सनातन मंथन कार्यक्रम कर सनातन संस्कार यात्रा का संखनाद

सनातन मंथन कार्यक्रम कर सनातन संस्कार यात्रा का संखनाद

सनातन धर्म के शाश्वत सूत्रों को हिंदुत्व ने अपने जीवन की शैली बना कर सूक्ष्म से सूक्ष्म आचरण में पिरोकर जन्म के आह्वान से मृत्यु तक क्रमबद्ध तरीक़े संस्कारों का निर्माण किया More »

देशभर से जुटे विद्वतजनों ने सनातन संस्कार यात्रा को बताया अतिमहत्वपूर्ण

देशभर से जुटे विद्वतजनों ने सनातन संस्कार यात्रा को बताया अतिमहत्वपूर्ण

सनातन धर्म के शाश्वत सूत्रों को हिंदुत्व ने अपने जीवन की शैली बना कर सूक्ष्म से सूक्ष्म आचरण में पिरोकर जन्म के आह्वान से मृत्यु तक क्रमबद्ध तरीक़े संस्कारों का निर्माण किया More »

“The visionary force behind delivering Bapa’s message to the moon rests solely in the profound wisdom and unwavering devotion of the esteemed Pujya Bramvihari Swamiji ,” says Jay Patel.

“The visionary force behind delivering Bapa’s message to the moon rests solely in the profound wisdom and unwavering devotion of the esteemed Pujya Bramvihari Swamiji ,” says Jay Patel.

Reflecting on a cherished encounter in Ahmedabad, following his return from the USA, Jay fondly recalls a conversation with Swamiji where he shared his focus on the technological aspect, particularly space exploration. More »

भारत को हिन्दू आतंकवाद के रूप में बदनाम करने की साज़िश का पर्दाफाश करती फ़िल्म “मिशन सी1000”

भारत को हिन्दू आतंकवाद के रूप में बदनाम करने की साज़िश का पर्दाफाश करती फ़िल्म “मिशन सी1000”

देश के दुश्मन कैसे हिंदुस्तान पर हिन्दू आतंकवाद का धब्बा लगाना चाहते हैं, और इस तरह पूरे विश्व में हिंदुस्तान को हिन्दू आतंकवाद के नामनपर बदनाम किया जाए, इसी ज्वलंत मुद्दे पर More »

KUSUM KA BIYAAH Indian Hindi Film Based On A True Story Releasing On 1st March 2024

KUSUM KA BIYAAH Indian Hindi Film Based On A True Story Releasing On 1st March 2024

Kolkata, 15 February, 2024: iLEAD Films and Balwant Purohit Media proudly present the premiere of “Kusum Ka Biyaah,” a hindi film based on a true story on 13 February at Mani Square More »

भार्गव भक्ति यूट्यूब चैनल वर्तमान समय में भक्ति से ओतप्रोत गीत-संगीतों के माध्यम से सनातन धर्म की अलख जगा रहा है।

भार्गव भक्ति यूट्यूब चैनल वर्तमान समय में भक्ति से ओतप्रोत गीत-संगीतों के माध्यम से सनातन धर्म की अलख जगा रहा है।

जितनी चीजें भार्गव भक्ति के माध्यम से रिलीज हो रही है और हुई है,उसे अभी तक ना ही किसी फिल्म में या ना ही म्युजिक के माध्यम से दिखाया गया है। न More »

Celebrating 200 Episodes Of Kaisa Hain Yeh Rishta Anjana  Beloved Leader Of 7:00 PM Slot

Celebrating 200 Episodes Of Kaisa Hain Yeh Rishta Anjana Beloved Leader Of 7:00 PM Slot

[Mumbai, 13th February 2023] – “Kaisa Hain Yeh Rishta Anjana” on DANGAL TV marks it’s significant milestone with completing 200 episodes of enthralling storytelling and capturing the hearts of audiences nationwide. The More »

वैलेंटाइन डे के अवसर पर श्रेया एंटरटेनमेंट एंड प्रोडक्शंस की नई पेशकश भारत के युवाओं के नाम म्यूजिक एल्बम लॉन्च

वैलेंटाइन डे के अवसर पर श्रेया एंटरटेनमेंट एंड प्रोडक्शंस की नई पेशकश भारत के युवाओं के नाम म्यूजिक एल्बम लॉन्च

मुंबई, 14 फरवरी। श्रेया फाउंडेशन एवं श्रेया एंटरटेनमेंट एण्ड प्रोडक्शंस द्वारा वैलेंटाइन डे के अवसर पर भारत के युवाओं को प्रेरणा देते हुए नए म्यूजिक एल्बम गणेश वंदना, सरस्वती वंदना,  बेआबरू , More »


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Srishti Sharma Actress

Srishti Sharma Model-Actress
I am very thankful to Almighty God, who has given me three most desirable Assets,i.e. Body, Beauty & Brain. I have decided & am fully determind to utilize all the three to the best of my personal & professional advantage. First of all I started me career as a Model. I am proud of the fact at I have been appreciated by one & by all. With the grace of God I have become one of the most sought after Model of print & electronic media.

Actress Srishti Sharma (34) Actress Srishti Sharma (139)

Actress Srishti Sharma (122) Actress Srishti Sharma (123)

After being completely satisfied, with my Modelling career (though still I am marching ahead, as usual ) I have made up my mind to try my luck in Bollywood, where, there is always a place for Bold, Beautiful girls with Brain & the artistic bent of mind. I realy fit in the Frame of film-world. I just need, a proper opening a proper opportunity, a proper original producer & above all a proper Break.

Actress Srishti Sharma (78) Actress Srishti Sharma (114)
I have some offers, which I am considering. I am not in a hurry, because I know that Hurry makes curry.
I have all thequalities & Qualifications of a perfact Actress & a am sure, to make it a big in Bollywood as well.

World’s largest Medical Camp On Sunday 28th February at BSNL Ground in Mumbai,

For Benefit of the people many health, eye camps and other medical camps  are always organized every where by various organizations and NGO’s. But On Sunday 28th February 2016, World’s largest Medical Camp has been organized at BSNL Ground in Mumbai. No body might have ever thought of this lavish large scale medical camp being organized by Dr. Dharmendra Kumar the Chairman of R. K. HIV –  Research and Care Centre.

mediacl camp (2)

With the help of Dr. Dharmendra Kumar this camp is being organized on a very large scale in which more than 2,00,000 peoples will be participating and will take benefit of this camp. Worlds largest medical camp in which more than 5,000 Doctors team will check all patients and will give more than 3 crores medicines free of charge.

mediacl camp

Shahi Jo Shahi Group’s Chairman Shri Jitendra Sharma, Actress Poonam Jhavar and many Industrialists, celebrities, banks  will lend their extreme support for this medical camp.

mediacl camp (1)

In this Camp BSNL Group, Bank Of India, CDB Bank,Union Bank, Saraswat Bank, Laxmi Vishal Bank, Alchem, CDB, and many other companies have given their valuable support.

