर्ट फिल्म फेस्टिवल की डायरेक्टर नाज काजी और इवेंट के होस्ट सुफियान कपाड़िया थे।

बता दें कि केएसएफएफ KSFF भारत में सबसे प्रमुख शॉर्ट फिल्म फेस्टिवल्स में से एक के रूप में उभरा है, जिसमें बेहतरीन प्रोग्रामिंग और गहराई से जुड़े सिनेप्रेमी दर्शक हैं।

इस समारोह में सम्मानित ज्यूरी मेम्बर्स थे संगीतकार दिलीप सेन, राहुल रॉय (अभिनेता) सुनील पाल (कॉमेडियन), अली खान (अभिनेता), डॉ. अजय सहाय (अभिनेता व निर्देशक) और रमेश गोयल (अभिनेता).

इस कार्यक्रम में गेस्ट ऑफ ऑनर थे मुश्ताक खान (अभिनेता), पंकज बेरी (अभिनेता), पृथ्वी वज़ीर (अभिनेता), राजेश देसाई (अभिनेता), सुरेंद्र ठाकुर (अभिनेता), आरती नागपाल (अभिनेत्री), मेहुल भोजक (अभिनेता), श्याम लाल (अभिनेता), अर्पित गर्ग (ब्रैंडेक्स एंटरटेनमेंट के सीएमडी), अनीस बारूदवाले (लेखक व निर्देशक), शब्बीर शेख व ज़ुबैर शेख (संस्थापक निदेशक और सीईओ फॉर्च्यून लाइफलाइन),

रविंदर पुंडीर (मन्नत इंडिया मार्केटिंग प्राइवेट लिमिटेड के एमडी और सीईओ), राजकुमार तिवारी (मुंबई ग्लोबल समाचार पत्र), शाहीन खान (अभिनेत्री), वसीम सिद्दीकी (फेम मीडिया), नजमा शेख (फेम मीडिया), शबाना मेराज शेख (अभिनेत्री व मीशा फॉरएवर फिटनेस जिम की सह-संस्थापक), अश्विन ठक्कर (टैलेंट मैनेजर), जुबैर खान (B4U म्युज़िक), मोहित गुप्ता (अभिनेता और KSFF टीम), शाहिद खान (प्रोडक्शन मैनेजर और KSFF टीम).

इस फ़िल्म फेस्टिवल में विजेता फिल्मों की सूची इस प्रकार है। सर्वश्रेष्ठ फिल्म अंतर, बेस्ट फिल्म फर्स्ट रनर अप कपड़ा, बेस्ट फिल्म सेकेंड रनर अप चप्पल, बेस्ट फिल्म थर्ड रनर अप ऑक्सीजन, सर्वश्रेष्ठ फिल्म संपादक ब्यानव, सर्वश्रेष्ठ फिल्म अभिनेता तमाशबीन, बेस्ट फिल्म सिनेमैटोग्राफर द जोकर, सर्वश्रेष्ठ फिल्म निर्देशन कल्लावेम कथुम आरा.

बता दें कि इस फेस्टिवल के लिए पूरे भारत से कई भाषाओं में फिल्में जमा की गई थीं।

कलाकार शॉर्ट फिल्म फेस्टिवल के तीसरे सीजन में शॉर्ट फिल्म निर्माताओं के लिए प्रतियोगिता का आयोजन किया गया, इस प्लेटफॉर्म की परिकल्पना निर्देशक अजहर हुसैन ने की है और केएसएफएफ रेडएसिड फिल्म्स द्वारा प्रस्तुत किया गया।


निर्देशक अजहर हुसैन द्वारा कलाकार शॉर्ट फिल्म फेस्टिवल सीजन-3 का सफल आयोजन

PADMASANA – The Perpetual Perception Solo Show Of Paintings By Contemporary Artist Alpa Palkhiwala In Jehangir Art Gallery

From: 26th December 2022 to 1st January 2023

Padmasana – The Perpetual Perception

Solo show of Paintings

By Contemporary artist Alpa Palkhiwala


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7 pm.

Contact: 92650 20945, 98795 68993

A solo art exhibition showcasing the thematic work of a contemporary artist from Ahmedabad, Alpa Palkhiwala is showing in Jehangir Art Gallery, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400001 from 26th December, 2022 to 1st January, 2023 between 11 am. To 7 pm.

This show was inaugurated on 26th December 2022 by Mr. Rishiraj Shetty(Director Aura Art Pvt Ltd.), Jeenendra Bhandari(Partner MGB, Vice Chairman, JITO JIIF), Bharat Shah(President MDMA) in the presence of  Gayatri Mehta(Eminent Artist), Mr. Jayesh Labdhi(MDMA), Mr. Sachin Shah, Mr. Rajan Parikh(Secretary MDMA)

Alpa Palkhiwala completed a course in fine arts and Bachelor of Arts with history. She had some experience as a graphic designer in a few leading firms and gained good essence of relevant ingredients and techniques. Then she started her art journey and had her 1st show of artwork in 2006. Her subsequent solo shows were held in 2012, 2015 and 2022 and she  had participated in several group art shows held in Mumbai, Bhopal, Noida, Kolkata and Chicago  – USA  etc.  Her works in renowned art galleries in these exhibitions received good public response and appreciations from the present art world. Her works are in proud collection of several art collectors in India and abroad.

Her present series has been inspired  by spiritual art by pairing and amalgamation of artistic mind, body and breath that renders energy and peace to the creator of the artwork. She has  illuminated  this energy in the artwork with layer work and earthy colours. She has created and presented the Transcendental Universe series in dark hues of black and grey colours created on raw canvas with acrylic colours, ink and charcoal to achieve the finish like that of  an  etching print. Which was created by hand. It is marvellous and mesmerising in its own way. She has complimented the elements of Indian mythology with Padmasana and studied Jain Manuscript while creating this  series.  She got invaluable guidance about thematic peculiarities and techniques from Mr. Vrindavan Solanki – a well known/ renowned artist of the past era. She has adorned the Padmasana Series with Kundalini Chakra, Siddhachal, Samovasarana, the insights of enlightenment, bliss of solitude, vibrations of Dhyan, The Silent explosion  to Om to Nirvana and many more visual motifs. All these expressions of meditative calmness and the  ensuing innate cosmic energy within oneself which can be experienced with practice, exaltation and awakening  of the self-realisation a prominent place in her works. She has also created and presented the Conquer yourself Series with an emphasis on simple lines, forms, space, unstructured shapes and apt colours along  with  the earthy colours via their artistic/ aesthetic tonal rhythm and harmony in the relevant perspectives of visual arts.


PADMASANA – The Perpetual Perception Solo Show Of Paintings By Contemporary Artist Alpa Palkhiwala In Jehangir Art Gallery

COLORFEST Solo Art Exhibition By Contemporary Artist Dr Dattatreya Phadke In Jehangir Art Gallery

27th December 2022 to 2nd January 2023


Vibrant Fabric Collages – Solo Art Exhibition by contemporary artist Dr. Dattatreya Phadke


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G.Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

Contact:  +91 9423055114 


A solo art exhibition of vibrant fabric collages by  contemporary artist Dr.Dattatreya Phadke is showing in Jehangir Art Gallery, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001 from 27th December, 2022 to 2nd January, 2023 between 11 am. to 7 pm.

Dr.Dattatreya Phadke is a self-taught artist.  He is a practising Histopathologist in Pune. He has been inspired by the varied textures and colours of fabrics. His journey of making fabric collages started about a decade ago while in the USA. Since childhood, while growing up in Pune, he has always been doing art in the form of drawings, painting and greeting cards for friends, family members etc.  He has displayed his vibrant fabric collages at many exhibitions and art shows while in USA, UK and recently in India and won public appreciation and applaud for his presentation. He has displayed his work in several prominent art exhibitions in Solo as well as group / invited / juried shows in cities in Michigan and Pennsylvania in USA and Darpan Art Gallery, Pune, India etc.  He has been awarded many prizes/awards and recognition from several art promotional institutions of international repute.

His works are in proud collection of many prominent art collectors.  His present series reveals a paint free paint like effect. These vibrant and colourful representational art works  have been made by him using multiple scraps of fabric as the colour palette. Various textured and coloured fabrics are cut into numerous pieces that are then either glued or fused using heat and bonding medium onto a canvas in layers till the desired shape, form and visual perspectives are achieved with relevant details. He has adorned his works with the essence of the beauty of nature and real life still objects.  He has endeavoured to blend the fabrics in such varied types and textures in unison to create this unique paint-free painting like visual effect in landscapes, floral and still life objects along with abstracts also being an interpretation of his creative mind and instincts.  His inspiration from childhood has developed into a passion and stress buster. It has won him a lot of appreciation and applause from the art loving community.

COLORFEST Solo Art Exhibition By Contemporary Artist Dr Dattatreya Phadke In Jehangir Art Gallery

तुलसी पूजन दिवस पर आउट हुआ रितेश पांडे, ऋचा दीक्षित की भोजपुरी फ़िल्म ‘तमन्ना – एक और प्रेम कथा’ का फर्स्ट लुक

माँ शारदा कला जगत व जी ब्रदर्स फिल्म प्रोडक्शन, एक्चुअल मूवीज़ एवं मड्स मूवीज़ प्रस्तुत भोजपुरी सिनेमा के सुपरस्टार रितेश पांडे और ऋचा दीक्षित स्टारर बहुप्रतीक्षित भोजपुरी फिल्म  ‘तमन्ना – एक और प्रेम कथा’ का फर्स्ट लुक तुलसी पूजन दिवस पर सोशल मीडिया में आउट किया गया है। कई सुपरहिट फिल्मों के जाने माने डायरेक्टर उमर खान के निर्देशन में बनी यह अनोखी फ़िल्म रूपहले परदे हर किसी का दिल जीतने वाली है। इस फ़िल्म के पहले लुक का यह पोस्टर रोमांटिक बनाया गया है। जिसमें रितेश पांडे तथा ऋचा दीक्षित रोमांटिक मूड में एक दूसरे की नजरों खोये हुए दिख रहे हैं। साथ ही गुलाबी रंग का उड़ता हुआ दुपट्टा प्रेम का प्रतीक दिख रहा है। रोमांटिक बैक ग्राउंड में उड़ते हुए दो पंछी का जोड़ा प्यार का संदेश दे रहे हैं। वाकई फ़िल्म का यह पहला पोस्टर काफी अट्रैक्टिव बनाया गया है।

गौरतलब है कि भोजपुरी फ़िल्म ‘तमन्ना – एक और प्रेम कथा’ का निर्माण भव्य पैमाने पर किया गया है। यह फिल्म हर वर्ग के दर्शकों को ध्यान में रखकर बनाई गई है। इस फिल्म की शूटिंग उत्तर प्रदेश के जिला गोरखपुर के विभिन्न रिच व मनोरम लोकेशन पर की गई है। इस फिल्म में केंद्रीय भूमिका में रितेश पांडे, ऋचा दीक्षित, शुभी शर्मा की कमेस्ट्री दर्शकों का फुल इंटरटेनमेंट करने वाली है। फ़िल्म के एक स्पेशल गाने में मिस जम्मू अनारा गुप्ता अपने अदा का जलवा देखने को मिलेगा। यह फिल्म भोजपुरिया परंपरा, रीति-रिवाजों को समेटे हुए भोजपुरिया दर्शकों को खाँटी माटी की महक से ओत प्रोत करने के लिए बनाई गई है।

उल्लेखनीय है कि फिल्म ‘तमन्ना – एक और प्रेम कथा’ के निर्देशक उमर खान हैं। फिल्म के निर्माता मनोज कश्यप, समीर आफताब व अविनाश रोहरा हैं। सह-निर्माता गजेन्द्र त्रिपाठी व अजय कुमार सिंह हैं। इस फ़िल्म की पटकथा उमर खान व संवाद साजिद मल्लिक, उमर खान ने लिखा है। गीतकार सच्चिदानंद कवच के लिखे गीतों को संगीतकार गुणवंत सेन ने बहुत ही मधुर संगीत से सजाया है। डीओपी प्रमोद फाटक हैं। डांस मास्टर संजय कोर्बे, फाइट मास्टर दिलीप यादव, आर्ट डायरेक्टर महेन्द्र सिंह, फिल्म प्रचारक रामचन्द्र यादव हैं। फिल्म के मुख्य कलाकार  रितेश पांडे, शुभी शर्मा, ऋचा दिक्षित, कुणाल सिंह, बृजेश त्रिपाठी, गजेन्द्र बृजराज, अयाज खान, माया यादव, संजय वर्मा,  रागिनी यादव, उजैर खान, अन्नू मौर्य, इंद्रेश त्रिपाठी, अंकिता बारी, महक गुप्ता, प्रियंका चौधरी, अंजली सिंह, विजय लक्ष्मी हैं।

तुलसी पूजन दिवस पर आउट हुआ रितेश पांडे, ऋचा दीक्षित की भोजपुरी फ़िल्म ‘तमन्ना – एक और प्रेम कथा’ का फर्स्ट लुक

SHEHER KI LADKI – Raveena Tandon goes the Aranyak way for the Rhinos with the Anvayins Kaziranga Ultra Run

The Anvayins Kaziranga Ultra Run 2023 scheduled for January 28, 2023 has a unique social objective – to express support for the rare-one horned rhinoceros and deepen public consciousness for the glorious animal.
Noted Bollywood actor, Raveena Tandon has come on board to support the cause of rhinos while promoting Northeast India. A wildlife enthusiast and activist herself, Raveena will also be visiting the Kaziranga National Park in early 2023 with Anvayins for a rendezvous with the animal and understand the various efforts for its conservation. Speaking at the press conference held at Mumbai on December 21, 2022, Raveena said, “It is important for mankind to understand that life is about coexistence. When you build roads across the jungle, it is important to fence them and make overhead or underground pathways for animals. Man-animal conflict will always exist, but when initiatives like Anvayins Kaziranga Ultra Run initiated by Nishikant Das are conceived to protect the rhino and other wildlife, they will always have my support.”
The Anvayins Kaziranga Ultra Run 2023, the first ever ultra-run in Assam, will have four race categories for runners to choose from – 52 KM 26 KM, 14 KM and 5 KM. This trail runs through pristine rural settings, paddy fields and tea plantations that promise to make their city counterparts look less exciting. The Government of India through the Ministry of Development of Northeast Region (M-DoNER) has extended its support for the initiative while Sports Authority of India has endorsed the event under its Fit India Movement program. We are proud to be associated with Bandhan Bank as they present this event. We are also delighted to have HDFC ERGO as Wellness Partner and HDFC Life as Life Insurance Partner. Resort Borgos, one of the premium properties at Kaziranga has joined as the Venue Partner. The event is organized by Anvayins Travels Private Limited, a Northeast India focused travel and hospitality platform that offers curated journeys through the region.
Kaziranga, arguably the best-known face of Assam, is home to the rare one-horned rhinoceros. After a steady decline in its population largely due to poaching, the number of rhinos has gradually increased in the last decade due to focused efforts by the government and various foundations dedicated to rhino conservation. In line with the goal of the ultra-run, a portion of funds available in excess of expenses of the event will be contributed towards the conservation of the Kaziranga rhino.
Nishikant Das, founder and CEO, Anvayins expressed, “This event not only aims at making a contribution to the cause of rhino conservation but also is another initiative by Anvayins to facilitate a deeper understanding of Northeast India, a land of exquisite natural beauty and extraordinary socio-cultural practices amongst the rest of the country. Accordingly, we are determined to make it an annual national event.”
While Anvayins had originally committed to the entire capital for the event, the company has now received financial sponsorship from reputed financial institutions such Bandhan Bank Ltd, HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd and HDFC LIFE Insurance Company Ltd. Apurva Sircar, Head – Marketing, Bandhan Bank, said, “It is our pleasure to be.

