The Grand Rocket In Kanakia Silicon Valley Unveiled  Rockey Boys – R Madhavan And Nambi Narayanan Sir Cheer For The Rocket Of Another Kind

The Grand Rocket In Kanakia Silicon Valley Unveiled Rockey Boys – R Madhavan And Nambi Narayanan Sir Cheer For The Rocket Of Another Kind

During The Launch Of ‘Kanakia Sillicon Valley’, Actor R Madhavan And Ex-ISRO Scientist Nambi Narayanan Together Salutes The ‘Rocket’ Of Another Kind* Both Dignitaries Were Present During The Unveiling Ceremony Of ‘Kanakia More »

विधिवत पूजा व मुहूर्त के साथ शुरू हुई निर्माता दिलीप सोनकर के धारावाहिक “काशी विश्वनाथ” की शूटिंग

विधिवत पूजा व मुहूर्त के साथ शुरू हुई निर्माता दिलीप सोनकर के धारावाहिक “काशी विश्वनाथ” की शूटिंग

कमलाश्री फिल्म्स प्राइवेट लिमिटेड, वाराणसी के बैनर तले बन रहे टीवी धारावाहिक “काशी विश्वनाथ” का मुहूर्त 21 सितंबर को मुंबई के मढ आइलैंड क्षेत्र में हुआ। जहां काशी से आगत आचार्य सुरेश More »

हुमा क़ुरैशी ने बैग्स के एक बड़े ब्रैण्ड मैगनोलिया के साथ जुड़कर उसके विज्ञापन को अंजाम दिया।

हुमा क़ुरैशी ने बैग्स के एक बड़े ब्रैण्ड मैगनोलिया के साथ जुड़कर उसके विज्ञापन को अंजाम दिया।

फैशन इंडस्ट्री के एक बड़े ब्रैण्ड मैगनोलिया बैग्स ने गुरुवार को फ़िल्म इंडस्ट्री की टैलेंटेड अदाकारा हुमा क़ुरैशी के साथ अपने विज्ञापन की शूटिंग संपन्न की। ज़ूममंत्रा प्रोडक्शंस के साथ काम कर More »

Motivational Master Class By Ashish Vidyarthi Inspires Students At Asian School Of Business

Motivational Master Class By Ashish Vidyarthi Inspires Students At Asian School Of Business

Noida: In a captivating and enlightening event, the Asian School of Business was privileged to host the esteemed actor and motivational speaker, Ashish Vidyarthi, for a Motivational Master Class that left an More »

Dance And Fashion Fusion – Four Iconic Collaborations That Transcended Boundaries

Dance And Fashion Fusion – Four Iconic Collaborations That Transcended Boundaries

When the worlds of dance and fashion collide, a mesmerizing fusion of artistic expression and elegance emerges. History is adorned with iconic moments where dancers and models harmoniously united, creating captivating images More »

Sandeep Marwah A Cultural Maestro Reinstated In World Book Of Records London

Sandeep Marwah A Cultural Maestro Reinstated In World Book Of Records London

London: In an extraordinary feat of cultural diplomacy and advocacy, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, an adorned recipient of over 1100 awards from around the world, has once again etched his illustrious name into More »

महिमा चौधरी, मुग्धा गोडसे, ज़ोया अफरोज ने रिकवर्स एकेडमी मिस यूनिवर्सल 2023 के ग्रैंड फिनाले में बढ़ाई शोभा

महिमा चौधरी, मुग्धा गोडसे, ज़ोया अफरोज ने रिकवर्स एकेडमी मिस यूनिवर्सल 2023 के ग्रैंड फिनाले में बढ़ाई शोभा

रिकवर्स एकेडमी मिस यूनिवर्सल का ग्रैंड फिनाले 16 सितंबर, 2023 को द क्लब मुंबई में आयोजित किया गया। इसमें मुख्य अतिथि के रूप में महिमा चौधरी, मुग्धा गोडसे, ज़ोया अफरोज, अरोमा मैजिक More »

रेडियोथेरेपी के लिए विश्व की अत्याधुनिक मशीन  Vital Beam Version – 3 अब पटना के सवेरा हॉस्पिटल में इस वर्जन की भारत मे यह पहली मशीन कैंसर के मरीजों के इलाज हेतु शुरुआत की जा चुकी है

रेडियोथेरेपी के लिए विश्व की अत्याधुनिक मशीन Vital Beam Version – 3 अब पटना के सवेरा हॉस्पिटल में इस वर्जन की भारत मे यह पहली मशीन कैंसर के मरीजों के इलाज हेतु शुरुआत की जा चुकी है

रविवार को विश्वकर्मा पूजा के अवसर पर पटना कंकड़बाग स्थित सवेरा हॉस्पिटल पटना में रेडियोथेरेपी की अत्याधुनिक व सबसे उन्नत उपकरण linear accelerator vital beam version – 3 मशीन की शुरुआत रोगियों More »


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Satya Sai Baba Films Trailor A Film By A-One Cine Creation Presentation

Satya Sai Baba  Trailor & Song  A Film By A- One Cine Creation, Aatman  Films Presentation,  Produced by Balkrishna Srivastav , Co-producers Shivang Sehgal & Subhash Sehgal,  Directed by Vicky Ranawat, Written By S. Sachindra, Lyrics Penned by Naqsh Layallpuri, Sudhakar Sharma and Dr. Deepak Sneh, Music directors Bappi Lahiri, Anchal Talsera and Sumit Tappu.