Meenu Singh’s tribute to International Wrestler Khali

Lyricist/ Music Composer and singer Meenu Singh who hails from Jalandar will record a special song which will be a tribute to the international wrestler Khali.

Meenu Singh
Incidently, Khali also hails from Jalandar, is admitted to the hospital and is recovering from severe blows after a fight in the ring which is allegedly a foul play by three wrestlers who prudently hit him which injured Khali very badly. Meenu Singh has also prayed for Khali’s health and she immediately decided to record a special number on the life and times of Khali.

Meenu Singh is a well-known music celebrity who has written over one hundred songs for bollywood films and has also rendered her voice for four major albums which are international hits.

Carfies of actress Mrinmai Kolwalkar on her way to photoshoot of her upcoming movie.

Carfies of actress Mrinmai Kolwalkar on her way to photoshoot of her upcoming movie.

Alok Shrivastava

Her Latest Marathi Film Miss Match was a great success.

which was produced by Alok Shrivastava of Gold Coin Entertainment

Alokji (2) (Copy)


The band is set woo audience with “The Music Yantra” a one-of-its-kind, global music collaboration series created Online. The music album is a culmination of 50 Indian and International artists from 20 countries across the world coming together to create musical symphony.

The Music Yantra features Six Songs , which are a potpourri of musical genres like Func, Jazz, Electro, Rock, Blues, and R&B, with Indian classical and folk music remaining the protagonist. Each song has a unique musical journey of sound & instrument that will interest the audience to enjoy a never heard or seen before compilation.

MaatiBaani (3) MaatiBaani

First song of the series Lagan Laagi- the music video features the famous Natalia ‘Saw Lady’ ,Sufi maestro Moorala Marwada along with other great musicians jamming together at the crowded New-York Subway.

MaatiBaani (2) MaatiBaani (1)

Maati Baani has worked from the grass-root level to create their dream to reality “The Music Yantra”- by exploring the best musician’s world-wide and to build trust and network on a digital platform.

MaatiBaani (5) MaatiBaani (4)

The idea of The Music Yantra arose from Maati Baani’s strong belief that music has the power to transcend differences, be it cultures, languages, or geographies. Through their journey, they have discovered, appreciated and celebrated the sounds of little-known but exquisite musicians from different corners of the globe. They took it upon themselves to introduce these fresh, nomadic instruments and voices to the wider audience.




manjeet upal (9) manjeet upal (8)

manjeet upal (6) manjeet upal (4)

manjeet upal manjeet upal (2)







gharib Nawaz

Shubhada Bhosale A Upcoming Character Artiste.

Shubhada Bhosale is a new new character artiste suitable for mothers role, mother in laws role, principal, teacher, doctor  etc .she has all the qualities which an artiste should posses.

She has just retired from her central government  job and after the instance of her family and friends she has opted for the film carreer as a professional artiste.

Shubhada Bhosale (4) Shubhada Bhosale (2)

She has high regards for yester years artiste Lalita Pawar, Jayshree Gadkar and Kiran Kher of the present years. These all have done justice for their roles. Now she too is inclined to give her best artistic performance in any given role whether it is negative also.

Shubhada Bhosale Shubhada Bhosale (5)

Now her new devotional album SAI BABA is coming for which shooting is to start next month. This album is being produced by Rajeev Dutta Of Way2 Fame Production house & PR management service.

She too can be contacted thru Way 2 Fame  for any acting or modellieng assignment on mobile no. 9892378997

We team of reporters wish her good luck in her new carreer


It’s 25th of February and Sanjay Dutt has finally walked out a FREE MAN from Pune’s Yerwada Central Jail! Here is a minute by minute of Sanjay Dutt’s day post release.
7:00 am : The gates of Yerwada Central Jail are opened and Sanjay Dutt is seen walking out wearing a dark blue shirt and jeans.
7:15 am : The actor on his release turned near the gate to face the prison and bowed down touching the mother land expressing his gratitude to the Indian soil as a proud citizen he further gave a salute of pride to the Indian Tricolour fluttering atop the prison wall.
7:20 am : Sanjay Dutt greets his family and friends outisde the jail. Present to receive him outside the YCJ were his wife Manyata and filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani, writer Abhijat Joshi, his lawyers, thousands of fans and a huge media contingent from across India and abroad. Close friend and film maker Rajkumar Hirani documented the Sanju’s release.The actor’s exit will be the first shot of the Sanjay Dutt biopic which Rajkumar Hirani is directing. There, he addressed the media and credited his fans for their unending support. He said, “I am here because of their (fans’) support. And there is no easy road to freedom, my friends.” Sanjay Dutt along with family and friends proceeds to Pune Airport at Lohegaon to board a chartered plane to Mumbai.

Sanjay Dutt (9) Sanjay Dutt (7)

Sanjay Dutt (6) Sanjay Dutt (5)

Sanjay Dutt (4) Sanjay Dutt

Sanjay Dutt (2)Sanjay Dutt (1)
11:00 am : Sanjay Dutt arrives at the Kalina Airport.
12:00 pm : Sanjay Dutt visits Siddhivinayak Temple in Prabhadevi to seek blessings.
12:45 pm : Sanjay Dutt reaches Bada Kabrastan near Marine Lines to pray at his mother’s grave, the Late actress Nargis Dutt. The actor visited the grave alone while Manyata Dutt waited outside as women are not permitted to enter the premises.
1:00 pm : The Dutt household gears up to welcome their beloved Sanju Baba home. A Life size animated poster consisting of the many names he is addressed with by family members stands tall at the gates of his residence at Pali hill, Bandra.
1:15 pm : Sanjay Dutt departures from Marine Lines for his house.
2:00 pm : The Dutt family consisting of sisters Priya and Namrata Dutt along with their family, relatives of the actor and close friends assembled near his building gate with a Puja ki Thali, eagerly awaiting his homecoming.
2:15 pm : Sanjay Dutt arrives at Imperial Heights. He is welcomed by sister Priya Dutt in a tradition manner. Sanjay Dutt then goes on to give a ‘Jadoo ki Jhappi’ to his beloved sister.
2:20 pm : Sanjay Dutt reaches his house. On entering the door, he walks to the portrait of his father, the Late Sunil Dutt to perform a puja and seek blessings.
2:45 pm : Sanjay Dutt comes downstairs to greet the huge media contingent and horde of fans outside his residence.
In merely a few hours since his release, Sanjay Dutt has already bagged his first film in his second innings. The film is a big- scale action film, directed by Siddharth Anand that will be shot across six countries. The film is expected to take off this summer and is likely to release this year .
Pics by KAB!R M ALI

Zorawar, A PTC Motion Pictures & PTC Punjabi Film Featuring HONEY SINGH | releases 6th May.‏

First Motion Poster revealed at the Zee Cine Awards.