SHEHER KI LADKI – Raveena Tandon goes the Aranyak way for the Rhinos with the Anvayins Kaziranga Ultra Run

शहर की लड़की रवीना बन गयी हैं आरण्यक! अनवाईन्स काजीरंगा अल्ट्रा रन से जुड़कर होगी राइनो की रक्षक!

बॉलीवुड एक्ट्रेस रवीना टंडन हाल ही में अंवायिन्स काजीरंगा अल्ट्रा रन को अपना सहयोग करती हुई दिखाई दी। भारतीय जानवर राइनो के रख-रखाव और उनकी सुरक्षा के लिए अंवायिन्स काजीरंगा अल्ट्रा रन द्वारा उठाया गयी इस नेक पहल का रवीना ने खुले दिल से स्वागत किया । आपको बता दे कि अंवायिन्स काजीरंगा अल्ट्रा रन 28 जनवरी, 2023 को होनेवाला हैं।
इस अल्ट्रा रन का सबसे बड़ा उद्देश्य हैं कि  दुर्लभ-एक सींग वाले गैंडों के लिए समर्थन व्यक्त करना और जनता को इस बात से अवगत कराना की ये जानवर हमारे देश के लिए बेहद गौरवशाली हैं।
एक वन्यजीव उत्साही और एक कार्यकर्ता, रवीना भी इस नेक पहल के लिए बेहद उत्साहित हैं जो खुद साल 2023 की शुरुआत में अंवायिन्स के साथ काजीरंगा राष्ट्रीय उद्यान का दौरा करेंगी जहाँ वो पशु और उसके संरक्षण के विभिन्न प्रयासों के पहलुओं को समझेंगी। इस खास मौके पर आकर रवीना कहती हैं कि,”  मानवजाति को ये समझना  ज्यादा जरूरी हैं कि जीवन का मूल आधार सह- आस्तित्व में ही हैं। अगर आप जंगल के आर-पार सड़के बनाते हैं  तो ये जरूरी हैं कि वहाँ एक घेरा बनाया जाए ताकि पशुओं की रक्षा हो सके। जमीन के नीचे या ऊपर की तरफ जानवरो के लिए उचित रास्ते बने। इंसान और जानवरों की लड़ाई हमेशा से जीवित रही हैं लेकिन जब अनवाईन्स काज़ीरंगा अल्ट्रा रन की ये पहल निशिकान्त दास द्वारा राइनो के रख-रखाव के लिए ली गयी तो ऐसे नेक पहल को मेरा हमेशा सपोर्ट रहेगा।”
असम में अब तक का ये पहला अल्ट्रा-रन होगा जो चार श्रेणी में बटा हैं। धावकों के चयन के लिए श्रेणियाँ – 52 KM ,26 KM, 14 KM और 5 KM।  ये अल्ट्रा रन शुरू होगी एक यह पगडंडी से,प्राचीन ग्रामीण सेटिंग्स, धान के खेतों और चाय बागानों के बीच से जो उन्हें बनाने का वादा करते हैं जो शहर के समकक्ष कम रोमांचक दिखते हैं।
भारत सरकार ने इस पहल के लिए मिनिस्ट्री ऑफ डेवलोपमेन्ट ऑफ नार्थ ईस्ट रीजन (M-DoNER) के माध्यम से समर्थन का हाथ बढ़ाया है।जबकि स्पोर्ट्स अथॉरिटी ऑफ इंडिया ने अपने फिट इंडिया मूवमेंट के तहत इस आयोजन का समर्थन किया है और उन्हें गर्व हैं कि वो बंधन बैंक से जुड़ पाए जो इस कार्यक्रम को प्रस्तुत करेंगे। इतना ही नही एचडीएफसी एर्गो( वेलनेस पार्टनर) और एचडीएफसी लाइफ को लाइफ इंश्योरेंस के रूप में पाकर भी काफी खुश हैं ।  रिज़ॉर्ट बोर्गोस भी एक इवेंट के लिए वेन्यू पार्टनर के तौर पर जुड़ गए हैं जो, काजीरंगा की प्रीमियम संपत्तियों में शुमार हैं ।  इस कार्यक्रम का आयोजन पूर्वोत्तर भारत की अन्वायंस ट्रेवल्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड द्वारा किया जा रहा हैं। जो नार्थईस्ट इंडिया का काफी प्रतिष्ठित मंच हैं जो
इस क्षेत्र के माध्यम से क्यूरेटेड यात्रा देने का वादा करता है।
काजीरंगा, यकीनन असम का सबसे प्रसिद्ध चेहरा है, लेकिन एक दुर्लभ घर हैं एक-सींगवाले जानवर राइनो के लिए । जो आज बड़े पैमाने पर अवैध शिकार के कारण आबादी में कम होते जा रहे हैं।
लेकिन सरकार और फाउंडेशन के अथक प्रयासों के कारण पिछले एक दशक में गैंडों की संख्या में धीरे-धीरे वृद्धि हुई है। और इस अल्ट्रा रन के माध्यम से जो राशि इक्कठा होगी उसका एक अहम हिस्सा काजीरंगा गैंडों के संरक्षण के लिए दिया जाएगा।
प्रेस कॉन्फ्रेंस में बोलते हुए, अन्वायिन्स के संस्थापक और सीईओ निशिकांत दास ने कहा, “यह अल्ट्रा रन का उद्देश्य न केवल गैंडों के संरक्षण में योगदान देना है, बल्कि पूर्वोत्तर भारत के लिए हमारे इस गहरे अध्ययन की एक पहल हैं कि हम उसकी  प्राकृतिक सुंदरता और देश की असाधारण सामाजिक-सांस्कृतिक प्रथाओं की भूमि को विकसित करने में कुछ सहयोग कर पाए। इतना ही नही हम इसे एक वार्षिक राष्ट्रीय कार्यक्रम बनाने के लिए दृढ़ संकल्पित भी हैं।”
इसके साथ ही अनवाईन्स मूल रूप से पूरे इवेंट का खर्चा उठाने के लिए तत्पर हैं पर अब हमारे साथ काफी स्पॉन्सर्स भी जुड़ रहे हैं। जैसे बंधन बैंक लिमिटेड, एचडीएफसी एर्गो जनरल इंश्योरेंस कंपनी लिमिटेड और एचडीएफसी लाइफ इंश्योरेंस कंपनी।”
लि. अपूर्वा सिरकार, हेड-मार्केटिंग, बंधन बैंक ने कहा, ”अंवायिन्स काजीरंगा अल्ट्रा रन 2023 से जुड़ने का हम सभी को गौरव मिला हैं। इस बात की हमे बेहद खुशी हैं।बंधन बैंक के लिए नार्थईस्ट और असम हमेशा से एक महत्वपूर्ण बाजार रहे है और यह देखकर खुशी होती है कि अंवायिनस ने  वन्यजीव संरक्षण और जलवायु के क्षेत्र में सार्थक प्रभाव पैदा करने पर ध्यान केंद्रित किया।


शहर की लड़की रवीना बन गयी हैं आरण्यक! अनवाईन्स काजीरंगा अल्ट्रा रन से जुड़कर होगी  राइनो की रक्षक!

‘विक्रम गोखले के साथ काम करने का मेरा सपना अधूरा रह गया’ ! सिंटा द्वारा रखी गई शोक-सभा में छलका शबाना आज़मी का दर्द !

फिल्मी पर्दे के चहेते, अभिनय की खान और दर्शकों के दिल को छू लेनेवाले लीजेंड अभिनेता श्री विक्रम गोखले आज हमारे बीच नही हैं लेकिन उनके द्वारा किये गए अद्भुत अदाकारी के नजराने फिल्मी इतिहास के पन्नों में सुनहरे अक्षरों में दर्ज हो चुके हैं। सिंटा ने हाल ही में दिवंगत विक्रम जी के आत्मा की शांति के लिए मुम्बई के इस्कॉन मंदिर में एक शोक सभा का आयोजन किया जहा पर विक्रम गोखले जी की पत्नी ऋशाली गोखले के अलावा शबाना आज़मी,जॉनी लीवर, सिंटा जनरल सेक्रेटरी अमित बहल,सिंटा खजिनदार अभय भार्गव, संजय भाटिया,स्मिता जयकर, गजेंद्र चौहान,वरुण वडोला,राजेश्वरी सचदेव,रवि झांकल,सुधीर पांडे,दीपक काज़ीर केजरीवाल,अनंग देसाई और सिंटा एग्जीक्यूटिव कमिटी के मेंबर्स मौजूद थे।
डोमिनिक लुकर, जनरल सेक्रेटरी ऑफ फ़िया (FIA) ने एकजुटता दिखाते हुए ग्लोबल यूनियन के पक्ष से कहा कि,” इंटरनेशनल फेडरेशन ऑफ एक्टर्स(FIA), परफॉर्मर्स यूनियंस,गिल्डस और प्रोफेशनल एसोसिएशन का 25 देशों में प्रतिनिधित्व करती हैं और हमे खेद हैं राष्ट्रीय पुरष्कार विजेता श्री विक्रम गोखले,सिंटा के प्रेजिडेंट और बॉलीवुड के बेहद प्रतिभाशाली अभिनेता के गुजर जाने का।
भारतीय फिल्म उद्योग में एक उत्कृष्ट परिवार से आनेवाले, विक्रम गोखले, अविश्वसनीय रूप से एक प्रतिभाशाली अभिनेता थे, जो अपने उम्दा अभिनय के दम पर भारत और विदेश में मराठी थिएटर के साथ-साथ हिंदी फिल्मों और टेलीविजन में सैकड़ों भूमिकाओं के लिए प्रसिद्ध और सम्मानित थे। अभिनय का खजाना विक्रम गोखले जी, एक्टिंग की एक पाठशाला थे। एक ऐसे अपार सागर थे जिसकी एक बून्द के स्पर्श से ही नई प्रतिभाओं को अभिनय के कई आयाम सीखने मिलते। एक मेहनती और पूर्णतावादी अभिनेता, उन्होंने अपनी प्रतिभा को बेहतरीन शिल्प के लिए तराशा, शानदार प्रदर्शन दिया जो आने वाले समय के लिए सभी की याद में रहेगा।
विक्रम गोखले, एक दृढ़ सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता और एक निस्वार्थ इंसान भी थे, जो अपना अधिकांश समय और संसाधन जरूरतमंद लोगों और साथी कलाकारों की मदद करने में लगा देते थे। सिंटा प्रेजिडेंट होने की वजह से वो सिंटा के हर एक प्रतिनिधि के लिए आदर्श थे और रहेंगे। उनके दूरदर्शी नेतृत्व में, CINTAA वास्तव में एक समावेशी और प्रतिनिधि संघ बन गया है, जो भारत में सभी कलाकारों को उनके हक और अधिकार के लिए हमेशा बंधित और कार्यरत रहते हैं।
सिंटा के जनरल सेक्रेटरी अमित बहल ने कहा, ”विक्रम जी ने हमारी इंडस्ट्री पर एक गहरी छाप छोड़ी है।सिंटा के अध्यक्ष के रूप में उनके यादगार कार्यकाल में हमने साथ में खूब मस्ती की। वो ऐसी शक्सियत थे जो बहुत सच्चे और सरल थे। विक्रम जी मेरे लिए पिता समान थे। जब मेरे पिता की मृत्यु हुई तो दुख के क्षणों में वह शक्ति के स्तंभ की तरह खड़े थे।  बड़े से बड़े स्टार के भी आगे उन्होंने अपने अद्भुत अभिनय का दम दिखाया। ऐसे महान प्रतिभाशाली अभिनेता को मेरा कोटि कोटि नमन और मेरे ,सिंटा परिवार, विश्व के हर कोने से जुड़े लोगों की ओर से हम विक्रम गोखले जी को श्रद्धांजलि देते हैं। ।”
भावुक हुई शबाना आजमी ने कहा, “जब भी मैं विक्रम गोखले जी से मिलती थी, तो मैं उनसे केवल एक सवाल पूछती थी, “हम साथ में कब काम कर रहे हैं?”  वह हमेशा मुस्कुराते और जवाब देते थे, “जब भी आप कहें।”  मुझे इस बात का बहुत दुख है कि विक्रम जी के साथ काम करने का ये सपना मेरा अधूरा रह गया”।
एक्टर परेश रावल ने कहा कि,”विक्रम गोखले का नाम अकेले ही मुझे खुशी की एक जबरदस्त भावना देता है। इतना प्यारा, दयालु और सम्मानित आदमी। उनकी उपस्थिति ने हमें सुरक्षित महसूस कराया। उन्होंने कभी किसी बात और काम को किसी पर थोपा नहीं, केवल एक अनुभवी अभिनेता के रूप में हमारा मार्गदर्शन किया। मैंने थिएटर और फिल्म में उनके प्रदर्शन देखे हैं, और उनके साथ काम करना चाहता था, लेकिन मैं मुख्य रूप से गुजराती थिएटर में काम करता हूं, इसलिए हमें कभी भी मंच पर एक साथ काम करने का मौका नहीं मिला। लेकिन फिर, दे दना दन और भूल भुलैया आयी और हमने एक साथ काम किया। उनके पास एक बहुत ही राजसी और तीव्र आभा थी”।
सुभाष घई ने आगे कहा, “विक्रम गोखले अपने आप में एक संस्था थे। उन्होंने भविष्य की पीढ़ियों को प्रेरित करने वाले अविस्मरणीय कार्यों को पीछे छोड़ दिया है। विक्रम जी एक अभिनेता के रूप में सिर्फ एक प्रेरणा ही नहीं हैं , वह एक इंसान के रूप में प्रेरणादायक थे। भगवान उन्हें आशीर्वाद दें और उनकी आत्मा को शांति दे।”
विक्रम गोखले, भारतीय सिनेमा के दिग्गज, जिनका 77 वर्ष की आयु में कई अंग विफलता के कारण निधन हो गया, उनकी कई उल्लेखनीय फिल्में थीं, जिनमें हम दिल दे चुके सनम, अग्निपथ, नटरंग, खुदा गवाह शामिल हैं। उन्होंने इस उद्योग में एक शून्य छोड़ दिया है जो हमेशा मौजूद रहेगा।


‘विक्रम गोखले के साथ काम करने का मेरा सपना अधूरा रह गया’ ! सिंटा द्वारा रखी गई शोक-सभा में छलका शबाना आज़मी का दर्द !