Honey Singh who is making his solo debut with Zorawar, a PTC Motion Pictures & PTC Punjabi production, recently released the first motion poster at the prestigious Zee Cine Awards in Mumbai in front of leading Bollywood personalities like Karan Johar, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Sonakshi Sinha, Parineeti Chopra, and many more.

zorawar (1)

Zorawar will witness the emergence of YoYo Honey Singh as the Actor. The movie, shot extensively in South Africa, London and Punjab, is a story of a young soldier who is serving his country with passion. Zorawar is a journey of a son in search for the truth and his identity in a world surrounded by lies. YoYo Honey Singh plays the lead character of Zorawar, along with famous Bollywood Actors Pawan Malhotra and Mukul Dev. Zorawar releases on 6th May, 2016.

zorawar zorawar (2)

Rajiee M Shinde, Director & CEO – PTC Network & PTC Motion Pictures said “Zorawar is the first movie to be shot at a scale which is unmatched in the Punjabi Film Industry so far. With a Global Star like YoYo Honey Singh at the helm of Zorawar, we will ensure that the reach of Punjabi Film Industry grows beyond the Punjabi speaking audiences, thus making this Film a Truly “Indian” product to watch out for.”

Rabindra Narayan, President & Director – PTC Network & PTC Motion Pictures said, “The sheer scale of production of this film is spectacular and the storyline binds the audience interest and keeps them glued.  Rage that he is across the world, YoYo Honey Singh, as an Actor, a Music Composer and a Singer, the Film is a through and through Entertainer to look forward to.”

About PTC Motion Pictures

PTC Motion Pictures is the destination for bringing the best Punjabi Films to the Indian Diaspora worldwide. With in-house capabilities of creative development, production, marketing & distribution, PTC Motion Pictures is at the forefront of delivering quality movies to the global audiences worldwide. The previous Punjabi Film produced by PTC Motion Pictures was Diljit Dosanjh starrer Disco Singh, which went on to break many previously held Box Office records.


Aryeman takes the Khiladi franchise ahead with ‘Yeh Kaisa Khiladi’‏

Keshu Ramsay’s son Aryeman who made his directorial debut with Ranbanka starring Manish Paul and Ravi Kishen is all set for his next directorial venture. He plans to take forward the Khiladi franchise of his father Keshu Ramsay who was best known for his Khiladi films with Akshay Kumar.


“Since the film is ‘Yeh Kaisa Khiladi’ and is a non khiladi film I am going to approach Akshay Bhaiyya (Akshay Kumar) for a promotional song” says Aryeman. Adding further he says,” Yeh Kaisa Khiladi is a story of a non Khiladi where the main lead is a huge fan of Khiladi series and wants to become one. I remember how Akshay bhaiyya shot for the Khiladi films with my father, from hanging from the chopper to fighting with Undertaker to fighting the Sumo Wrestler to standing on a flying plane. He is the actual Khiladi and I don’t see anyone who can become a Khiladi”.

The film will go on floors on 7th March, 2016.

JAI-VEERU Chemistry to come Live again | Sholey Days are Back‏

For all those who thought SRK is the most wittiest celebrity in Bollywood, you got to see what legendry star Dharmendra has in store for you.


Get ready for a laughter riot as we present you some of the whackiest punches by our beloved Dharmendra, at Saregama’s launch event where Hema Malini announced the launch of her singing debut through a music video “Dream Girl”. Enjoy the video as Jai-Veeru chemistry from ‘Sholay’ comes alive once again after 4 decades.


Vesting her interest in the craft of acting, Splitsvilla Season 8 fame Mia Lakra falls prey to discrimination because of her complexion

“If fair is lovely dark is beautiful” says Mia Lakra of Splitsvilla Season 8 fame. An avid believer of “Quality over Quantity” Mia Lakra who has spell her Midas touch on a no. of reality shows like Dare to Date on Chanel V, ramp shoots, print adds & TVCs unfortunately faced criticism and rejection due to her complexion.

Mia Lakra (20) Mia Lakra (14)

Vocal about her view, the dusky beauty says “It’s all about mindset. It’s deep-rooted. Whether you are in the West or in the East, it does not matter. You are human at the end of day. Humans are prejudiced all the time on the basis of colour, caste, race, money, IQ, language… the list goes on. I was also rejected on the grounds that I wanted to work and do something in my life”

Mia Lakra (12) Mia Lakra

“Thankfully now the scenario is improving and people have a change in their mind set. Bollywood Actress like Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Konkana Sen and many more play a big role in bringing this revolution. Now dark is considered beautiful” adds Mia Lakra

Holding a penchant for acting, Mia Lakra started her journey at a tender age with a vision to entertain people with her acting abilities. On her journey to pursue her dreams, Mia Lakra has tried her hand in various other jobs like print ads, shoots etc.

Blame her appealing looks, the upfront ambitious actress has triumphed upon the hearts of millions with her screen presence and now gears up to exhibit her brilliance in Bollywood.

“After my stint in Splitsvilla, I have got a few offers. But I haven’t given a nod to any. Like I said it’s not always about quantity and exposure. You have to get the right exposure at the right time to have the right impact. Soon there will be an official announcement about the projects” says Mia lakra


Maati Baani, a World Music band combining elements of Hindustani Classical with various styles of Folk music and New-Age sounds.
The band is set woo audience with “The Music Yantra” a one-of-its-kind, global music collaboration series created Online. The music album is a culmination of 50 Indian and International artists from 20 countries across the world coming together to create musical symphony.

MaatiBaani (4) MaatiBaani (5)
The Music Yantra features Six Songs , which are a potpourri of musical genres like Func, Jazz, Electro, Rock, Blues, and R&B, with Indian classical and folk music remaining the protagonist. Each song has a unique musical journey of sound & instrument that will interest the audience to enjoy a never heard or seen before compilation.

MaatiBaani (3) MaatiBaani
Catch the First song of the series Lagan Laagi- the music video features the famous Natalia ‘Saw Lady’ ,Sufi maestro Moorala Marwada along with other great musicians jamming together at the crowded New-York Subway.

MaatiBaani has worked from the grass-root level to create their dream to reality “The Music Yantra”- by exploring the best musician’s world-wide and to build trust and network on a digital platform.

The idea of The Music Yantra arose from Maati Baani’s strong belief that music has the power to transcend differences, be it cultures, languages, or geographies. Through their journey, they have discovered, appreciated and celebrated the sounds of little-known but exquisite musicians from different corners of the globe. They took it upon themselves to introduce these fresh, nomadic instruments and voices to the wider audience.

Pankaj Kamal’s Political Drama To Go On Floors This April

Film producer-director Pankaj Kamal has confirmed that his upcoming political drama ‘Corruption – Beginning of the war’ will begin his shooting schedule in the first week of April and will wrap up by May-mid.

Divyanka Agarwal, Pankaj kamal, Md Ali, Srishty Singh

“We have completed the script of this film. So, hopefully the shooting will start on 5th April and it will be wrapped up by May-mid,” said Pankaj Kamal, the producer of the film.

The political drama features new talent Md. Ali, Hyder Ali, Kajal Singh, Divyanka Agarwal and Srishty Singh in the main roles. The music will be composed by music director Sahil Reyan and S.P Sen. There will be six songs in the track list and singer like Shaan, Javed Ali andMamta Sharma will lend their voice for the songs.

The film will be shot in various locations like Ranchi, Hazaribag, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur and Mumbai.

It is written by Balal Guru and produced by Pankaj Kaml under the banner of Pankaj Kamal production. The film is slated to release on theaters on 12 August 2016.

Shakti Kappor Sang Song For The First Time For Film Mein Hun Lawaaris

Highly Appreciated In Hindi Films Actor Shakti Kapoor has become singer. The first film as singer is MEIN HUN LAAWARIS, for which he recorded a song last week in Mumbai. This film is being made under the banner of Gem Series Film Productions, being Produced,  Written & Directed by Zahid Khan.

Shakti Kappor (1)

Shakti Kappor

This Film Stars Shakti Kapoor along with Rajul Gandhi, Abdullah Khan, Renu Verma, Razak Khan,  Yunus Khan and well-known faces in film industry giving their best performance. The Music of the film is by Asif Chandvani, lyrics are penned by Jahid Saharanpuri, the film is being readied for an early release.—-Akhlesh Singh(PRO)

Actor Rohit Pathak starts shooting of his next movie “Boondein”‏

Actor Rohit Pathak who was last seen in Raja Natwarlaal, Jannat, Jannat 2, Mickey Virus, Jal, Mithya and Once Upon A Time in Mumbai has started a shooting of his next movie “Boondein” which is written and directed byUllahaas Tayade and produced by Deepak Patil. The story revolves around survival and revenge based on Novel “Boondein”. The cast and crew has started shooting at Raigad district Maharashtra.  Rohit Pathak is the main lead, who is playing a character of Baabu son of former.

Rohit Pathak4 Rohit Pathak1

 Rohit PathakRohit Pathak3

Rohit Pathak said, “I am playing a role of former son Baabu. My father was torcher by Village Sarpanch and I took revenge from him. This is beautiful story based on revenge. I’m enjoying shooting in Raigad and my desi look”.

Jimmy Sheirgill starrer Shortcut Safaari unveils its trailer

Mumbai, 24th Feb 2016- The much awaited jungle adventure film with children, Shortcut Safaariunveils its trailer at a star studded evening. Lead actor, Jimmy Sheirgill was present with the Director of the film, Amitabha Singh alongwith singers Shaan and Sadhana Sargam. The highlight of the event was the presence of children from the star cast of the film.

Saafari Trailor

Saafari Trailor (1)

The two minute trailer captures the essence of the film showcasing a group of urban children embarking on an extraordinary journey as they find themselves stranded in a jungle. In pursuit of finding a way out of the jungle, the children get to interact with nature and understand its value in life. Alongside the trailer, the film’s mascot, a ‘clouded leopard’ called Jimmy was also launched. Jimmy- The animated leopard came to life as the costume clad mascot was seen interacting with the children and starcast.

Saafari Trailor (6) Saafari Trailor (2)

Adding to the fun quotient of the evening, the title track of the film, Bako Sufu was played which got the kids excited. The song has been created by music director, Rohit Sharma of Ship of Theseus Fame.  The pivotal title track of the film, establishes the mood of the film and kick starts the story through an animation piece. Rohit has not just composed track but has created a new language for its lyrics and lent his voice to bring it alive on screen. Rohit also took to the stage and hummed a few lines from his enchanting creation. Singer Shaan, who lent his melodious voice to a very cute song, Piggy Bank also sang the song for the audience and media present.

Shortcut Safaari marks Amitabha Singh’s directorial debut. Amitabha has been a leading Director of Photography (DoP) with titles like Chillar Party, Khosla Ka Ghosla and India’s Oscar entrant in 2014, The Good Road to his credit.

Talking about the trailer launch of Shortcut Safaari, Amitabha said, “The journey of making this film has been as exciting as the journey of the kids within the film. I have done a lot of screenings for children in the past few months and they have given me a lot of confidence that I’m on the right path. The children’s film festivals have also proved to be great platform to showcase the film. We are now gearing up for it’s theatrical release.”

Actor Jimmy Sheirgill, said, “This role is very different from whatever I have done in the past. As soon as I heard the script, I immediately agreed to come on board. Our cinema is totally devoid of content for children.  Shortcut Safaari is not just a film for children but a learning experience for them as well. The film will help children to reconnect with the environment which is the need of the hour.”

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s motherly instinct continues on the sets of Sarbjit‏

The world is aware about  the doting supermom that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is to her daughter Aaradhya and she is no different when it comes to reel life too! Recently while shooting for a sequence for her upcoming movie ‘Sarbjit’, the actress had to share screen with a bunch of young children.  It is heard that all the while that Aishwarya was shooting with the younger lot; she made sure to take good care of them. Her motherly nature was evident as she kept checking on them.  That’s not all! During the shoot hours,  it was getting really hot and sunny so the actress also asked to make arrangements for them to cover themselves and also kept them well hydrated and fed through the shoot.

Sarbjit Film Sarbjit Film (1)

Well, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan might be a superstar but the beautiful lady has all the right qualities of any caring human being/mother

Kunal Kapoor amongst World’s top entrepreneur speakers at SURGE 2016 Bangalore‏

Kunal Kapoor is one of those rare actors, that is invited to as many tech and startup conferences, as he is to film functions. Kunal who is currently shooting for two films, his upcoming trilingual film Veeram and Dharma Production’s next is going to speak at India’s first Web Summit conference- Surge 2016 in Bangalore.

Surge 2016

Surge 2016 (1) Surge 2016 (4)

Web Summit is the planet’s largest and most influential tech and startup event, which is launching its Indian edition as SURGE 2016. Aimed at the tech and startup communities in India and internationally, SURGE 2016 will bring together the biggest entrepreneurs, to share their experiences and ideas.

Surge 2016 (3) Surge 2016 (5)

Kunal who is the co-founder of Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform “Ketto” will be one of the speakers amongst many top industrialist like Nicolas Brusson (Co-Founder & COO of BlaBlaCar), Dave McClure (Founder of 500 Startups United States), Sachin Bansal (co-founder of Flipkart),  Rohit Bansal (co-founder of Snapdeal) etc who will share their journey.

Talking about it, Kunal Kapoor says, “These are entrepreneurs and companies that are shaping and changing the world we live in. To find myself speaking amongst them is a privilege’–

Associate Producer Aashna Shrivastava

Associate Producer Aashna Shrivastava with cousin Mukti Srivastava and Karan were seen holidaying abroad. visiting  Mountain view, Downtown California, USA.

Alok Shrivasatav (3) Alok Shrivasatav (1)

Alok Shrivasatav (2) Alok Shrivasatav

Alok Shrivasatav (4)




There are two prominent routes to enter Bollywood – Winning Beauty Pageants and Starring in Reality Shows – Director Rohit Raj’s forthcoming film Ishq Vs Luv being Produced by Arsalaan Khan Production’s in a very interesting way, has winners from both these fields as the lead starcast.  The lead Actor Rishabh Sinha recently appeared in Bigg Boss 9 and Actress Afroz Khan has been titled Miss Asia International-India 2013 recently. The Film completed  its first schedule in Mumbai and the remaining be shot in other cities of India.

ishqvs luv ishqvs luv (1)

ISHQ VS LUV is a Musical RomCom story which revolves around a couple who are unaware of their love to each other. Being shot in interesting locales, an interesting script & screenplay, the movie is a complete package of entertainment with twist and turns. Known Cinematographer Prakash Kutty is the DOP and the Music is being Composed by DEB with soulful lyrics by Niket Pandey.