My Dream Of Working With Vikram Gokhle Will Always Remain Unfulfilled – Shabana Azmi At CINTAA Tribute Prayer Meet

A prayer meeting in fond remembrance of veteran Artistes Vikram Gokhle was held at ISKCON Mumbai and was graced by the late actor’s wife Vrushali Gokhle as well as actors of the likes of Shabana Azmi, Johnny Lever, CINTAA General Secretary Amit Behl, CINTAA Treasurer Abhay Bhargava, Sanjay Bhatia, Smita Jaykar, Gajendra Chauhan, Varun Badola, Rajeshwari Sachdev, Ravi Jhankal, Sudhir Pandey, Deepak Qazir Kejriwal, Anang Desai, and the CINTAA Executive Committee Members among others.
Dominick Luquer, General Secretary, FIA expressed his solidarity on behalf of the global union. “The International Federation of Actors (FIA), representing performers’ unions, guilds and professional associations in more than 25 countries around the world, mourns the passing of National Film Award winner Vikram Gokhle, President of the Cine & TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) and one of Bollywood’s greatest actors of all time.
Coming from a family with a strong foothold in the Indian film industry, Vikram was an incredibly talented actor, celebrated and respected in his country and abroad for hundreds of roles in Marathi theatre as well as Hindi films and television. A hard-worker and perfectionist, he honed his talent to the finest of crafts, delivering stunning performances that will remain in the memory of all for times to come.
Vikram was also a convinced social activist and a selfless human being, spending much of his own time and resources to help people in need and fellow performers. He was and will continue to be a role model for us all. Under his visionary leadership, CINTAA has grown to become a truly inclusive and representative union, working tirelessly to improve terms and conditions of all artists in India and open to the world.
On behalf of our global membership, we extend our heartfelt sympathies to his close family, and to our fellow performers members of CINTAA.”
Averred Amit Behl, “Vikram ji has left an indelible mark on our industry. We had great fun together, in his memorable tenure as President of CINTAA. He was someone who was more genuine than genuine can be. On behalf of my entire Executive Committee and the Cine Artistes Welfare Trust, I express how we miss this amazing man, this phenomenal actor and human being who was still a child at heart. He put even the biggest Star to shame when he came into the frame. Such was his persona. Vikram ji was like a father to me. He was a pillar of strength in the moments of grief when my father died. This day is a tribute to him.”
Said an emotional Shabana Azmi, “Whenever I met Vikram Gokhle ji, I used to only ask him one question, “When are we working together?” He used to always smile and reply, “Whenever you say.” I am very sad that this dream of wanting to work with Vikram ji has remained unfulfilled.
“Vikram Gokhle’s name alone brings me an overwhelming sense of happiness. Such a sweet, compassionate and respected man. His presence made us feel safe. He never imposed, only guided us as the experienced actor he is. I have seen his performances in theatre and film, and wanted to work with him, but since I mainly work in Gujarati theatre, we never got the chance to work together on stage. But then came De Dhana Dhan and Bhool Bhulaiyaa, where we worked morning, evening and night. He had a very majestic and intense aura, and that reflected in his interactions with each of us,” said Paresh Rawal.
Added Subhash Ghai, “Vikram Gokhle was an institution in himself. He has left behind unforgettable works that inspire future generations. Vikram ji is not just an inspiration as an actor. He was as inspiring as a human being. God bless him!”
Vikram Gokhle, the stalwart of Indian cinema, who passed away at 77 due to multiple organ failure, had many notable films, including Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Agneepath, Natrang, Khuda Gawah among others. He has left a void in this industry that will always remain.


My Dream Of Working With Vikram Gokhle Will Always Remain Unfulfilled – Shabana Azmi At CINTAA Tribute Prayer Meet

MELODIES OF NATURE Art Exhibition By Contemporary Artist Aparna Deshpande In Jehangir Art Gallery

From: 20th to 26th December 2022

“Melodies of Nature”

An Exhibition of paintings by well-known contemporary artist Aparna Deshpande 


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda,

Mumbai 400 001

Timing: 11am to 7pm

Contact: +91 98904 04970, +91 98500 81034

About Aparna Deshpande 

A picture speaks a thousand words,’ goes a saying that Aparna Deshpande seems to prove absolutely right. A natural dancer with vivid imagination, Aparna, at a very young age, with limited scope for communication in a regular way, began to immerse in the world of colours that threw up enchanting visual stories. Supportive parents –Kalpana and D P Nerkar – identified her innate talent, at a very young age, and encouraged her to explore and experiment. Aparna, post her schooling, pursued a diploma course in interior designing and decoration from the noted L S Raheja College, Mumbai.

She practiced painting on various surfaces and played with Japanese papers in creating pop-up greeting cards by employing various permutations and combinations. Her journey into the world of art continued with cartoon illustrations, landscape and portrait paintings, she has now cocooned out of and into abstract and surrealism and is now making her own mark in these art forms. Comfortable with oils, acrylics, watercolours etc, Aparna finds her paintings to be the manifestations of her inner core and an expression of collective experience. Her paintings, at times, are projections of the unique feelings stored and imprinted in her heart. Lively bursts of passionate colours and bold strokes with delicate renditions in her paintings are a reflection of her unreserved, genial personality.

“God has infused Aparna with immense ability to speak through her paintings,” said celebrated cartoonist Mangesh Tendulkar. “The almighty has shut one door but opened a vast roof of aesthetics and creative talent to manifest and spread joy.”

Aparna paints to spread positive message in this world. Aparna’s collection titled “ Melodies of Nature “, is a beautiful amalgamation of nature, emotions and the divine. Her paintings start off with youthful shapes and colours and transform into a novel of thoughts. Her creative paintings and photo realistic pictures stand out for their size and quality. . Aparna orchestrates multiple figures and forms from nature, on the canvas, to give birth to another larger forms with underlying concepts. Her unique arrangements of human and natural elements mutate into mesmerizing treat for the eyes. One truly feels the need to keep revisiting her paintings, only to obtain a different perspective each time.

MELODIES OF NATURE Art Exhibition By Contemporary Artist Aparna Deshpande In Jehangir Art Gallery

Dr Niranjan Hiranandani Honours Swimming Champions Of Forest Swimming Club By Giving Appreciation Certificate In Mumbai

Students Of Forest Swimming Club of Shri P M Reddy were Honoured with Appreciation Certificate In Mumbai by Dr Niranjan Hiranandani in a lavish Award ceremony held at Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai.


*           Aryan Dadiala

Aryan has created 2 World Records in Nov 2022.

1) Youngest swimmer to swim Chapora Fort To Panjim Jetty at Goa.

2) Fastest swimmer to swim Chapora Fort To Panjim Jetty a

distance of 32 kms covered in 05 Hour 36 Minutes 40 Seconds with a cause “SAY NO TO DRUGS”

He has won a silver medal at “Stuttgart International Swimming Championships” Germany.

He is a brand ambassador of ‘Spire Institute Academy’ Ohio USA since 2018. He was declared state champion at the 2022 Haryana state championship. He has represented the state of Haryana at multiple national meets.

*           Apeksha Fernandes

First female swimmer from India to qualify for finals in 200 butterfly at Junior World Championships at Peru. India’s best swimmer at the 48th Junior National Aquatic Championship 2022 with India best time in all 5 events she took part Bhubaneshwar. Only Indian to break 5 records in a single meet . She has multiple new meet records at various state & national swim championships. She was declared the best swimmer three consecutive year at the Junior Nationals &  also at the Senior nationals in 2021.

She won 3 gold & 2 sliver medals at the South Asian Games & 2 silver medals at the Asian Age Group Games in the past.

She represented India at the WORLD SCHOOL GAMES & MARE NOSTRUM in France 2022.

Excellence With NMR AWARD

*           Aaryan Bhosale.

Is amongst the earliest students of Dr Reddy (2013) at Forest Club and started winning medals within 6  months of intensive training.

Won the first medal for the Forest swim club at the CCI club competition after which Forest club was known throughout Mumbai amongst swimming fraternity.

In 2014, he broke many records in State Level Competitions and District level.  Aaryan won many Medals at National level in 2015 and 2016.

Aaryan Bhosale continues to win medals and break records at district,  state, national & Inter University competitions.

He won a Gold Medal in 200 Mtrs backstroke in an international event at Thailand in the past

His National Record in 200mtr backstroke made in 2017 continues to stand in his name even after 6 years.

He created a new meet record in 200 butterfly event at the GMAAA Senior Meet 2022.

*           Anannya Nayak.

Anannya was declared the fastest girl swimmer in the girls under 14 age group with 1 gold, 1 silver & 2 bronze medals at the 48th Junior National Aquatic Championship 2022.

She was selected to represent Maharashtra at the 75th Senior National Aquatic Championship 2022 where she was the youngest swimmer in the relay team & bagged 3 silver & 1 bronze medals.

She has created 3 new meet records at the recently concluded CISCE & GMAAA events.

Also awarded best swimmer trophy at the GMAAA Junior meet & was also declared the individual champion at the CISCE national meet & GMAAA Senior & lower age group meet.

She won multiple medals at the Khelo India Junior Women Swimming Series

*           Laksh Puri

A National Medalist at the School Games Federation of India. Laksh created a record in the 100m Butterfly event at the GMAA senior meet, Apart from this, Laksh also won the Best Swimmer Runners Up Championship at the same meet. He has represented Maharashtra at the 75th Senior Nationals and the highly prestigious, 36th National Games, held at Assam and Gujarat respectively this year.

*           Aanika Bhatia

Declared National Champion (BEST SWIMMER) at the Sub Junior Nationals Aquatic Championship 2022 at Rajkot in the girls under 11 age group. She bagged 5 Gold medals , 1 Bronze Medal  and Championship trophy  in group 3 girl & she created  2 NMR in this year

*           Shwet Poojary

Individual champion at the CISCE swimming nationals 2022 held at Bangalore.

He broke a 23 year old record in the 100 meters breaststroke event at the 35th Otters Club Open Swim Gala 2022.

He has also won multiple medals this year at various district, state & national swim meets.

He has also represented Maharashtra in the Junior Nationals held at Bhubaneshwar 2022.

*           Shruti Swamy

She bagged 5 Gold medals across all her Individual Events at the recently concluded GMAAA senior meet and broke the record in 100m Breast Stroke in the MSSA Swim Meet.

She has represented Maharashtra in the Junior Nationals held at Bhubaneshwar 2022. She bagged a silver & bronze medal in the relay event at this meet.

She also represented Maharashtra at the Senior Nationals at Guwahati.

She was declared BEST SWIMMER at the ISSO National Games.

She won multiple medals at the Khelo India Junior Women Swimming Series 2022.

*           Nishtaa Shetty.

She is the youngest & most promising upcoming swimmer at Forest club.

She has multiple medals at various district, state meet.

She also represented Maharashtra at the sub junior nationals in 2021 at Bangalore.

Declared individual champion at the following events. Yeshwantrao Chavan Maharashtra state swimming competition & Derwan youth games Chiplun.

Bettered the existing record in 50 mts breaststroke and 100 mts back stroke in GMAAA sub junior meet.

EXCELLENCE  By Alphabetical Order

*           Aanchal Yadav

Aanchal has represented the state of Maharashtra at the junior nationals at Bhubaneshwar in 2022 & at the CISCE nationals in Bangalore. She secured 2nd place in ICSE zonal for 50,100 & 200 breaststroke and selected for Nationals. She won Gold in 100 meter breaststroke at the MSSA and DSO swim meets. She has represented Maharashtra at the nationals in the past.

*           Aarya Bhatia.

Aarya Bhatia is currently one of the Best   distance Swimmer in Group II Girls in MAHARASHTRA. She Won a Bronze in 48th Junior Nationals  Aquatic Championship 2022 in relay event for MAHARASHTRA.

She won 3 gold & 1 silver medals at the Maharashtra State Selection Trials 2022.

In CISCE swim meet she Won 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal. She created 2 BMR  in this year.

*           Ananya Nadar   

Qualified for AISM nationals in 800 freestyle.

Came 2nd in Goa swimathon 2022. Qualified for DSO zonals.

Came 3rd in open water swimming championship

*           Dhriti Yogesh Ahirwal

National Bronze Medalist from Palghar district in the year 2021.

She is the youngest and the only swimmer to have represented the district at the 36th National Games Khelo India Youth Games, Senior Nationals and the Junior Nationals.

She won Gold in 200m butterfly Khelo India Junior Womens Series.

At the CBSE South Zone 2 Swimming Competition she won Gold in 200m butterfly,  Silver in 100m butterfly & 200m Individual Medley

*           Kavish Desai

Has secured 1st place in 200m IM at DSO (Mumbai District) 2022.

Has secured 2nd place in 100m and 200m back stroke at DSO (Mumbai District)

He has won multiple medals at district & state meets in the past.

*           Nirmayee Ambetkar

Won 1st Position in 200 fly & 2nd Position in 100 Fly at Khelo India Jr.Women Series 2.

She bagged 1st position in 200FLY,100FLY and 200 FR at the DSO event.

Represented the district at the state selection trials in 2022.

*           Tannishtha Nair

Tannishtha bagged the Individual Championship at the CISCE Nationals, 2022 in the under 17 Girls Category.

She also bagged first positions in the 50 metre and 100 metre butterfly events at the Maharashtra State Trials, 2022. She represented Maharashtra & won a medal in relay at the Junior National Aquatic Meet 2022.

*           Yashvi Pradeep Kharat

A national silver & bronze medalist at the 2021 junior nationals.

She secured medals at Khelo India Junior Women’s Series round 1 & 2 2022. She secured 2nd place in 50, 100 & 200 breaststroke.

She represented Maharashtra at the Khelo India Youth Games 2022.

At the DSO district event she secured 1st place in 50m, 100m, 200m breaststroke. She has qualified for the SFI Open national ranking championship 2022 in the 50, 100 & 200 breaststroke events to be held later this month.

MERIT In Alphabetical Order

*           Akansha Rawat

Started training under Dr Reddy since the past 9 months. She being the youngest in the age group she swims with the older & advanced swimmers in all the events. She has made her mark by securing 2nd position in 100 backstroke & 100 freestyle event at the DSO. We look forward to her winning more achievements in the coming years.

*           Ayanna Kumar

Won gold medal in 50 m butterfly stroke in CISCE Regional swimming championship and qualified for Nationals held at Bangalore this year after two years break due to Pandemic in her swimming practice. She secured 1st place in 50m Butterfly stroke, 2nd place in 50m breast stroke and 50m freestyle in DSO.

*        Darsh Sherawat

Gave his personal best and was placed 4th in 100m and 200m Backstroke at the KVS NATIONAL SWIMMING COMPETITION Darsh

Placed 1st and selected for Divisional meet for 200m Backstroke at the DSO meet.

*           Fateh Singh Chahal

Fateh is a bronze medalist at the Sub Junior Nationals 2019. He has won multiple medals at the state & district level swim meets.

At the recently conducted MSSA meet he bagged 2nd Position in 100mtrs Back Stroke. In the DSO meet he secured 1st Position in 50mtrs Free Style & Backstroke & 2nd Position in 50mtrs Butterfly.