Bollywood’s new age Bindu a.k.a Parineeti Chopra, who will soon plunge into preparations for her forthcoming film ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’, is letting her hair down and wants to ensure that she hasa gala time on her Australian Holiday down under.

The vivacious actress, on her recent visit to Cairns in Queensland, Australia, has been earnestly tracked by all her fans. They have showered her with a warm welcome and are hoping that young actress makes the most of her brief visit there. Pari too, on her part has obliged her numerous aficionados with selfies and autographs galore. But that’s not all, her fans have also suggested some must see’s and must do’s for the young actress on her adrenaline packed trip.

Pareenitie (4) Pareenitie (2)

Some of these suggestions include visiting the Kuranda Koala Gardens, the Sky rail experience, Helicopter flight over Vlassoff Cay, jungle surfing at Cape Tribulation and visiting the Daintree Rainforest – one of the worlds oldest rainforest.

Pareenitie (3) Pareenitie

Parineeti has added some of these suggestions to her itinerary. Of course, what the actress is most looking forward to is to go deep sea diving at the pristine Great Barrier Reef.

Seems like this is going to be a ‘FAN’tastic trip for Pari!!

Actress Mrinmai Kolwalkar

Actress Mrinmai Kolwalkar at Zee Cine Awards 2016

at Jio Garden BKC mumbai.

Mrinmai Kolwalkar (3) Mrinmai Kolwalkar (2)

Mrinmai Kolwalkar (1)

Her Latest Marathi Film MISS MATCH produced by Alok Shrivastava was released succesfully by Gold Coin Entertainment.

Alokji (23) (Copy) Alokji (10) (Copy)Alokji (2) (Copy)

Aishana Actress-Model

Aishana is a full time Actress-Model and a well known face in Mumbai film industry. She started her career as a Print shoot model & Movie actor.The ever enthusiastic beauty is originally from Jaipur, but currently lives in Mumbai working as a mainstream TV actress.

Aishana has been working in the industry since a long time and has worked in TV series like Hitler Didi. Presently she is working with Rashmi Sharma Telefilms in the mythological TV series ‘Santoshi Maa’ as ‘Bitto’.



Age -23
Face colour -fair
Hair colour –  black brown


Hindi , English, Rajasthani, Gujrati, Bhojpuri,

Aishana4 Aishana3

I have done two years theatre (ravindra manch ) or in mumbai (abss Group), done many serials sapne suhane ladkpan ke , hitler didi, dil dosti dance etc . miss north 2013 , miss rajasthan 2014 limme magazine front cover girl now i m doing santoshi ma as a parallel lead.

Actress Srishti Sharma

Indian Bollywood Actress Shrishti Sharma pose during the photo shoot for promotion of her upcoming Hindi film ‘Isheq Re’ directed by Jems Anthony in Mumbai. AFP PHOTO/Sujit Jaiswal.

Actress Srishti Sharma (7) Actress Srishti Sharma (3)

Actress Srishti Sharma (1) Actress Srishti Sharma

Actress Shrishti Sharma (6) Actress Shrishti Sharma (5)

Actress Shrishti Sharma (4) Actress Shrishti Sharma (3)

Actress Shrishti Sharma (2) Actress Shrishti Sharma (1)

Actress Shrishti Sharma

Vande Matram Entertainment & Rasleela Entertainment Presentation Priya Pradhan Mantriji Muhuhurat Held at Filmistan Studios.

Vande  Matram  Entertainment  & Rasleela Entertainment Presentation Priya Pradhan Mantriji  Muhuhrat  was held at Filmistan Studios, Goregaon West, On Sunday 21st Feb 2016. The Lavish Muhurat’s Chief Guest Was Vidya Thakur(Rajya Mantri), With Phool Singh, Dilip Joshi Of Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma were the guest of honour.

Priya PradhanMantriji (1)

Shri Phool Singh made a very good speech everybody present at the event had applauded a lot, while Commandos from their force were also honoured because the film is based on the subject of Commandos.

Priya PradhanMantriji

This Film is Produced by Raas Bihari Laal, written & directed by Mangal Fauji, DOP Manoj Goswami,  Music by Amit Sharad Trivedi, Lyrics by Rameez Ji and Singer Nilaadri,

The Patriotic song was played which was the highlight of the show.

The film is going for long shooting schedule very soon.——-Akhilesh Singh(PRO)

Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Films and Fox Star Studios come together for Phillauri

MUMBAI; 22nd February, 2016: Content driven cinema, that goes beyond clichés, is definitely the flavour of the season. While Anushka Sharma’s maiden production NH10 (under Clean Slate Films, her production banner with brother Karnesh Sharma) won the hearts of audiences as well as critics, Fox Star Studios latest offering Neerja is a thumping success that got the esteemed production banner accolades and approval from audiences.

Now, these two production houses, staying firm on their promise of quality cinema, have joined hands to produce Phillauri- an uncommon romantic film set in Phillaur, Punjab. Debut director Anshai Lal will direct Anushka Sharma, popular Punjabi star Diljit Dusanjh and Suraj Sharma of ‘Life of Pi’ fame in lead roles.

screen-shot-2016-02-21-at-11-43-57-pm Actress-Anushka-Sharma-to-be-the-leading-lady-in-the-movie--Phillauri-Cover_0

Speaking on this project, Anushka explained, “Phillauri has a unique premise. It took almost 100 years, a crazy Punjabi wedding and rank strangers to complete this love story, and that’s the crux of the film. Now what could possibly take a 100 years? And how does this fit into this story? That’s the bit that you need to keep guessing! With loads of humor, fun and engaging drama happening all throughout, this film promises smart, wholesome entertainment. We at Clean Slate are excited to co-produce this special film with Fox Star Studios.”

Vijay Singh, CEO, Fox Star Studios says, ” Content is king as Neerja and NH10’s resounding success has clearly shown !! It is our pleasure to work with Clean Slate Films on “Phillauri ” – a film we are sure will touch everyone’s heart !! Anushka Sharma is a phenomenal actress and has proven that she is a producer par excellence with her brave first film. We are thrilled to be working with her.”

The film goes on floors in April this year.

Clean Slate Films is an Indian film production company that is focused on creating relevant, entertaining and clutter-breaking cinema. Based in Mumbai, it is owned by Indian cinema star Anushka Sharma and her brother Karnesh Sharma. Committed to producing and presenting quality films with mass appeal, its debut project NH10 (2015 release, directed by Navdeep Singh; starring Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam & Darshan Kumaar) represents its core philosophy aptly. The production house has announced its second venture, Phillauri- an uncommon romantic film set in Phillaur, Punjab. Debut director Anshai Lal will direct Anushka Sharma, popular Punjabi star Diljit Dusanjh and Suraj Sharma of ‘Life of Pi’ fame in lead roles.

Clean Slate Films will concentrate on increasing outreach of Indian cinema to newer audiences and territories overseas with its endeavour to make engaging, content driven cinema, that goes beyond clichés.

Ruslaan Mumtaz and Sumit Khetan Judges a fashion show at Bhavan’s College‏

Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Andheri witnessed its 3 days bombastic splendor.  This year UDAAN witnessed a cinematic journey through its bioscope, which amazingly stands as this year’s theme.  After being a huge success last year, UDAAN is all set to contribute to the society using students’ enthusiasm. The fest is the right platform for students to showcase their passion for dance, drama, literature, music, fine arts and more. Bollywood Choreographer Sumit Khetan and Bollywood Actor Ruslaan Mumtaz were recently seen at Bhavan’s college as judges of a fashion show and a dance event. By judging the fashion show actor shared his debut film was shot in the same college. He enjoyed coming here. Also added that in today’s life, students are very intelligent and enjoy lot more than we actually could. While talking to media Sumit Khetan said, “ it was great to see most of the people dance in the talent round in the fashion show which entertained him thoroughly. Sumit also said colleges are giving great opportunity to the students by providing this platform.

Bhavan College (9) Bhavan College (7)

Bhavan College (5) Bhavan College (1)

Bhavan College (3)

Bhavan College (6) Bhavan College (10)

India’s top most Hindi rock band Coshish made their headlining act opened by Kashmeer and Clay Crown. Last but not the least to state this festival inaugurated by Mr. Dinesh Waghmare Municipal commissioner NMMC turns out to be a huge delight and success to the city youth.

PRESS RELEASE “Children’s are our future” says Mukesh Khanna at PC of “No.1 Dramebaaz season 2”‏

A press conference for the Musical contest “No.1 Dramebaaz season 2” a Trizon films presentation, being telecast on E24, every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 PM, was held on 18th February 2016, at Hotel Juhu Plaza, where in actor Mukesh Khanna was chief guest, entire team Producer Vijay Bhardwaj, director Neeraj Wasim, selector Chiranjeev, anchor K.K.Goswami, judges Urmila Sharma & Steffi Bhardwaj were present, another judge Mushtaq Khan could not attend due to his shooting, beside them seven finalists children’s Vansh Pandita, Charu Doyla, Krishna Sabarwal, Krishna Kumar Mehto, Padamshree Jha, Ashish Verma & Bir Sundar Samal were also present. Anchor Navin Kumar Shah organised the show smoothly. Final episode will be on air on 5th March 2016.

Dramebaaz (7) Dramebaaz (6)

When asked from producer Vijay & director Neeraj, the difference between other musical programs and this one, they replied in those programme contestants have to go on set for audition, whereas here they have approached the contestants in their home, villages and schools, beside this they all have performed on their own without any proper training, and they have performed well. 10 thousand students were auditioned across 8 states and Delhi/NCR. 700 schools across India has taken part in the show. The second season of this entertaining realty show had 16 gripping episodes and proved to be better than the first season.

Dramebaaz (2) Dramebaaz (8)

Mukesh Khana said “never in my life I have taken part in any reality show, but children’s are my favorite, they are our future, so I cannot refuse this offer and I am glad that I am a part of this show”.

The show that puts children through a series of tasks and challenges had talented kids between the age of 5 and 16 years, among which 14 Quarter finalist, then 10 semi-finalist and 5 finalist spots in the second season.

Dramebaaz (3)

Vijay Bharadwaj, the director of the show said, “We firmly believe that children are the most natural actors as they are simply not conscious of themselves. To unearth the amazingly hidden talent in our country we tried to bring the children from the far flung areas of our country.

The winner shall be entitled to a cash price of Rs.51000 from Satmola and will get promising opportunities in Bollywood movies which will groom them as actors.

The Crazy Comic side of Mita Vashisht to be seen in LOVE LIFE & SCREW UPS, Directed by Kapil Sharma‏

Award winning actress Mita Vashisht,famous for her intense roles in films like Drohkaal, Drishti and Dil Se, will be now seen in out and out crazy comical role, in a youth based web series called Love, Life & Screw Ups!!! For this role, she is also undergoing a glamorous makeover. The writer and director of the series, Kapil Kaustubh Sharma says “MitaVashisht is one of the finest Indian actresses. Unfortunately filmmakers have tapped only her serious and emotional side. In this series, for the first time her glamorous and crazy comical side will be seen! We are working on her look, costumes and mannerisms.  She herself has come up with fantastic suggestions. I can say with confidence, after watching her in this series, people will be surprised to see a new MitaVashist!”

crazy Comic crazy Comic (1)

Love Life & Screw Ups!!! Is a fun filled comedy series which marks ZeenatAman’s debut on digital.She is playing a super glam spinster, Joanna, who is full of life and fun. Since last three months, Zeenat has been on a strict diet and rigorously working out to get in right shape for the super glam Joanna. It is also debut of Kapil KaustubhSharma, actor and writer of 11 international award winner filmDunno Y Na JaaneKyun in direction. Though Zeenat was unsure about going digital but was hooked when she heard the concept, even remarking that “this could have been a movie!” The look of the show will be grand and glossy. They will commence shooting in a start-to-finish schedule in a few weeks. The show will be aired with English subtitles keeping the global audience in mind. It will also star eight youngsters. Will Kapil be one of them? “There is a character for me but we are still exploring that opportunity,” he laughs.

Ranveer Singh goes WILD at a GAP store launch in Mumbai‏

Ranveer Singh’s unique store launch
Launching the first store in Mumbai for a popular international clothing brand, Ranveer Singh took over the suburban shopping mall with his antics. From entering as a dabbawalla, doing a partial strip tease, posing in the display window, trying tricks on the escalator and dancing and rejoicing with the audience, the actor sure knows how to put on a great show anywhere.

Ranveer Singh (5) Ranveer Singh (4)

Ranveer Singh (2) Ranveer Singh (1)

Ranveer Singh
Pics by KAB!R M ALI



Devi Sharma (1) Devi Sharma

KAJRI THE UNTOLD STORY…            Rajsthani base movie.. 
Producer.. Rajinder Jalandhara and Purna Ram Kadela…
Write and director.. Khushboo Sharma.. Dialogue.. Malkeet Butter…
editing.. Manish Thukral…
Fight and Cinematographer. DEVI  SHARMA.


Akbar Birbal launch their Second Season!‏

Gracing the event was the the entire cast namely Kiku Sharda, Delnaaz Irani, Vishal Kotian, Jiya Chauhan,Pawan Singh, Sumit Arora,Yashkant Sharma.

Akbar Birbal (2)   Akbar Birbal (4)

Premiering February 22, ‘Naya Akbar Birbal’ will be seen in an all new avatar with the original stellar cast and some new characters
BIG Magic, the ultimate comedy destination is all set to launch a brand new season of its most popular historical comedy Akbar Birbal. Back on popular demand, the show which is inspired by the childhood folk tales of Akbar and Birbal will be see a lot of drama, suspense and thrill with signature spurts of comedy. Naya Akbar Birbal is scheduled to air February 22 at 7:00 PM Monday – Friday on BIG Magic. Triangle Films will continue as producers with flawless storytelling.