*         Myra Gaba

While Myra’s interests include playing the piano, singing and theatre, her love for swimming has been nurtured by Reddy Sir and the 13 year old – within little over a year of training with Reddy Sir has a collection of 6 medals including a gold.

*        Vivaan Sethi

Vivaan has secured 1st position in 50 m butterfly in the CISCE Games held in August 2022, besides getting a 3rd place in the same stroke in the MSSA competition held last month.

He also secured 2nd position in 50 m freestyle, backstroke and 3rd position in 50 m butterfly in the DSO Meet held last month.

He represented Maharashtra at the SFI Nationals in 2019.

Dr Niranjan Hiranandani Honours Swimming Champions Of Forest Swimming Club By Giving Appreciation Certificate In Mumbai

Film Trahimam And Ajay Wardhan Box Office Collection

Bollywood films Trahimam and Ajay Wardhan released in Indian cinemas on 16 December. If we talk about the box office collection of both the films, then the collection of both the films has been around 1 crore.

Box Office Collection Of Trahimam

Day 1 16-December-2022 (Fri)          Rs.25 lakh

Day 2 17-December-2022 (Sat)         Rs.21 lakh

Day 3 18-December-2022 (Sun)        Rs.27 lakh

Day 4 19-December-2022 (Mon)       Rs.11 lakh

Day 5 20-December-2022 (Tue)        Rs.10 lakh

Day 6 21-December-2022 (Wed)       Rs.9 lakh

Day 7 22-December-2022 (Thu)        Rs.8 lakh

Box Office Collection Of Ajay Wardhan

Day 1  16-December-2022 (Fri)         Rs.15 lakh

Day 2  17-December-2022 (Sat)       Rs.20 lakh

Day 3  18-December-2022 (Sun)      Rs.28 lakh

Day 4  19-December-2022 (Mon)      Rs.12 lakh

Day 5  20-December-2022 (Tue)       Rs.11 lakh

Day 6  21-December-2022 (Wed)     Rs.10 lakh

Day 7  22-December-2022 (Thu)       Rs.7 lakh

Film Trahimam And Ajay Wardhan Box Office Collection

CONFLUENCE Solo Show Of Paintings By Well-Known Artist Jotiba Patil In Nehru Centre Art Gallery

From: 20th to 26th December 2022


Solo Show of Paintings by

well-known artist Jotiba Patil


Nehru Center Art Gallery

Dr. Annie Besant Road

Worli, Mumbai 400 018

Timing: 11am to 7pm.

+91 87675 55553 / +91 87674 44443

The latest work of a contemporary artist, Jyotiba Patil in Acrylic colours on canvas using palette knife and colour splash technique will be showcased in a solo art exhibition at Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Dr. A. Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai 400018 from 20th to 26th Dec. 2022 between 11 am. To 7 pm.  This series in abstract style will reveal his ode to creativity via pleasant hues of colours and innovations in a typical style and skilful technique.

Jotiba Patil is a freelance artist and had his earlier solo exhibitions in reputed art galleries at Thane, Kolhapur and Mumbai. He has been actively working on the numerous details of Nature and their apt iconic motifs in various forms so as to incorporate them in his work. He has used his skill and palette knife technique to achieve good visual effects in his works to suit the thematic sanctity and relevance.

The present series depicts his endeavours on Nature and its numerous wonders in the form of treasures in different seasons and periods. These have mostly been achieved by him using Sap green, Cobalt Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Crimson Red and other colours using their tonal harmony leading to visual resonance and equilibrium. He has also indicated hues of spirituality and the illusionary transcendental perceptions in order to adorn his works both artistically and aesthetically in the relevant perspectives of visual fine arts. He has used colour splashing technique through a skilful motif and apt perspectives using unique visual language of artistic expressions via the relevant iconic motifs and metaphors.


CONFLUENCE Solo Show Of Paintings By Well-Known Artist Jotiba Patil In Nehru Centre Art Gallery

Actress Ritika Pandey Is Eager To Showcase Her Acting Skills In Big Banner Films With Renowned Film Directors

Popular model in Bollywood, Ritika Pandey is all set to debut in Bollywood after showcasing her talent and skills in the field of modeling and in South films. His film is going to be announced very soon under a big banner. Budding cheerful bindass actress Ritika, who wants to play all kinds of roles, considers yesteryear’s famous actress Madhubala and today’s actress Alia Bhatt as her role models.

Budding cheerful bindass actress Ritika, who wants to play all kinds of roles, considers yesteryear’s famous actress Madhubala and today’s actress Alia Bhatt as her role models. Ritika considers the proliferation of OTT platforms in the digital age as a good sign for Bollywood.

Praising the trend of OTT platform, she says, “In the last two years, the number of OTT platforms has increased a lot and budding talent is getting a lot of benefit from it. Films of small and big banners are also releasing on OTT platform. Recently there has been news of the launch of ‘Mask TV’ OTT platform.

Programs related to entertainment, sports, business, lifestyle, health, travel, leisure and other important aspects will be streamed regularly on ‘MASK TV’ OTT platform. This has increased the chances of budding talents getting work.”

Actress Ritika Pandey, who is associated with the soil of Uttar Pradesh, has established her distinctive image in Bollywood in her film journey of three years. Currently in Bollywood, Ritika is eager to showcase her acting skills in big banner films with renowned film directors.


Actress Ritika Pandey Is Eager To Showcase Her Acting Skills In Big Banner Films With Renowned Film Directors


International Institute Of Solutions USA Launched In India Founder President Arun Gandhi – Kalpana Gandhi Was The Chief Guest And Padamshri Dr Soma Ghosh

International Institute of Solutions (USA) officially launched the organization in India at a glittering ceremony held at Raheja Classic Club, Andheri (West), Mumbai. Many personalities from different walks of life and many film celebrities were present as guests on the occasion. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Arun Gandhi, Founder and President of IIS USA, accompanied by his wife Kalpana Gandhi. While Padma Shri Dr. Soma Ghosh was the special guest.

In this special program, Dr. Viral Gandhi (voxtur), Dr. Santosh Pande (Naturopath and Acupuncturist), Shriram Singh (New Age Farmer and Investment Banker), Dr. Nagarjun Vasudeo Rao (Ph.D., Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology International Exchange Program Agriculture), Jainendra Baxi Film maker writer and social activist, SMM Ausaja author historian marked their presence and were felicitated. The hard work of IIS India Co-ordinator Dr. Vijay Pratap Kushwaha (Chairman Ayurvita Healthcare) was also visible.

Prof Dr Vijay Jadhav, Miraj L Khan (Dairy Products), Siddharth Shirodkar (MD, India,Alveda), Dr MR Narayan Rao (Preventive Cardiologist & Detox Expert) were also honored at the event. If seen, people from different fields including Medical, IT, Ayurveda, Agriculture, Film world came in this program and gave full support to Arun Gandhi’s organization. Indian American businessman Arun Gandhi was recently honored with the president’s Lifetime Achievement Award, given with recognition from AmeriCorps and the office of the president of the United States for “Lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer Service”.   Here Dilip Sen music composer, Arvinder Singh, actor Karan Anand, Bobby Vats actor, Mini Bansal actress, Anupam Shukla, Amitabh Sinha director and film maker, actress, Pihu Chauhan actress and comedian Sunil Pal were also present here as special guests.

Actress Daljeet Kaur was anchor on stage. In this way, the evening of Sunday 18th December 2022 became a memorable evening.

Explain that most non-profit organizations work as donation-based organizations. But International Institute of Solutions (IIS), is playing an important role by doing things differently that sets it apart from other non-profit organizations. This organization is dedicated to solving all kinds of problems so that it has an impact for generations that works for the betterment of mankind.

Since its inception, IIS has had one basic goal; Change the world But, the organization has now brought its transformative solutions to the country with an aim to make a significant difference in the lives of the people of India.

Mr. Arun Gandhi said that the basic principle of IIS is “Growth, not Greed”. IIS believes that there are solutions that address today’s crises rooted in millennia-old Indian traditions and that Western breakthroughs in business methods and technology can be used to address them. Actions can be taken to provide livelihood and entrepreneurial success to those who have been adversely affected in India.

Arun Gandhi further said that the loss of water and soil due to environmental problems around the world has hurt the small farmers the most. Will launch an initiative to train 100 subsistence farmers to grow high-value vegetables and fruits with hydroponic equipment provided by IIS, as well as pay a monthly income for one year and support education and health for their families Will support in service. In fact, these 100 families will not have any financial worries for a year. As IIS will also manage the distribution for the farmers, they will have no worries other than what they grow and sell.

Another important project of IIS is Panacea Project, registered as a corporation. The institution offers high potency supplements, organic and health foods adapted to the market, Ayurveda and homeopathic medicines and literature as well as yoga, breathing and massage services in mobile vans and fixed locations with a very unique design envisioned by Mr. Gandhi will offer.

IIS’s plans are not limited to these initiatives. The organization believes that our hardworking farmers, craftsmen and traditional talents hold the solutions the world needs. That’s why IIS is committed to providing ethical, eco-friendly solutions to the issues the world is facing right now.

All the guests who came here appreciated the work of Arun Gandhi and his organization IIS. Munde Media PR director Ramakant Munde said that first of all I appreciate the thinking of Arun Gandhi, the initiative of his organization, the steps taken by him are commendable. Also, I express my gratitude to all the celebrity guests who came here as special guests and media persons.

IIS India Coordinator Dr. Vijay Pratap Kushwaha can be contacted on phone number 81083 08005 or click on the website

————–Pics :- Ramakant Munde Mumbai


International Institute Of Solutions USA Launched In India  Founder President Arun Gandhi – Kalpana Gandhi Was The Chief Guest And Padamshri Dr Soma Ghosh

Successful And Grand Organization Of 4th Bollywood Legend Award 2022 By Krishna Chauhan Foundation

Many celebrities including Dr. Yogesh Lakhani, music director Ismail Darbar, composer Dilip Sen, BN Tiwari, Ramesh Goyal, Anil Nagrath, Shyamlal, Deepa Narayan were honored_

Dr. Krishna Chauhan has been organizing the grand event of ‘Bollywood Legend Award’ for the last 3 years.  Now for the fourth year, the Bollywood Legend Award – 2022 was organized by the Krishna Chauhan Foundation on 10 December 2022.  This time the award ceremony was bigger and better than before.  Those who have made significant contribution to Indian films and its progress were honored with this award.  Many celebrities attended the ceremony.

Dr. Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor Media, Composer Dilip Sen, Devdas and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam fame Composer Ismail Darbar, BN Tiwari, Ramesh Goyal, Birbal Ji, Vijender Goyal, Nafe Khan, Dev Menaria, Puneet and many more were present.  .

Dr. Yogesh Lakhani, Composer Dilip Sen, BN Tiwari, Ramesh Goyal, Birbal ji, Vijendra Goyal, Nafe Khan, Dev Menaria, Puneet lit the lamp.  Siya Kale danced.  Bharti Chhabria did the anchoring.

Many celebrities including Dr. Yogesh Lakhani, Music Director Ismail Darbar, Composer Dilip Sen, BN Tiwari, Ramesh Goyal, Anil Nagrath, Shyamlal, Deepa Narayan were present here.

The best trophy for this award has been given to the awardee and the event was done grandly.

Singers Sandhya Pawar, Vijay Kashyap, Tripti Shukla, Nikesh Tarachand, Jyoti Jhingiani, Birbal Khosla, KK Goswami, Puneet Kumar Vora, Janhvi Rathod, Dr. Bharti Chhabria received the award.

Aishwarya Singh, Deepa Narayan, Ranjan Kumar Singh TV Director, R Rajpal, Singer Raju Tank, Chandraprakash, Asma Kapadia, Rajendra, Upendra Pandit, Mahtab Alam, Dinesh Kumar, Naseer Tagale, Dilip Patel, Devendra Khanna, Pramod Sharma, Deepak Sahu,  Many people including Mangesh, Ratan ji, Rehan Sheikh, Ganesh Pandey, PK Gupta,   Tejendra Singh and Keval Kumar Chief Editor Leo Media Digital were honored.


Successful And Grand Organization Of 4th Bollywood Legend Award 2022 By Krishna Chauhan Foundation

All Eyes Are On Ajay Harinath Singh Who Is Keen To Make India Stronger Economically And Politically

  • Political, Social, and Religious Establishments emphasise blending Traditions with Modernity by handing over leadership to the Young Business Tycoon who has emerged as a strong propagator of Sanatan Principles owing to his lineage of Lord Rama (Lava lineage)
  • Mahamandeleshwars (Religious Leaders) from prominent Akhadas urge leadership to involve innovative business minds, who promote Traditions, in top Decision Making Process for a New India
  • India needs a new age political renaissance even before the 2024 general elections with an answer to – Who after Modi?  

New Delhi/Mumbai –  The whole world is feeling pressure because of the renewed confidence and unity of Hindus in India and credits go to many including prime Minister Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath, Amit Shah and a business tycoon Ajay Harinath Singh who comes from Lava ( Son of Lord Rama) lineage. All eyes are on Ajay Harinath Singh who is very keen and making all efforts to make India stronger economically, socially, and politically by combining traditions with modernity.

As Chairman of Darwin Platform Group of Companies (DPGC), Ajay Harinath Singh has taken his businesses to 11 countries and also propagated Sanatan Principles there. In India, his contributions to creating awareness about Sanatan and Hindutva through various activities have caught the attention of various political, social, and religious establishments.

According to reliable sources in the Pariwar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has confided with the Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh (RSS) top brass about his retirement from the post as he has accomplished all major agendas concerning dominance Hindutva and development. It is now speculated that India could witness a new age political renaissance even before the 2024 general elections with an answer to – Who after Modi?

Political, Social, and Religious Establishments emphasise blending Traditions with Modernity by handing over leadership to the Young Business Tycoon who has emerged as a strong propagator of Sanatan Principles owing to his lineage of Lord Rama (Lava lineage).  Mahamandeleshwars (Religious Leaders) from prominent Akhadas urge leadership to involve innovative business minds, who promote traditions, in the top decision-making process for a New India.  It is widely admitted that India@75 needs to align with the new age challenges and opportunities.

A senior BJP leader, requesting anonymity, said, “The future of the Indian Republic rests on the shoulders of young leaders. Hence, a new political strategy is in the offing. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for throwing political surprises and a New Prime Minister, coming from unknown quarters without any political background may be the biggest surprise of the century.”

India has become the fastest-growing economy in the world. If India aspires to be among the top three economies of the world in the next 10 years, a new young leadership with financial brains and deep roots in Sanatan traditions is urgently required, said Swami Rameshwar, a Dharmaguru from Uttar Pradesh Math, who has strong faith in the leadership capabilities of Ajay Harinath Singh who is a descendant of Lord Rama’s son Lava’s Kshatriya clan.

A random online survey conducted by a Youth Organisation- reveals that aspirational India prefers Corporate Tycoons to lead the country. Compared to political veterans their choice may include industrialists like Mukesh Ambani, Gautam Adani, Kumarmanglam Birla.  Among the younger generation of corporate leaders and prominent personalities who may be considered for the top post include names of Tejasvi Surya, Akash Ambani, Anant Ambani, Jayesh Shah and Ajay Harinath Singh (41).

“Ajay Harinath Singh is not only an extraordinary business acumen to drive economic growth, but he is also a torchbearer of India’s glorious traditions (Raghukul and Ram Rajya).  Given the current socio-political and economic conditions India needs a leader who can combine India’s great traditions with modernity,” said Swami Rameshwar.

Ajay Harinath Singh’s vision, strategic planning, and system thinking have also put him in the political league to transform governance. India has lately learned the US pattern where several of its Presidents were from business and industry backgrounds. In the US, the world has witnessed the successful tenure of real-estate Mogul Donald Trump. Before him, Oilmen George H.W. Bush (1988) and George W. Bush (elected 2000)- Oilman and managing partner of the Texas Rangers ruled the country efficiently.

Ajay Harinath Singh has emerged as a natural and most preferred choice for the top post. Indian political observers have already pointed out that several politicians including members of parliament across political parties have recognised his ability and extended support to him.

“A young Indian entrepreneur should be at the helm of affairs to make India a superpower culturally and economically. A new age strong India would need Ramrajya for inclusive growth. Hence, the top post could be given to a descendant of Lord Rama with a complete consensus cutting across the part line, caste, creed, and religion,” said another religious leader- Mahant Mahesh.

In political and government circles, such a move was guessed wildly for 2029, but sources said that it can happen this year, even before the 2024 general elections! Political pundits also hinted that a revolutionary change may happen anytime.

“There needs to be a perfect alignment between a wish to establish Ramrajya, inclusive economic growth, and the welfare of the people. Hence, India is probably going to witness a new age of political renaissance and inclusive politics where for the top post a consensus arrives from all political parties and forces,” said a veteran political analyst.

Political analysts pointed out that creating wealth by providing jobs and platforms to a determined Young India is an urgent need as they will do the rest to Make India Mahan (Great) with Self-confidence, Self-Reliance, Unity, and Determination.

“The future of the Indian Republic rests on youth leaders. India has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.  Lord Rama’s son Lava’s descendent Ajay Harinath Singh can play an important role in taking the country to the next level of advancement. Not only he has got an extraordinary business mind but he is a staunch promoter of glorious Indian traditions (Principles of Ram Rajya and Raghu Kul),” said Pawan Das, Mahamandeleshwar of Maha Nirwani Akhada, Prayagraj.

Prominent political leaders, analysts, and religious gurus (Mahamadeleshwars) strongly advocate that India’s heritage belongs to all mankind with an abundance of spirituality, humanism, unity, harmony, wisdom, and knowledge. Economic power, guided and governed by Sanatan Principles, is the strong driving force in nation-building.

All Eyes Are On Ajay Harinath Singh Who Is Keen To Make India Stronger Economically And Politically

Singer Rekha Bhardwaj And Ravikesh Vatsa Most Awaited Song Swami Ji Trending On Internet

He is not only a writer but also a very good singer and music composer. I am talking about the creative genius, Ravikesh Vatsa. One of the most talented singers has launched his own YouTube channel Ravikesh Vatsa and made his own songs. With captivating posters and an absolutely enthralling Video, RVF music today launched their maiden music video, Swami Ji, which features everybody’s favourite renowned Singer Rekha Bhardwaj & Ravikesh Vatsa.  Rekha and Ravikesh have sung a song, which is gaining high popularity.

The song Swami Ji had generated much hype even before its release. Now, the song is finally out. And well, it is just as top trending as we had expected it to be.

While talking to the media Ravikesh Vatsa said, “It’s an honour for me to work with India’s one of the legendary singer Rekha Bhardwaj. It’s like a dream comes true. Swami Ji song has been released on the Ravikesh Vatsa YouTube channel please watch and give your valuable feedback.”

Produced & Composed by Ravikesh Vatsa, with lyrics penned down by noted lyricist Ravishekh Vasta. Subhendra Pal directed the song.

Singer Rekha Bhardwaj Said, “It feels great working with Ravikesh ji & his team. Swami ji Video song is pure organic and so energetic. The journey of this song is too interesting.”

Swami Ji is streaming on all leading platforms. Amidst the eye-catching sight, the song captures the essence. The song has a very upbeat style and is surely set to make your feet tap like never before.


Singer Rekha Bhardwaj And Ravikesh Vatsa Most Awaited Song Swami Ji Trending On Internet

The Viral Village Set To Go Viral

Producer Lalit Paikray is on a new high! The first shooting schedule of his much-ambitious upcoming Viral Village webseries movie directed by Narayan Shi and co-produced by Sunil Jain and Hiru Bihari Kandhari has been successfully completed in Mumbai without any hitch or hassle.
“Our movie Viral Village is on course,” says Paikray with a note of utter satisfaction.
The movie which has veteran Anupam Kher in the lead character revolves around the con story of an uncle and a niece with villagers.
Apart from Anupam, the movie has also Tridha Choudhary, Satish Kaushik, Takesh Sharma, Aditya Narayan, Akanksha Puri and beautiful Anchalananda Agarwal.
“We all are happy that the movie has now taken proper shape and it’ll be completed on time,” confirm Sunil and Hiru in unison.
“I can’t forget Anupam ji’s support to us and trust on our project. Aditya is a good friend and the versatile Satish Kaushik is very sportive ” tells Paikray.
Paikray says that he’s very happy the way the movies released on OTT platforms are doing at this moment. “It’s the content and the characters that are doing wonders for webseries movies,” Paikray says adding that he sees a brighter future for these movies.
“We have worked hard on Viral Village project and the making of the movie is goingon smoothly,” say both Paikray and Jain.
Best wishes to the producers trio..!
Ramakant Munde Mumbai Representative


The Viral Village Set To Go Viral

वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड होल्डर स्विमिंग चैंपियन समुद्रजेता आर्यन सुरजीत ददियाला को डॉ. निरंजन हीरानंदानी ने दिया विशेष सम्मान

मुंबई के रहने वाले मात्र इक्कीस वर्ष के युवा तैराक समुद्रजेता आर्यन सुरजीत दादिलाला ने स्विमिंग के क्षेत्र में वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड बनाकर अपने मातापिता, गुरु और देश का नाम सारी दुनिया मे रौशन किया है। उनकी इस उपलब्धि पर हीरानंदानी ग्रुप के चेयरमैन और मैनेजिंग डायरेक्टर डॉक्टर निरंजन हीरानंदानी ने एक भव्य समारोह में उन्हें प्रशस्ति पत्र देकर सम्मानित किया। स्विमिंग चैंपियन आर्यन सुरजीत दादिलाला ने मिस्टर हीरानंदानी से ऑनर पाकर अपनी अद्भुत खुशी जाहिर की। इस अवसर पर आर्यन के पिता, उनके गुरु फॉरेस्ट क्लब के श्री पी एम रेड्डी भी उपस्थित थे। इस फंक्शन में कई स्विमिंग चैंपियन को सर्टिफिकेट से नवाजा गया।

बता दें कि गोवा में चपोरा किले से पंजिम जेट्टी तक 32 किलोमीटर की दूरी आर्यन ने तैर कर तय की थी और इस तरह उन्होंने  एक विश्व रिकॉर्ड क्रिएट किया। इस कारनामे की चर्चा दुनिया भर में हो रही है।

डॉक्टर निरंजन हीरानंदानी ने कहा कि पी एम रेड्डी ने फॉरेस्ट क्लब हीरानंदानी गार्डन में दस वर्षों में बहुत सारे चैंपियंस बनाए हैं। लोकल, स्टेट, नेशनल, इंटरनेशनल चैंपियन, लोग यहां तैराकी सीखने आते हैं और स्विमिंग करने आते हैं। बच्चे यहां आकर अनुशासन सीखते हैं और देश को आगे लाने के बारे में सोचते हैं।

आर्यन सुरजीत दादिलाला ने यह ट्रॉफी लेकर कहा कि मैं बेहद गौरवांवित महसूस कर रहा हूँ कि मुझे यह ट्रॉफी डॉ निरंजन हीरानंदानी जी के हाथों मिली। मैं अपने पिता जी, कोच को शुक्रिया कहना चाहता हूं जिन्होंने मुझे काफी सपोर्ट किया। मैं कॉज़ के लिए तैराकी करता हूँ और ड्रग्स के विरुद्ध अपनी बात रखता हूँ।

आर्यन ने आगे कहा कि जब मैं 12 साल का था तब स्विमिंग प्रोफेशनली शुरू किया था। मैं बहुत मोटा था, और फिट रहने के लिए तैराकी स्टार्ट की जो मेरा जुनून बन गया। अगले साल 2023 में ब्राजील में मैं एक कॉज़ के लिए स्विमिंग करूंगा। स्विमिंग दरअसल एक मेंटल गेम है, आपको मेंटली फिट रहना भी जरूरी है। मुझे और रेकॉर्डज़ तोड़ने हैं और भारत का ओलंपिक में प्रतिनिधित्व करना मेरा सपना है।

आर्यन के पिता ने बताया कि आर्यन काफी भाग्यशाली हैं कि रेड्डी सर ने उन्हें ट्रेनिंग देने की हामी भरी और आज आर्यन कहाँ हैं आप देख सकते हैं। हम रेड्डी जी के शुक्रगुजार हैं। उनके सिखाने का तरीका काफी अलग है। आम तौर पर कोच बच्चों पर काफी प्रेशर डाल देते हैं मगर वह ऐसा नहीं करते। हम डॉ निरंजन हीरानंदानी और फॉरेस्ट क्लब के सभी स्टाफ के भी आभारी हैं।

श्री पी एम रेड्डी ने बताया कि आर्यन में आत्मविश्वास बहुत है। वह मेरे बेहतरीन स्टूडेंट्स में से एक हैं और मुझे उनपर गर्व है। वह “नो ड्रग्स” के सन्देश को युवाओं तक पहुंचाने का काम कर रहे हैं जो बड़ी बात है।

फॉरेस्ट क्लब के श्री पी एम रेड्डी की तकनीकी सहायता के साथ आर्यन ने प्रशिक्षण श्री राहुल चिपलूणकर द्वारा ली।


वर्ल्ड रिकॉर्ड होल्डर स्विमिंग चैंपियन समुद्रजेता आर्यन सुरजीत ददियाला को डॉ. निरंजन हीरानंदानी ने दिया विशेष सम्मान

Painter Shital Keshari Paints A Beautiful World

Real talent is infinite, beyond time and space. What started as a creative passion for Shital Keshari, the woman with beauty, grace and amazing talent, soon turned out to be an intense affair only six months before. Today she has around 25 classy paintings to her credit and still doing more paintings, too. No, Shital’s  paintings are not for sale, but only for public viewing like her recent super-hit painting exhibition at the Nehru Centre, Worli.
Ironically, Shital’s 11-years old prodigious daughter Prakriti followed in her steps and has also started doing paintings which are stunningly beautiful. Both mother and daughter are encouraged to the hilt by Shital’s multifaceted senior bureaucrat husband Ajai Keshari who himself is a superb poet as well as an outstanding ghazal writer.
Shital Keshari who shifted  to paintings few years later after doing her fashion-designing course says, “I never wanted to be a painter since my childhood. I did my fashion designing course and could have easily become a stylist. But my destiny had written something else for me.”
So, how has been the journey so far?
“The eventful journey has been  fantastic. I work on variety of themes and not one in particular,” tells Shital  as a matter-of-fact.
Regarding her participation in the recent painting exhibition at Worli, Shital  says that since she had so many paintings she wanted to showcase them systematically. “And yes, the response to my paintings in Worli exhibition was overwhelming!,” says a grateful Shital.
In this fast-paced digital world, is there a lack of interest/enthusiasm among people for paintings?
“I don’t think so. Creativity is not forced. It’s natural. Look, how I started painting only this year, six months to be precise!,” replies Shital.
Ask her about the paintings scenario, Shital elaborates, “It’s good everywhere, in India and abroad. In India, I think, the passion for paintings is more apparent in Mumbai.”
About her daughter Prakriti who’s also into painting, Shital tells as a proud mother, “Prakriti is naturally talented. She’s very good in her studies also and doing wonderful paintings just going by her intuitions.”
“You can pursue your creative passion at any age. But do the best, no half-hearted effort. Honesty and dedication are a must, to put it mildly,” tells Shital a matter fact.
Points noted Shital. All the best for your painted road ahead!

———-Ramakant Munde Mumbai Representative


Painter Shital Keshari Paints A Beautiful World

Yashpal Sharma-Pratibha Sharma Launch Third Bollywood International Film Festival (BIFF) With Presscon At Carnival Cinemas

“A film festival needs to be ethical and impartial, and that is exactly what Bollywood International Film Festival strives to be,” said Bollywood International Film Festival (BIFF) founder-chairperson Pratibha Sharma and actor-director Yashpal Sharma at the media meet of the film festival.

Of the 200 plus entries received by the Bollywood International Film Festival, the best were chosen by an eminent team of international filmmakers. The select films from the chosen ones will be on view for audiences at Carnival Cinemas Mumbai from December 17-18.

The festival will also showcase a special screening of Yashpal Sharma’s Dada Lakhmi, the Haryanvi film that has won more than 68 awards globally and has been running to packed houses for over six weeks.

While the eminent jury comprises of Ashok Rane, Amit Rai, Sandeep Sharma, French actress Marine Borbo and Tauqeer Ahmed from Bangladesh, the BIFF members Monika Davar, Minaxi Singh, Dalbir Singh, Sameer Chowdhary, Tabassum Jahan, Alpana Suhasini, Sunil Bainiwal, Vishal Sharma and Tapan Patani were present along with Dr Anusha Srinivasan Iyer.

“Our aim is to introduce people to quality cinema, whether it be feature film, short film, mobile film or a documentary.” Films from the US, Afghanistan, Iran and many European countries will be a part of this festival that also boasts of masterclasses for industry aspirants.