Akbar Birbal (3)

Akbar Birbal

BIG Magic focuses on creating completely fresh and topical content for the show. Akbar Birbal which has always been popular for its unique content and cast like Kiku Sharda, Vishal Kotian, Delnaaz Irani will have another member in the court this season, Jiya Chauhan, who is rumoured to create havoc and drive her own agenda in the kingdom.

Speaking on this development, Kiku Sharda said, “I am extremely excited to play the character of Akbar once again on BIG Magic’s Naya Akbar Birbal. There is no better feeling than knowing that your character is so loved by the audience. The whole cast and crew was like one big family and I am looking forward to re-create the same magic. Playing Akbar has been amongst one of the best roles of my career so far, and I cannot wait for the viewers to become a part of this journey with me again.”

On the launch of the new season, Mr. Bimal Unnikrishnan, Creative Director, BIG Magic said, “We are extremely happy to bring back one of BIG Magic’s most popular shows and the much loved cast of Akbar Birbal. The first season did extremely well and on audience demand we are all geared up for one of our biggest launches of 2016. With the new season and fresh content, we aim to take the comedy quotient several notches higher.”
As part of the larger programming strategy, BIG MAGIC will be incorporating interesting storylines in the show. The show will see a robust multi-media promotional plan across key markets, which will include a 360 degree marketing campaign. The channel will engage with viewers and trade partners locally and nationally through multiple platforms.
BIG Magic is available across all DTH players such as Tata Sky, Airtel, Videocon, Dish TV, Reliance DigitalTV along with all cable operators as Hathway, DD Free Dish, Incable, Digicable, DEN, 7 Star, ABS, Siticable, Star Broadband and GTPL amongst others.


Reliance Broadcast Network Limited is a media and entertainment company with interests in radio, television and television production. The Company houses: 92.7 BIG FM – India’s No.1 FM Network with 45 stations, reaching over 4.3 crore Indians each week; BIG Magic – which has built strong brand equity as a Comedy Channel and is positioned as the one stop destination for humor, with higher affinity in the Hindi heartland; BIG Ganga – the No. 1 regional Channel of Bihar and Jharkhand; BIG Magic International – a channel targeted at the Indian Diaspora in North America.

Pics by KAB!R M ALI

Bajrangi bhaijaan & Bahubali in Power couple

Powercouple has got very funny since the arrival of Dina & Vindu Dara Singh. The sunday test of diving for treasure was a lot of fun. Dina was sitting on a swing above the pool and Vindu who was dressed as a Pirate had to dive in and get a necklace & Tiara from the locked treasure chests. He has earned a nickname of Crazy Punjabi on the show and he lived up to it by telling Arbaaz Khan that he was going to finish this test in Bajrangi Bhaijaan & Bahubali style and then going into the pool with a huge jump !

power couple (1) power couple (3)

power couple (2) power couple

 After finishing the test in the fastest time amongst the men he climbed onto the swing and was dancing to the Punjabi song being played and his beautiful wife lost balance and fell into the pool. He had to dive in to be with her and we are sure he would have got an earful for spoiling the beautiful hair and makeup Dina was wearing but the chemistry between the couple is keeping everyone entertained.———————-Sanjay Sharma Raj(P.R.O.)

Legendary Lyricist Naqsh Lyallpuri to be honoured by Jalota Welfare Foundation on 25th February

MUMBAI: Global Advertisers has thrown its weight behind’Main Shaayar – The Eternal Soul of Lyrics, a grand musical extravaganza organised by the Jalota Welfare Foundation on February 25th 2016 at Sri Shanmukhanand Auditorium in Sion, Mumbai at 7.00 PM Onwards.

Sanjeev Gupta & Anup Jalota

Jalota Welfare Foundation is organising the event to felicitate legendary lyricist Shri Naqsh Lyallpuri in association with Liquid Air Events Pvt. Ltd. and Tathaastu Creations. Anup Jalota, who said the foundation intends to honor a lyricist a year, said “Lyrics are a soul of any good melody and the lyricists who actually pen the songs must get significance which they deserve. Through these functions it will be our efforts to bring in the change. The high point of this gala musical event will be the felicitation of legendary lyricist Naqsh Lyallpuri,”

Among the artists who are scheduled to perform are Anup Jalota, Suresh Wadkar, Talat Aziz, Anuradha Paudwal, Richa Sharma, Madhushree, Shailaja Subramanium and Kshitij Tarey.Global Advertisers Group Company MM Mithaiwala is the official catering partner for the prestigious event.

“Music has a special place in life. While people love songs, the lyricist does not get the recognition. Jalota Welfare Foundationhonours them every year. I have had a close professional as well as deep personal relationship with Anupji for years now. We are doing everything to ensure the event gets the buzz it deserves. The revenue earned by the programme goes to the trust. I am lending my hand for this good work. I am honoured that I have the opportunity to be a part of this event,” said Sanjeev Gupta, MD of Global Advertisers.

Sanjay Sharma Raj


There is no one prettier than Aishwarya Rai Bachchan” – says Pakistani Actor Azfar Rehman

Mumbai, February 2016: The dashing and talented model turned actor Azfar Rehman, who is currently seen as Saad Hamdani in Ishq Mein Tere, a romantic drama that airs on Zindagi, every Monday – Saturday at 6:10 pm, is a big fan of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Azfar who is popularly known as Azfu in Pakistan’s entertainment industry admires and loves Aishwarya’s movies. Azfar whose biggest dream is to act with Aishwarya in a movie considers her the most beautiful woman in the world and has watched her films multiple times.

Azfar Rehman (1)

Talking about his fascination for the actress, Azfar Rehman said, “I have watched every movie of Aishwarya Rai, she is very pretty and very talented actress. Though I have admired and enjoyed all her movies, my all-time favourites are Guru and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, her breath-taking performances in these films left me enthralled.  To me there is no one prettier than Aishwarya.”

Azfar can currently be seen in Zindagi’s Ishq Mein Tere that airs Monday to Saturday at 6:10 pm. A romantic drama that revolves around Aiza, a strong and independent girl played by Mehwish Hayat, Ishq Mein Tere unfolds the difference between love and obsession. Aiza’s charismatic personality draws in two men into her life – Shehriyar Hamdani a successful businessman (He is also Aiza’s best friend Laiba’s father) & his nephew Saad Hamdani. Though both Shehriyar and Saad are captivated by Aiza, they have different interests for wanting her. The effects of these intertwined relationships creates a trail of heart breaks, unforeseen outbursts and complications. Shehriyar and Aiza’s marriage has shattered Saad and Laiba. To mend the bitter relationships Aiza proposes a deal to Saad. But the deal takes away all the chances of Saad winning back Aiza’s love. The family pressurises Saad to marry Laiba, will he give in to the family pressure?