Yashpal Sharma-Pratibha Sharma Launch Third Bollywood International Film Festival (BIFF) With Presscon At Carnival Cinemas


यशपाल शर्मा-प्रतिभा शर्मा ने कार्निवल सिनेमाज में प्रेसकॉन के साथ तीसरा बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल लॉन्च किया

बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल (बीआईएफएफ) की संस्थापक-अध्यक्ष प्रतिभा शर्मा और अभिनेता-निर्देशक यशपाल शर्मा ने मीडिया मीट में कहा, “एक फिल्म समारोह को नैतिक और निष्पक्ष होने की जरूरत है, और बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल वास्तव में यही करने का प्रयास करता है।”

बॉलीवुड अंतर्राष्ट्रीय फिल्म महोत्सव द्वारा प्राप्त 200 से अधिक प्रविष्टियों में से सर्वश्रेष्ठ का चयन अंतरराष्ट्रीय फिल्म निर्माताओं की एक प्रतिष्ठित टीम द्वारा किया गया। चुनी हुई फिल्मे 17-18 दिसंबर तक कार्निवल सिनेमाज मुंबई में दर्शकों के लिए दिखाई जाएंगी।

फेस्टिवल में यशपाल शर्मा की हरियाणवी फिल्म दादा लखमी  की एक विशेष स्क्रीनिंग भी दिखाई जाएगी l दादा लखमी वैश्विक स्तर पर 68 से अधिक पुरस्कार जीते हैं।

प्रतिष्ठित जूरी में अशोक राणे, अमित राय, संदीप शर्मा, फ्रांसीसी अभिनेत्री मरीन बोरबो और बांग्लादेश के तौकीर अहमद शामिल हैं। बीआईएफएफ के सदस्य मोनिका डावर, मिनाक्षी सिंह, दलबीर सिंह, समीर चौधरी, तबस्सुम जहां, अल्पना सुहासिनी, सुनील बैनीवाल, विशाल शर्मा,  तपन पटानी, अनुषा श्रीनिवासन अय्यर के साथ  मौजूद थे।

“हमारा उद्देश्य लोगों को गुणवत्तापूर्ण सिनेमा से परिचित कराना है, चाहे वह फीचर फिल्म, लघु फिल्म, मोबाइल फिल्म या एक वृत्तचित्र हो।” यूएस, अफगानिस्तान, ईरान और कई यूरोपीय देशों की फिल्में इस फेस्टिवल का हिस्सा होंगी जो उद्योग के इच्छुक लोगों के लिए मास्टरक्लास का भी दावा करती है।

यशपाल शर्मा-प्रतिभा शर्मा ने कार्निवल सिनेमाज में प्रेसकॉन के साथ तीसरा बॉलीवुड इंटरनेशनल फिल्म फेस्टिवल  लॉन्च किया

STRITVA Solo Show Of Paintings By Contemporary Artist Shetall In Jehangir Art Gallery

From: 12th to 18th December 2022

STRITVA – The Story of Every Woman

Solo Show of Paintings

By well-known contemporary artist Shetall


Jehangir Art Gallery

161-B, M.G. Road,

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001

Contact: 9833278824


Recent work of a contemporary artist Shetall is showing her recent work in Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai 400 001 from 12th to 18th Dec. 2022 between 11 am. to 7 pm.

This show was inaugurated on 12th December 2022 by Mr. Arka Pradhan(Renowned Architect & Founder of Awadh Art Festival) in the presence of Mr. Pradip Sarkar(Senior Artist), Shilpa Nikam(Eminent Artist), Mr. Sunil Waghale and many others.

Shetall had her art education at L.S. Raheja School of Art, Mumbai followed by an advanced course in Arts at Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai.  She was a proud recipient of awards from Sir J.J. School of Arts, Mumbai, Art Society of India Award and Camlin Art foundation Award in the initial phase of her career. She displayed her thematic work in several solo and group art exhibition at prestigious art galleries at Mumbai, Jaipur, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Pune etc.  She has also an experience as a designer for well-known brands like Gitanjali, Tanishq and Tara as well as a brief teaching experience in art college and Kala Niketan at Vasai and Navi Mumbai

The present series illustrates her unique perceptions in an artistic style about various facets of womanhood via the story of every woman in different roles and responsibilities shouldered by her in life in pictorial visual expressions. She has illustrated various characteristics and qualities that are usually associated with women in the life journey which is an experience of being strong and vulnerable at the same time.  The vivid works depict numerous ingredients and undercurrents that are normally associated with her role in life as a daughter, sister, wife and mother. The artistic presentation of her theme illustrates different feelings and sentimental mindscapes associated with womanhood in her life journey. She has endeavoured to depict women’s feelings, emotions, thoughts, her roles and vivid life experiences in a prominent way through her artwork. Being a woman, most of these experiences are via herself journey in different roles in life along with those observed and experienced by being associated/ involved in numerous activities around in various seasons and arenas in apt perspectives of visual arts. Her visual language of expressions is narrative and lucid as well as eloquent that easily shares a word with the viewer due to its simplicity and uniqueness.


STRITVA  Solo Show Of Paintings By Contemporary Artist Shetall In Jehangir Art Gallery

Sandip Soparrkar Crowned King Of Art4Peace In Beverly Hills Hollywood

For over a decade Bollywood ace dancer choreographer Sandip Soparrkar has been winning various awards for his contribution in the field of dance and social work. His initiative ‘Dance for a Cause’ has been using dance as a medium to raise awareness and for the betterment of the society and its varied issues. But this year is very special for dancer choreographer Sandip Soparrkar because his worldwide initiative “Dance for a Cause” is getting international appreciation.

Dressed in white Shervani designed by Deepak Shah of More Mischief and styled ht Pooja Shah Bhandari and Jashank Bhandari, Sandip Soparrkar was crowned and honoured by Art4Peace Awards with the title of “King of Art4Peace” for his social work through “Dance for a Cause” and Ms Alma Dang an artist and a philanthropist from Mexico who has been working towards ending ignorance and exploitation of children was crowned “Queen of Art4Peace” at the prestigious Saban Theatre Beverly Hills, Los Angles, California, USA.

At the after party after receiving this international honour, dressed in a sequins black and white tuxedo designed by Chhaya Gandhi, the dapper King of Art4Peace, Sandip Soparrkar said, “I humbled and truly honoured receiving the title of ‘King of Art4Peace’ this crown brings myriad responsibilities and I promise to shoulder it with utmost sincerity and dedication and to do justice to the motto “From my heart to your heart love and peace, we are one.”

Dame Munni Irone founded Art4Peace, a non-profit organisation, in collaboration with Dr. Gershom Sikaala and presented the 11th annual Art4Peace Awards and three day International Peace Summit and Gala.

Dame Munni Irone states, “Mr. Sandip deserves the title ‘King of Art 4 Peace’, this crown comes to him as an appreciation for all the philanthropical work he has been doing through his worldwide initiative “Dance for a Cause”. We at Art4Peace know that through his initiative he has raised funds and created awareness for innumerable charitable caused all over the globe. We believe that he is a torchbearer for the art of giving through the medium of dance. We are sure that Mr. Sandip along with Ms Dang will shoulder their responsibilities and duties of spreading love and peace untrusted upon them.”

Art4Peace Awards are born to sever and their global peace leaders are constantly working towards making a global positive change. They dream for a safer, peaceful and loving world through Art, Culture and Wisdom. Dame Dr Munni Irone founded and instituted The Arts4Peace Awards in 2011, with the simple aim that “success comes when we serve.” The organisation wishes to bring about a global change and produce leaders via the Arts and through Wisdom. The tenets are Non- violence, Wisdom, Love and Peace. The purpose of awards is to demonstrate to every nation the importance of culture to the whole fabric of the world and by showcasing through art, they understand and experience love, Wisdom and wish the creative minds and hearts usher in a pathway to peace.



Sandip Soparrkar Crowned King Of Art4Peace In Beverly Hills  Hollywood

Mumbai Schools To Benefit From Digital Learning Ecosystem

The power of digital education is coming to 1100 schools in Mumbai, thanks to a partnership between the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai and Ashraya, a digital learning initiative founded by Satish Jha.

Synopsis of the Story

The Municipal Corporation of Mumbai has partnered with Ashraya to bring a revolutionary Digital Learning Ecosystem to 1100 schools, providing access to personalized learning opportunities for thousands of students. The initiative has seen the transformative power of a comprehensive digital learning ecosystem in improving learning outcomes. This partnership is a crucial step in equipping students with the skills they need to succeed in the digital age.

By Rusen Kumar

MUMBAI: The Municipal Corporation of Mumbai (BMC) partnered with Ashraya, a digital learning initiative founded by Satish Jha, to deploy a comprehensive Digital Learning Ecosystem in 1100 schools across the city. This marks the first initiative of its kind in the region at this scale, and will provide access to transformative learning opportunities for over 500,000 students in Mumbai.

“We are thrilled to be working with the BMC to bring our Digital Learning Ecosystem to so many students in Mumbai,” said Satish Jha, founder of Ashraya. “Based on our experience with 9000 students across 27 schools in 7 states, we have seen the incredible impact that a comprehensive digital learning ecosystem can have on learning outcomes. We are confident that this partnership will help to improve educational opportunities for students in Mumbai.”

The Digital Learning Ecosystem developed by Ashraya incorporates a range of tools and technologies, including personalized learning platforms, data analytics, and adaptive assessments, to provide students with a personalized learning experience that is tailored to their individual needs and goals.

“Investing in a comprehensive digital learning ecosystem is crucial for the future of education,” said Satish Jha. “At a time when technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, it is essential that we provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the digital age. We are grateful to Ashraya for their partnership and support in helping us to achieve this goal.”

So far, Satish Jha and his family have fully funded Ashraya’s program in the 27 schools in which it has been implemented. The 1100 schools awarded by BMC will require significantly more support in order to fully realize the potential of the Digital Learning Ecosystem. Ashraya will be working closely with BMC and other partners to secure the necessary funding through various benefactors, avenues, and CSR programs.

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity for us to work together to improve educational outcomes for students in Mumbai,” further added Satish Jha. “We are confident that the Digital Learning Ecosystem developed by Ashraya will have a profound impact on the learning experiences of students in our schools, and we look forward to working with Ashraya to make this a reality.”

With a proven track record of improving learning outcomes, the Digital Learning Ecosystem is set to revolutionize education in Mumbai.


Ashraya, a digital learning initiative, has discovered the true cost of transforming learning outcomes: a mere Rs 75000 per child over 5 years. This investment in a comprehensive digital learning ecosystem has been proven to show tangible results, and Ashraya is excited to bring this opportunity to students in Mumbai through its partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. People can join in supporting the future of education and the power of digital learning so that it can be replicated.


Mumbai Schools To Benefit From Digital Learning Ecosystem

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Ace Wedding Choreographer Sumit Khetan Stole The Show At The Mass Wedding Ceremony Of 551 Girls Attended By PM Narendra Modi In Bhavnagar

At a grand event held in Bhavnagar in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 551 girls who had lost their fathers tied the knot. The event was choreographed by ace wedding choreographer Sumit Khetan, whose troupe of dancers stole the show with their stellar performances and acts.

‘Papa Ni Pari’ was a unique mass wedding ceremony planned and executed by Dinesh Lakhani and Suresh Lakhani, founders of Maruti Impex, a leading diamond crafting company in Bhavnagar. Sumit Khetan was responsible for the entire wedding’s choreography, which included multiple dance performances, shows, and cultural showcases.

“It was a privilege for me and my entire team to design and conceptualise the unprecedented mass wedding ceremony in Bhavnagar when 551 girls who had lost their fathers married in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” said choreographer Sumit Khetan. “Aside from the performances and acts, a Royal Bow was handed over to our PM for inauguration of the event thereby blessing the couples. A one-of-a-kind cultural performance was also given at the time of PM Modi’s arrival at the venue.”

According to Khetan, there is a huge contribution to the success of the mass wedding event from the core team members including Akshay Gupta, Prerna Vij, Swapniel Desai, Priyanka Kumwat, Imran Sayyed, Navin Rajjaya, Amit Singh, Nitin Rathore, Aalok Chaudhary, Jitendra Chaudhary, and Kanhaiya Kumar. *This entire event was managed by Mr Anil Kumar – Founder KYC Events,  *

The voice over was done by Abhay Harpale, while the sound mixing was performed by Shailesh Ssuvarna, Hiren Shukla from Srocks, and every moment at the wedding ceremony including the presence of PM Modi was captured in the cameras by Shade and Light Photography.

Sumit Khetan is a prominent name in the wedding choreography industry. He is famous for choreographing intimate and grand wedding ceremonies and has choreographed hundreds of weddings globally.


Ace Wedding Choreographer Sumit Khetan Stole The Show At The Mass Wedding Ceremony Of 551 Girls Attended By PM Narendra Modi In Bhavnagar

STORYDEK India’s First Family-Friendly OTT Platform Launched By Anand And Pallavi Gupta

Exciting family days are here! India now has its first family-friendly OTT platform in the name of Storydek. At a gala event held in Mumbai, Storydek was launched amidst the presence of noted stars of the film and entertainment industry. The channel was unveiled and the exclusive content went live on the platform at the event. Storydek is owned by Anand & Pallavi Gupta.

Actors Rahul Mahajan, Samiksha Bhatnagar, Gulshan Pandey, Shagufta, Gurleen Chopra, Sahila Chaddha, & among others attended the illustrious launch event.

The launch campaign #SabkaOTT is given to emphasise the fact that the entire content going live on the platform can be viewed with the entire family and from the comfort of their homes. The content will be suitable for all ages and free from any vulgar, sexual or gory material.

The Storydek has announced a Talk show with Rahul Mahajan, he said, “I am very happy to be associated with Storydek. I urge people to consume good and clean content.”

Dharavi Bank actress Samiksha Batnagar said, “Storydek USP is complete family entertainment. I got an opportunity to work with accomplished actors and the team knows its job really well.”

The others original projects Avaruddh,, Black Justice, Hayat, Rajwaado, Mera Baap Kaun Hai, Night Driver, Manglik, Shery, Ghar Ghar Chala Rasgullelal, Talent Hunt 2023, 3 Couples, Short Film Festival, Julia, Ek Shaam aap ke naam, Jafar, Butterfiles, Bhagwaan Shaitaan chale chutti par were announced at the event while more than 50 Indian movies were made available on the dashboard. Trailer of the upcoming projects were also played at the launch event. The content is available in Hindi and will be dubbed in other regional languages in future. More content in other regional languages will also be available in days to come.

“Storydek makes such content wherein family and individuals can sit anywhere and enjoy films, web series and much more. Popularity and demand in youth have led to increasing viewership of digital platforms. There was a dearth of family-friendly OTT platforms,” said Anand & Pallavi Gupta, founder, Storydek.

Seconding the opinion, Business Head, Haresh Togani, Channel Head of Storydek, said, “While we don’t intend to compete with others, we shall give the audience a wide variety of prime and classic content at affordable price.”

The platform aims at providing its audience with unique and high-quality content that can be entertaining for the audiences across. The platform comes with a user-friendly app that will run on a subscription model. The platform will offer a wide array of films, short films and documentaries to the audience. In an endeavour to extend exciting entertainment offerings, Storydek one of India’s leading OTT platforms.

STORYDEK  India’s First Family-Friendly OTT Platform  Launched By Anand And Pallavi Gupta

Wide Range Of Gaming Options Suited For Indian Players Offered By Wolf777

Tailored specifically for Indian players that suits the Indian likes is wolf777 that is currently the Best Online Gaming Website in India. The search for purely the best online gaming website Indianized is over with extremely positive reviews from players all across India spanning a wide survey across various demographics in India.

One doesn’t instantly fall in love with gaming websites, but here is an exception with that offers a wide range of gaming options for Indian players, including cricket, football, kabaddi, horse racing, and more. What sets them apart from other gaming websites is their unflinching commitment to customer service that offers 24/7 customer support so that you can always get help when you need it. Added advantage is that they also have a convenient online chat feature so that you can chat with their customer service executives directly.

wolf777 is an online gaming website that offers a wide range of sports events taking place in India. It is one of the most popular online gaming websites in India and has a large number of satisfied customers. The website offers a safe and secure environment for its customers and also provides a customer support team to resolve any queries or issues that they may have.

Setting up your account with wolf777 is quite convenient beginning with clicking on the “Sign Up” button which just needs a few details as regards to your name, email address, and phone number. Once you have provided all of the required information, you will be able to create your account and start gaming on sports. ITS GAME ON –  Hit the accelerator and play like a free bird.

Another innovative feature of wolf777 is that it also provides a wide range of gaming options and features that allow users to tailor their gaming experience according to their preferences.

In addition, wolf777 also offers competitive odds on all major sporting events, ensuring that users get the best possible value for their money. Lastly, the website also provides a number of convenient features such as live streaming and mobile gaming that makes it even easier for users.

Wide Range Of Gaming Options Suited For Indian Players Offered By Wolf777

Gahna Wadhwa Actress All Set To Enter Bollywood

The Bollywood industry is currently at a stage where the industry at large is very welcoming to new faces. Since the entertainment industry has gone through a revolution so the filmmakers and the audience are very much eager to experience the kind of content they want to create and watch. In recent years, several new faces have been introduced and wholeheartedly welcomed in the industry.

Gahna Wadhwa, a new, young and energetic personality is all set to debut in the Bollywood industry. She is known for her mesmerizing eyes and a hot and sizzling personality. Gahna Wadhwa was launched in the industry at a very young age. She is best known for her fashion sense.

The Bollywood industry is currently at a stage where the industry at large is very welcoming to new faces. In recent years, the entertainment industry has gone through a revolution, so both filmmakers and audiences are eager to see what they want to create and watch. Several new faces have entered the industry in recent years and have been warmly welcomed.

Gahna Wadhwa is one such Indian actress who will soon enter the Industry. Although there have not been any confirmed projects that she is been working on but definitely, Gahna Wadhwa is working really hard on herself to be what exactly it takes to be on the silver screen. Gahna Wadhwa has developed a strong fan base because of her adorable expressions and attractive personality.

Having an education and being independent are important to Gehna Wadhwa. She completed her schooling at Sacred Heart School and high school was done from Jai Hind College. Gehna Wadhwa is currently enrolled in the BAFTNMP program at Usha Pravin Gandhi College. As an actor, she thinks it’s critical to comprehend even the minute details of filmmaking, like lighting and camera angles, as doing so helps her develop discipline as an artist and better understand the viewpoint of the director.

Gehna said, “For making a successful career in the Entertainment Industry, one needs to be the jack ok all traits. An actor needs to know every single detail about what is happening on the set to excel”.

Besides, acting Gehna Wadhwa is very fond of dancing. She prefers freestyle dancing but has been experimenting with other dance forms. Gahna Wadhwa is also witty and intelligent, so she enjoys learning new languages and expanding her knowledge.

Gahna Wadhwa is looking forward to working on more art films with strong social messages for the audience. Gehna Wadhwa is willing to experiment with various genres, which is consistent with her variety as an artist. She has never used glycerin due to her belief in method acting and the connection between her character and her real life. Gahna also likes to write stories, poems, and thoughts.

It would now be very interesting to see Gahna on the silver screen. All her fans and well-wishers are eagerly waiting to see her ruling the silver screen.


Gahna Wadhwa Actress All Set To Enter Bollywood

अनुष्का चौहान – बचपन में देखा सपना आज सच होता दिख रहा है

कानपुर में रहकर कई सीरियल, वेब सीरीज और गीतों में छोटा मोटा किरदार निभाया लेकिन इन आँखों में सपना कुछ बड़ा करने का था और अब वो सपना सच होता दिखाई पड़ रहा है। यह कहना है मॉडल व अभिनेत्री अनुष्का चौहान का अनुष्का का जन्म 14 अप्रेल 2002 को कानपुर में हुआ है दिल्ली पब्लिक स्कूल से बारहवीं तक की पढाई पूरी करने बाद स्नात्तक की पढाई अनुष्का ने छत्रपति शाहू जी महाराज विश्व विद्यालय से पूरी की है। शशिभाल सिंह और कल्पना सिंह की बेटी अनुष्का का बचपन से सपना था की वो फिल्मों में काम करे इसीलिए उसने कानपुर और लखनऊ में शूट होने आने वाली फिल्मो के लिए ऑडिशन देना शुरू किया।

अनुष्का ने बताया कि कानपुर में रहते हुए मुझे काम तो मिला लेकिन उस स्त्तर का काम नहीं मिला जिससे मुझे संतुष्टि मिले और मुझे किसी को बताना न पड़े कि यार इस फिल्म में मैंने भी काम किया है में चाहती थी कि लोग मुझे मेरे काम से जाने और उसके लिए कोई बड़ी फिल्म मिलना ज़रूरी थी। अनुष्का बताती है कि तभी लखनऊ में दसमी नाम कि एक फिल्म शूट होने आयी और इस फिल्म में मैंने भी एक महत्वपूर्ण किरदार निभाया है फिल्म कि शूटिंग लखनऊ और मुंबई में हुयी है।

अनुष्का कई गीतों में मुख्य अभिनेत्री काम कर चुकी हैं साथ ही ऐमज़ॉन के लिए भी अनुष्का ने शूट किया है। कानपुर निवासी इस नवोदित अभिनेत्री को अभी एक फिल्म ऑफर हुयी है जो अजमेर कि बहुत बड़ी घटना पर आधारित है अनुष्का बताती हैं कि अभी इस फिल्म के बारे में कोई भी जानकारी देने के लिए डायरेक्टर कि तरफ से मना किया गया है।क्यूंकि इस फिल्म कि कहानी एक बेहद संवेदनशील मुद्दे पर आधारित है उन्होंने कहा कि अभी में सिर्फ इतना बता सकती हूँ कि यह सच्ची घटना पर आधारित है एक ऐसी सच्ची घटना जो राजनीती कि वजह से कभी जनता के सामने नहीं आ सकी।

अनुष्का ने कहा कि अभी में इंडस्ट्री कि कुछ बड़ी म्यूजिक कंपनी कि साथ कुछ सांग्स में बतौर मुख्य अभिनेत्री काम कर रही हूँ इनमे से एक गीत कि शूटिंग इसी महीने है। बतौर अभिनेत्री अनुष्का कहती हैं कि में बहुत लकी हूँ कि मेरी फॅमिली मेरे माता पिता मेरे सपनो को समझते हैं यहाँ तक कि मेरे सपनो को पूरा करने में मेरे माता पिता मेरा साथ भी देते हैं यह में इसलिए कह रही हूँ कि बहुत से ऐसे बच्चे होते हैं जो बनना डॉक्टर चाहते हैं लेकिन उनकी फॅमिली उन्हें इंजीनियर बनाने में लग जाती है जिसकी वजह से न बच्चा इंजीनियर बन पता है और न डॉक्टर।

मेरा कहना सिर्फ यह था कि आप एक बार अपने बच्चे से भी जरूर पूछे कि उसको क्या बनना है अगर आप अपने बच्चे को अच्छे से समझ सके तो हो सकता है कि वो आपको अच्छा रिजल्ट दे सके।


अनुष्का चौहान  – बचपन में देखा सपना आज सच होता दिख रहा है

शिल्पी राज और अभिलाष कुमार का ‘कमर करांची’ पर ठुमका लगाई कोमल सिंह और देव सिंह, गाना हुआ रिलीज़

शिल्पी राज और अभिलाष कुमार का जब कोई गाना आता है तो भूचाल मचा देता है। उनके फैंस और ऑडियंस को उनके गानों का बेसब्री से इंतजार रहता है। ऐसे में शिल्पी राज एक बार फिर कमर को निशाना साधते हुए जबरदस्त  बारात स्पेशल गाना लेकर आये हैं, इस गाने का बोल है – ‘कमर करांची’… इस गाने को  वन्दना म्यूजिक के ऑफिसियल यूट्यूब चैनल पर रिलीज किया गया है। इस गाने के वीडियो में बारात के जनवास में नाच गाने का माहौल दिखाया गया है। जिसमें नर्तकी बनी एक्ट्रेस कोमल सिंह के साथ देव सिंह ज़बरदस्त अंदाज में ठुमका लगा रहे हैं और नौटंकी वाली को रिझा रहे हैं। यह मजेदार बारात स्पेशल सांग ‘कमर करांची’ का पिक्चराइजेशन बहुत ही बढ़िया किया गया है। जो देखने और सुनने में बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है। इस गाने को अभिलाष कुमार ने अपने खास अंदाज में गाया है, उनके साथ स्वर में स्वर मिलाया है पॉपुलर सिंगर शिल्पी राज ने। उनकी तुकबंदी श्रोताओं को खूब जम रही है। गाने के वीडियो में देव सिंह का कमाल का परफॉर्मेंस लोगों का दिल जीत रहा है।

वंदना म्यूजिक प्रस्तुत शिल्पी राज और अभिलाष कुमार का कमर धमाका वीडियो सांग ‘कमर  करांची बारात स्पेशल गाना है। इसके सिंगर  और शिल्पी राज हैं। गीतकार मुसाफिर जैनपुरी के लिखे इस गीत को संगीत दिया है संगीतकार अजय यादव ने , मिक्स मास्टरिंग भोला विश्वकर्मा, कोरियोग्राफर संदीप राज इसके प्रोड्यूसर पवन राज हैं।


शिल्पी राज और अभिलाष कुमार का ‘कमर करांची’ पर ठुमका लगाई कोमल सिंह और देव सिंह, गाना हुआ रिलीज़

Ajivasan’s ACT With Suresh Wadkar – Padma Wadkar – Sonu Nigam – Vijay Prakash Et Al Explores Art – Commerce And Technology Of Music Ajivasan ACT Takes Music To Newer Heights

Suresh Wadkar’s Ajivasan Music Academy has taken a new initiative to spread awareness and knowledge around Music. The idea is to get music lovers to hear from various music professionals about their journey, challenges, career options and exciting nuances.

Ajivasan ACT is an initiative that aims at highlighting the Art, Commerce and Technology (ACT) of Music.

This event has multiple panel discussions with celebrities and professionals, along with master classes with experts and a thrilling music concert.

Besides Suresh Wadkar and moderator Padma Wadkar, The panelists include Padmashri Sonu Nigam, Vijay Prakash, Shreyas Puranik, Yashraj Mukhate, Mohini Dey, Nirmika Singh, Gauri Yadwadkar, Saaveri Verma, Aditya Dev, Vinayak Netke, Nikita Bharani, Avanti Nagral among others.

The titles, All About Music, Women In Music and Journey Of A Song give a new perspective to music, through the eyes of industry veterans. Siddarth Kannan is the Master of Ceremonies.


Ajivasan’s ACT With Suresh Wadkar – Padma Wadkar –  Sonu Nigam – Vijay Prakash Et Al Explores Art – Commerce And Technology Of Music Ajivasan ACT Takes Music To Newer Heights

BABY DE EK CHANCE Stars Handsome And Multi Talented Shantanu Bhamare Along With Newcomers

The Pop Bollywood Hindi Video Song Album ‘Baby De Ek Chance’ is Made and Presented under the banner of “Shan Se Entertainment” and Produced by Shantanu Bhamare is released!

Cinematographed by Sunil Gaikwad, Lyrics by Rahul Suryawanshi, Music Composed & Sung by Hrushi (Raisestrom), Still Photography Pravin Kolte, Still Photography Assistant Mayur Gaikwad, Makeup Artist Ashwini Kale & Harshu Shinde.

‘Baby De Ek Chance’ Stars Handsome & Multi talented Shantanu Bhamare (Male Lead) along with newcomers Madhuri Pawar, Ashwini Bhagwat, Anjali Dalvi, Sakshi Kachi, Saroj Dhodi, etc.

Other than video it’s released in audio format, audio released on YouTube Music, Gana, JioSavan, Spotify, Hungama Music, iTune Store, JioSaavn, Resso, SoundCloud, Wynk, and many other platforms. This Album will be also released on multiple OTTs like MXPlayer, Hungama, One Plus TV, TCL TV, MI TV, Amazon FireStick, etc.

Producer & Actor Shantanu Bhamare shares with us that for him ‘Work is Worship’. During the video shooting of this album at Alibag Beach his mother was in ICU, still he was 100% focused in the album video shooting. It’s unfortunate this his mother expired on 25th Oct 2022. He dedicates this album to his mother!

Shantanu Bhamare (Bollywood film producer and actor)’s reaction on his mother death – First of all Mom, may your soul rest in peace. Today I feel the warmth of your love, in my memories you are as always, I can’t believe that my Mom is not with us today. Mom, I am sad that your voice will no longer be heard, but Mom, I hope you will watch over me wherever you are.

Mom, it is because of your blessings that I have reached this far, with your continued blessings, I will progress further, reach places and make your name proud. When you extinguish the flame of eyes, leaving behind precious memories, precious life will be over, only the flowers of tears will remain.

He recently acted in two Hindi Web Sereis ‘Scooter Riston Ka’ and ‘Full marriage, Half marriage No marriage’ made under banner of Peeping Tom Productions / Click TV India both will be soon released on prestigious Disney Hotstar !

Shantanu Bhamare, who is a mix of art and commerce, he has done debut in Hindi Feature Film RED.  He has played very significant role of a Jailer in Hindi Feature Film RED against very famous Kamlesh Sawant (Drishyam fame worked with Ajay Deegan & with Amitabh Bachchan Ji in Bhoothnath Returns, etc.). This significant role of a Jailer is portrayed by Shantanu is coming up as highlight of the film – RED !  Shantanu, being a stage & theatre artist was able to enact this powerful role of a jailer in front of veteran actor Kamlesh Sawant without any retake! Kamlesh all praises Shantanu’s work in RED.

Shantanu’s Romantic Video Song Album ‘Teri Aashiqui Mein’ with Female Artist Elena Tuteja  (Bollywood and TV actress, born and raised in Moscow, Russia) released which is already super-duper hit song of the year 2022. In short period of time, it’s very well received by the audience and has got more than 1 million Organic Views which is commendable.

Shantanu Bhamare is all up to doing different roles let it be serious ones, romantic ones, comedy ones as he trained and multi-talented actor! Many top production houses / banners are inviting him and welcoming him as an Actor / Producer / Co-Producer in their upcoming Hindi Feature Films.

Shantanu will also play significant role in upcoming Bollywood Hindi Films such as 1) Shaque- The Doubt!, 2) New York to Haridwar, 3) Breaking News, 4) Bhagwa, 5) Sorry Mother, etc.

It’s a way to go for Shantanu and we all praise and appreciate his talent, we all are sure is going to change outlook of the Bollywood ! It clearly indicates that Shantanu is a Rising Star in Bollywood (Hindi Film Industry) who is both Producer and an Actor and he is among discussions in Bollywood.

Shantanu Bhamare is the Sole Proprietor of Shan Se Entertainment, the banner registered under. Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association (IMPPA).

Producer And Actor Shantanu Bhamare’s Next Bollywood Pop Album BABY DE EK CHANCE Released

Grand And Successful Event Of Moral UPPA Bharat Awards 2022 In Mumbai With Bhagyashree – KC Bokadia – Shabbir Shaikh

The Moral UPPA Bharat Awards 2022 was grandly organized on 5th December 2022 at Shanmukhananda Hall, King Circle, Mumbai where many Bollywood stars, producers, directors and musicians were felicitated.