Watch the dashing Azfar Rehman as Saad deal with dilemmas of love & life on Ishq Mein Tere every Monday to Saturday @ 6:10 pm on Zindagi

Rishabh Bhardwaj (Akshay) Model n Actor

Rishabh Bhardwaj (Akshay) Model n Actor is multi talented actor, his journey from Modelling to  asistant director, and than to theatre plays and Now as a reputed model and actor is very interesting, full of his hard work and his passion to work as an artiste, has given him the name ,fame and satisfaction for which an artiste always dream of getting it.

This charming artiste has been on many print & video shoot ads and is the first preference of all advertising agencies, corporate houses as well.

Rishabh Bhardwaj (10) Rishabh Bhardwaj (8)

Soft spoken natural charming young man is ready to accept any role which is suitable for script demand, according to him an artiste can show his caliber in any role whether it is small, villain, or lead role.

He has been appreciated in films and serials  as well. Some  popular TV serials are Devo Ke Dev Mahadev, Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali, Sawdhan India, Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma, Kalash Ek Vishwas, Films include 3 Queens, The Dangerous Raid, Phir Aaya Satte Pe Satta all as main lead.

Rishabh Bhardwaj (11) Rishabh Bhardwaj (2)

Some of the recently signed films include Bhai Ho To Aisa, Gajab  Ka Hai Yeh Filmi Chakkar, Mila Mauka Marko Chauka all as main lead. Including short films Pa Me Ga Re Saa…A musical Love Story, Donation….The Burden, and the list goes on.

And Now he has been signed by Rajeev Dutta for his coming venture City Life a Way 2  Fame Production Presentation, and Isi Ko Pyaar Kahetien Hain, all in very important role.

Rishabh Bhardwaj (3) Rishabh Bhardwaj (1)

His  statics are as:

Age:-25 years
Chest:- 44
Eyes:- Brown
Complexion:- Fair

He can be contacted thru his email actorrishabhbhardwaj@gmail.com  or thru Way 2 Fame (Rajeev Dutta) Mobile No. 9892378997

Priyanka Chopra introduces her 94 year old Grandma to her fans and followers!

Her speaking-pic ‘voxie’ with Grandma from sets of Jai Gangaajal goes viral on social media

Mumbai, Feb 2016: Actress-singer and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra who is also one of the most followed woman on social media, took her fans and followers to a positive surprise by introducing her 94 year old Grandma for the first time ever.

Priyanka Chopra

The introductory voxie was a still of Priyanka with her Grandma from the sets of Jai Gangaajal, upon tapping the pic Priyanka said “Freedom fighter, social activist, MLA, registered nurse, mother, grandmother, wife and all around super woman…..my nani is still rocking at 94”!

On Twitter the bollywood diva shared this voxie and tweeted, “my grandma commands attention wherever she goes even on a film set! I wanna grow up to be like her!”.

Reaction of internet users on VoxWeb social network and other social media platforms was extremely positive as many praised 94 year old Grandma’s strength and charm.

Tweet link: https://twitter.com/priyankachopra/status/697740607351959552

Voxie link: https://www.voxweb.rocks/share

The actress has made India proud by first taking her musical prowess on international shores, and then landing the lead role in American TV series “Quantico”. Her popularity has only grown by notches ever since she has stepped foot in foreign showbiz.

To see and hear her #voxie, click https://www.voxweb.rocks/share link

Keep a tab on more #voxie by Priyanka Chopra, other artists and internet users through VoxWeb app.

About VoxWeb

VoxWeb iOS and Android ‘post-QWERTY’ social networking apps allow creation of speaking pictures to capture and share moments by providing option to add voice to an image for up to 11 seconds. A speaking picture is depicted as an image underlined by orange line. The created speaking pic can be sent inter-personally to contacts through the VoxWeb messenger or displayed publicly in the social section of VoxWeb. When any user comes across a picture with an orange line then he/she can touch the pic to hear it.

Since launch, users around the world have created amazing speaking pics, especially speaking selfies, from university campuses, concerts, stadiums, Champs Elysees in Paris, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and many renowned places.

The app can be downloaded from https://www.voxweb.rocks/share

Spearheaded by Ms. Shomu Mitra, Bappi Lahiri launched Creative Connection

Creative Connection’s- Accumulation of all the creative people from different fields of art and music as members come together on one platform to extend a helping hand to all the underprivileged people
Some of the members associated with Creative Connection’s are:- Rituparna Sengupta, Saptrishi Ghosh, Jaya Bhattacharya, Pyumori Ghosh, Sayantini Ghosh, Indraneil, Barkha Bisht and many more from the field of acting. Shaan, Udit Narayan, Raja Hassan, Debojit, Keka Ghoshal, Srijit, Reema, Vandana, Jaan Kumar, Avijit Roy and some more from the field of music. Special appearance by Shri Nitin Shankar.
An ode of thanks to Subroto Roy and Sneha for their unending support and wishes Legends Bappi Lahri launched Creative Connection’s. The launch commenced with lighting the lamp. The rituals were followed by Saroswati Devi Pujo & Bhog. Adding to the merriment, the evening continued with entertainment programmes.

Shomu Mitra (2) Shomu Mitra (4)
The launch witnessed the presence of Bhappi Lahiri, Hrishitta Bhatt, Champak Jain. Kunika Lal, Nasser Khan, Raja Hassan, Liza Malik, Tochi Raina etc.
For all those nobles souls who would like to extend their helping hand to all the underprivileged people, the membership token fees is Rs. 1000 now.

Shomu Mitra (15) Shomu Mitra (14)

Shomu Mitra (13) Shomu Mitra (7)
A brain child of entrepreneur Ms. Shomu Mitra proclaims “Basically Creative Connection’s helps brighten the lives of under privileged people coming from lower socio- economic conditions by giving them the opportunity to grow holistically and bloom in life. We are starting a new chapter, however we know the journey will be so tough but I am sure it will be satisfying. Our dream is to see that every child, beginning with Maharashtra and then spreading to the remotest part of India gets quality education and a holistic development”

“Help people become motivated by guiding them to the source of their own power” a group of creative people from different fields of art and music came together as active members of the group to set up a maiden venture- Creative Connection’s. Creative Connection’s to work with grassroots initiatives for effecting positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities.
Creative Connection’s underscores the fact that helping is not simply a matter of dispersing money but of making a deep, long-term commitment and casting a hard eye on results. Charity is just not writing cheques & not being engaged but Philanthropy is being engaged, not only with your resources but getting people & yourself really involved & doing things that haven’t been done before.
For an emerging country like India, development of underprivileged children holds the key to the progress of the nation itself, and their education is the cornerstone of this progress. But education for children cannot be achieved without ensuring the welfare of the family – a child can go to school regularly only when the family, particularly the mother is healthy and empowered; the family has decent livelihood opportunities and a steady income.
Realizing this, Creative Connection’s, beginning in the corridors of education, will soon adopt a life cycle approach with intensive programmes focused on family health, livelihood and women empowerment, which address the needs of children, their families and the larger community.