Moral UPPA Bharat Awards 2022 is organized by Uttar Pradesh Artist Association and managed by Shabbir Shaikh of Fortune Life Line Media & Entertainment. Due to the hard work of Wamiq Khan, Sanjay Singh and Shabbir Sheikh, this program was very successful where hundreds of people were seen.

KC Bokadia, Producer Dheeraj Kumar, Actress Bhagyashree, Shahbaz Khan, Dilip Sen, Anup Singh Thakur, Music Director Rashid Khan, Ahsaan Qureshi, Sunil Pal, Rais Ansari, Sanjeev Gupta, Yogesh Lakhani, Arshad Siddiqui, Khalid Hakim, Dr. Vimal Guruji, Syed Hussaini Ashraf, Chandrapal Singh, Director Anees Barudwale, Actor Producer Salim, Writer Director Nishat, Writer Director Nisar Akhtar, Director Sabir Sheikh, Ashfaq Sheikh, Actor Suleman Sheikh, Director Kamal Chandra etc were present as Chief Guests in this award.

Let us tell you that the Bharat Nirman Mahasammelan has been celebrated in Uttar Pradesh for the last 16 years, but this time the award function was held in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, which was very successful.

Producer Dheeraj Kumar praised the organizers of the award ceremony and said that this award is a good initiative which boosts morale.

Organizer Vamiq Khan said that in this ceremony, we awarded trophies to people associated with many fields of life, such as film world, sports, social service, business and those who did excellent work in many fields were honored with this award. We will hold the next award ceremony in the capital of the country, Delhi.

Shabbir Shaikh expressed his happiness over the success of UPAA Bharat Awards 2022 here. Thanks to all the organizers and guests.

The Promotion, Publicity and Marketing of Moral UPPA Bharat Awards 2022 is handled by Shabbir Shaikh of Fortune Life Line Media & Entertainment.


Grand And Successful Event Of Moral UPPA Bharat Awards 2022 In Mumbai With Bhagyashree – KC Bokadia – Shabbir Shaikh

Landmarc Films Welcomes Aniruddha Nag As Business Head

Vidhi Kasliwal-helmed Landmarc Films has made its niche in quality cinema circles with productions like Block by Block [2013] – Trilingual Documentary Short, Building for the Future [2013] – Corporate Film, SanngtoAika…! [2014] – Marathi Feature Film, Memoirs of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo [2015] – 22-part Web-series, Vazandar [2016] – Marathi Feature Film, Ringan [2017] – National Award-winning Marathi Feature Film, That’s What It’s All About [2017] – Documentary Feature, Gachchi [2017] – Marathi Feature Film, Redu [2018] – State Award-winning Marathi Feature Film, Pipsi [2018] – Internationally Acclaimed Marathi Feature Film, Vidyoday [2018] – Biographical Documentary Feature, Nashibvaan [2019] – State Award-winning Marathi Feature Film and their latest differential offering Medium Spicy [2022] – Multi-starrer Marathi Feature Film.

The company is now interestingly poised with a few award-winning documentaries under its belt, some well appreciated short films, many acclaimed Marathi features in its kitty and assorted full–length Hindi films as well as series in the pipeline. Enjoying a respectable reputation for having utmost creative integrity, Landmarc Films has an enthralling blend of talents and names from both the Hindi and the Marathi fraternity working with them in varied capacities on their diverse upcoming endeavours. Landmarc Films is all set to fulfil its mission to be involved in and promote all kinds of cinema, filmmaking and creativity that captures hope!

At this juncture, Landmarc Films has invited Aniruddha Nag, an industry expert with over two decades of experience, to come on board as the Business Head for the young production house. As the organisation prepares its roadmap to create works for all platforms across formats, Aniruddha would conduct all commercial discussions, oversee marketing and business-related exploitation, furthermore, identify new avenues of growth for this boutique content house.

Aniruddha Nag combines creative instinct and commercial astuteness, and has a deep understanding of content creation along with an insight on evolving consumer taste. This is across the board including short films, ad films, web series, film originals for OTT, movies for theatrical and even animation.

A multi-faceted leader, Aniruddha Nag has handled market research for films, analysed project feasibilities, headed film marketing campaigns and executed releases over wide-ranging geographical markets. He has also written, directed and produced in recent years. Previously, he has worked in senior roles at large studios like UTV Motion Pictures, Fox Star Studios and B4U International and has handled more than 80 films during that tenure including noteworthy hits like Jolly LLB, No One Killed Jessica, Delhi Belly, Raaz 3, Jannat 2, Bol Bachchan, Paan Singh Tomar, Dev D, Kaminey, Bang Bang, A Wednesday and many more.

“With Aniruddha joining our core team, we at Landmarc Films are foreseeing a significant and strategic expansion of our footprint in the entertainment sector and we look forward to an exciting and promising future,” avers Vidhi Kasliwal, Founder and CEO, Landmarc Films.

“Over the years, the pursuit of creative excellence built in an environment of a balanced work ethos has been my driving force in aligning with a larger corporate vision. I am extremely happy to express that I have found a home at Landmarc Films on those regards. They have built a credible library of films over the last few years and are rightly positioned to expand and express on a larger canvas through their brand of ‘hope-filled’ content. Together, we hope to make projects that are not only commercially viable but also help in bringing a smile to the viewers,” gushes Aniruddha Nag, Business Head, Landmarc Films.


Landmarc Films Welcomes Aniruddha Nag As Business Head

New OTT Platform MASK TV To Revolutionize And Captivate The World Of Entertainment From Dec 9

Just like a Trojan horse it has a catalogue of real and electrifying contents which will be unveiled giving its viewers an unbelievable experience…

Mumbai (Maharashtra) India: This wonderful phrase…’the more, the merrier…’ ‘sounds quite true….

“Mask TV”, an arguably and distinctive new OTT platform  is set to ramp up with daring entertainment from this Friday, December 9, 2022. Just like a Trojan horse it has a catalogue of real and electrifying contents which will be unveiled giving its viewers an unbelievable experience.

Confirming the same, Sanjay Bhatt, the Mentor of Mask TV said, “Yes, it is all coming together and will be available from December 9. As per the title, we also wanted to live up with it. So, as a team we bounced off with several ideas and zeroed down concepts which were real, bold and adventurous. Finally, we are ready to unmask many untold stories from every nook and corner of our country. This apart,  we will be the first one to have an unique title track for the platform – ‘Raaz tumhare…’ penned by my wife Anju Bhatt, who is also one of the promoters of Mask TV along with my son Chiranjeevi and daughter Mansie.”

Chiranjeevi Bhatt, the C.E.O. of Mask TV says, “After the pandemic ridden last couple of years, the Indian streaming market is growing in it’s second phase too. It is price-sensitve and at the same time have value conscious consumers. It is the kind of content that keeps the audience hooked. So,  there is a lot to learn for new players like us and recalibrate their offering on content and technology.”

Mansie Bhatt, the director of Mask TV adds,  “OTT platform is a place for anyone who wants to tell a good story, no matter where he or she comes from and at the same time also connect with wider audience all over the world. The viewers want content from our culture but keeping at par with the international standards. We at Mask TV are similarly moving towards stories that are different in textures, more rooted to our culture and shot in small towns.”

The innovative themes undoubtedly make the journey special at Mask TV. Their original shows will empower, innovate and unlock an entirely new level of entertainment.

Seeking a well rounded approach, for her web originals “Project Angel”, Mansie Bhatt who has also conceived, scripted and directed the show shares,  “It is all about transgenders who has not had it easy and have been neglected by the society including their near and dear ones… The first season is a 6-episode series with duration of 35-minutes each. Unbelievably,  all the performers are transgenders and first timers facing the arc lights.  They are given a platform sharing their awe-inspiring journey  – eat,  play games and how gracefully they carry themselves  in a beauty contest, etc.  Once again, it will be the first of its kind in the lot. It is said, such kind of shows have been appreciated abroad like Germany, U.S.A., and many other countries.” 

Sanjay Bhatt further informs, “To begin with we have around 30 – 35 shows on our catalogue that promises a rollercoaster ride of entertainment, dramas, comedy and unexpected twists. It contains  originals like “Mission 70” which will be releasing on December 9 with the launch of our platform ‘Mask TV’. Closely to follow “Mussoorie House” on December 13; “Bhookh- Kahani Ek Jaanwar Ki” on December 15;  “Double Shades” on December 18 and last but not the least “Project Angels” on December 20 amongst many others. We also have all our old favourite shows made for Doordarshan in the 90s being re-aired on our OTT platform, including the new versions of  “Hunsgulle – Season 2”, “Manzilen – Season 3” and 26- episodes of  “Haal Kaisa Hai Janab Ka?”; while on the other hand investments in new content production will continue. We are an Indian based OTT platform following a hybrid business model and come in an easy package for the subscribers.”

Mask TV aims at providing its audience with unique and high-quality entertainers for people all over the globe. The platform comes with a user-friendly app that can be downloaded from Google Play, Apple and Jio. 



New OTT Platform MASK TV To Revolutionize And Captivate The World Of Entertainment From Dec 9

Liza Singh Is Not Just Another Newcomer Actress On Bollywood Block

A fantastic actress, model and an amazing actress, Liza Singh is here to stay in Bollywood. She’s also a sportsperson who will now represent Kolkata in next year’s gun shooting competition. The other night Liza has a royal entry at  the star-studded Society Awards.

Incidentally, the pretty and very talented Liza was the lead actress in legendary Subhash Ghai’s movie 36 FARM HOUSE released recently.

“I was born in Kolkata. Yes, I was interested in acting since my childhood. It’s in my blood which I recognised it later. My mother used to get amused seeing me dancing even the bathroom!(Laughs) Every journey has a beginning and as they say say, ‘morning shows the day’, tells Liza with her infectious smile.

So, how did Liza come to Mumbai?

“I came to Mumbai five years ago. But not to join film industry, rather to do buisness,” informs Liza adding about her journey so far in Bollywood, “Well, kuch khatta kuch meetha.. But I only learn from my journey.”

And what’s Liza’s strategy to overcome the competion as there are lots of newcomers trying their luck in the film industry?

“All have their individual journey. There’s no competition. I am doing my own work.. they will do theirs,” Liza says as a matter of fact. About her Bollywood idol, Liza says with a smile that it has to be Shah Rukh Rukh Khan. “He is so versatile! I always admire him as my guru,” says Liza.

What are Liza’s  hobbies?How does she relax?

“Travelling to new places and horse-riding are my stress-busters. I’m cool and confident,” Liza replies.

Keep going strong Liza!


Liza Singh Is Not Just Another Newcomer Actress On Bollywood Block

Veganuary 2023 To Reinforce India’s Love For Plants And The Planet

  • Celebrating the 10th-year of the global campaign, Monica Dogra, Amy Aela and Mountaineer Prakriti Varshney join Veganuary as Ambassadors.

India, December 7, 2022: Veganuary – the global campaign to try vegan for January and beyond – is all set to reinforce India’s love for plants and the planet. It is using humour, hummus, and hope to inspire positive change for health and the environment. Backed by celeb supporters and huge popularity among Indians in its previous avatar (2022), a large number of people are expected to sign up to try vegan for January as registrations open today.

On the occasion of its 10th global anniversary, 10 popular Indian vegans are supporting the campaign, including Soundarya Sharma– actor and BigBoss contestant; Arvind Krishna– actor and pro 3×3 basketballer; Monica Dogra– musician and actor; Amy Aela– actor; Prakriti Varshney– mountaineer, Mt. Everest; Kuntal Joisher– mountaineer Mt. Everest; Vishwajeet Sangle– pro tennis player; Anushka Manchanda-singer; Sadaa Syed– actor and Sneha Ullal– actor.

Soundarya Sharma has shown that you can be vegan and thrive in any situation. She has shared her encouragement to everyone trying vegan this January. Arvind Krishna said “I’m vegan for the environment, the animals, for my health and wellbeing. I’m elated to be joining Veganuary as an ambassador and I hope my active lifestyle inspires many to try vegan”.

The theme for this January is ‘hope’ and the campaign has a desi twist to engage more Indians. In addition to the free resources and 31-day coaching emails, this year’s resources Include a new Indian starter kit answering all questions on veganism, more Indian recipes, a one-pot meal plan to help make meals cheaper and quicker, as well as an updated celebrity e-cookbook featuring recipes from Indian and global celebs including Venus Williams and Dr Jane Goodall, and a new podcast series which launches on 1st January.

Reflecting on her decision to be an ambassador for the campaign, Monica Dogra said, “I turned vegan after watching a documentary about the way that eggs are produced, and also hearing information on the environmental impact of factory farmed dairy. I had already been vegetarian for years for similar reasons. I recognize it’s a process, but it is one that is easier than ever today, and one that should surely be considered by the privileged to help lower impact on the planet and promote compassionate and mindful lifestyle.”

Market research indicates a rising popularity of veganism in India. A YouGov survey in December 2021 revealed that 65 per cent of Indians planned to eat more plant-based/vegan foods in 2022. In January 2022, India had the third highest number of people signing up to try vegan, next only to the UK and USA.

Along with climate, social and health benefits, veganism has huge economic implications as well. The Indian plant-based meat market, which is currently worth $30–40 million, is anticipated to grow to $500 million in the next two years. Plant-based dairy sales in India are expected to increase from their current level of $21 million to $63.9 million by 2024, with a CAGR of 20.7% per cent. As a result of the rising demand, meat and dairy substitutes are competitively priced and readily available on par with their equivalents sourced from animals.

Amy Aela shared her sentiment, by saying: “Choosing to be plant based is not about a diet, it’s about choosing a lifestyle which is morally sound. As humans, we have the ability for moral and rational thought – unlike other animals. So, if we can have happy and healthy lives without hurting someone else, why wouldn’t we?”

Prakriti Varshney, the first vegan woman to scale Mt. Everest recorded a motivational video for Veganuary participants and observed “If you can live a happy, strong and healthy life without harming animals and nature, then, why wouldn’t you?”

To help people track their progress while encouraging them to stay on a vegan diet, Veganuary has also collaborated with vegan bakehouse Maloney’s Delights and introduced special edition Veganuary calendars.

Veganuary’s India Head Prashanth Vishwanath said: “This is the time for hope, change, and action. Whatever your plans for 2023 are, trying vegan is a great place to start, for health, the planet and the animals. Veganuary understands the science of behaviour change and brings world-class support and resources for you to have a great vegan experience. You can do this while enjoying most of your favourite Indian recipes, engaging with celeb vegans and being part of a community that is trying vegan at the same time as you”

If you’re in Delhi or Bengaluru, don’t forget to catch Veganuary on the many cabs plying the streets. You can even use the QR code on the cab to sign up!

Notes to Editor

Veganuary is free to join, and people can sign-up at to receive our Celebrity eCookbook, the new Official Veganuary Starter Kit, and 31 daily emails packed with nutritional info, delicious Indian recipes, meal plans and helpful advice.

Nearly 2.5 million people, coming from almost every country in the world, have officially taken part since our pledge launched in January 2014. With campaign hubs now in Germany, USA, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, India and the UK, Veganuary has truly become a global phenomenon.

Veganuary 2023 To Reinforce India’s Love For Plants And The Planet