Satya Sai Baba (1) Satya Sai Baba (2)

D.O.P S.Pappu, Choregraphy  Ricky Gupta, Editor Nakul K. Prasad, Starring Anoop Jalota, Sudhir Dalvi, Jackie Shroff, Sadhika Randhawa, Govind Namdeo, Aroon Bakshi, Mushtaque Khan, Pankaj Dheer, Raj Premi, Zakir Hussain, Gargi Patel, Anil Nagrath, Kishori Shahane Vij Master Azaan Ali.

A Film Releasing Very Shortly. Media Promotions by Fortune Lifeline Media & Entertainment

Unique way to celebrate Diwali by Vindu Dara Singh

About Diwali Vindu Dara Singh says, “Diwali is a time for celebrations and the best way to do that is lights! I don’t burn crackers that pollute and make noise and till last year would put those Chinese lights in our home.

m_Vindu Dara SinghThis year it will be just Diyas and candles that we bought in Mahableshwar made by lots of blind workers who live with Bhavesh Bhatia and his wife proud and happy lighting other people’s lifes while living in darkness !…. I wish every Indian a very happy Diwali and hope all the Raavans in politics get burnt and only the good survive. Jai Hind.”

Actor Pranayy Poojari

Performances,Portfolio and Candid pictures, a Brief Bio Of Actor Pranayy Poojari
Pranayy Poojari

Age – 23 years

Height – 5’11”

Weight- 74kg

m_Actor Pranayy Poojari (22) m_Actor Pranayy Poojari (6)
Languages i can speak – Gujarati,Marathi,Hindi,English
I did a Diploma Course in Acting from (Barry John Acting Studio)JAN 2011.

Work Experience –
Worked as an A.D in short film starring Nawazzudin Siddiqui.
in One Short Film

One Corporate TVC For Rapid Beverage Cooler

m_Actor Pranayy Poojari (20)m_Actor Pranayy Poojari (7)

I.P.T.A Theatre Group (The Beast In Beauty) Performed 16 Shows at Prithvi Theatre (2012 – 2014)


(Aladdins Magical Lamp) Performed at Prithvi Theatre, 7 Shows at Canvas Laugh Factory Palladium, 2 Shows at   N.C.P.A  Auditorium,also in Aug 2014 at Prithvi Theatre
(OOPS CRAZY LOVE) Performed  at Rangsharda Auditorium, Y .B. Chavan Auditorium, at Mysore Auditorium
(Saiyaan Bhaye Kotwal) Performed at Mithibai College Auditorium and (F.T.I.I) Pune 2012

(Kisi Aur Phool Ka Naam Lo) at St.Andrews in June 2014

Tarannum of ‘Deepa Bar’ enacted by Ashima Sharma shoots on last day of film on Bar Dancers “MUMBAI CAN DANCE SAALA”

Last day shoot of film on Bar dancers “MUMBAI CAN DANCE SAALA” was held at Kamalistan Studio, Jogeshwari east 18th Sept, 2014, wherein entire star cast, leading girl Aashima Sharma (in role of Tarannum), Prashant Narayan, Aditya Pancholi, Rakhi Sawant, Mukesh Tiwari, Mushtaaq Khan, Pankaj Berry, Gargi Patel, Suhasini Mule & Shakti Kapoor participated. A dramatic sequence of court was canned wherein Aashima Sharma is arrested and brought in court by police officers Mukesh, Pankaj and others, and advocates Suhasini Mule & Mushtaq Khan are defending either parties. Entire media was also present on location and they not only covered the sequence but also took part as live media in sequence.

Mumbai Can Dance Saala (5)

Mumbai Can Dance Saala (4) Mumbai Can Dance Saala (2)

Every actor Aditya Pancholi, Mukesh Tiwari, Pankaj Berry and others including introducing leading girl Aashima had lots of praise regarding subject of this film “MUMBAI CAN DANCE SAALA”, according to them this film is based on reality, that how the bar dancers had to go through a trauma in ban period. Presenter Rakesh Jain who has financed in lots of film before has full faith in subject of this film, in talents of director Sachindra Sharma and especially in introducing girl Aashima Sharma who is enacting role of Tarannum, film is due to release on 31st October 2014.

Mumbai Can Dance Saala (1)

Mumbai Can Dance Saala (3)

Film is being made under the banner of Ashima Films, Produced by Ranjeet Sharma, Written Directed by Sachindra Sharma, Presented by Rakesh Jain, Music Bappi Lahiri, Lyrics by Dr. Deepak Sneh and Shabbir, DOP is Badshah Lal Sayed, Action by Prem Sharma, Choreography by Ganesh Acharya & Lollypop, Line Producer Ganesh R Nirmal, songs rendered by Mamta Sharma, Sunidhi Chauhan and Bappi Lahiri himself. 

Film stars Introducing Aashima Sharma, Prashant Narayan, Aditya Pancholi, Rakhi Sawant, Mushtaq Khan, Suhasini Mule, Gargi Patel, Kiran Janjani, Pankaj Beri, Pradeep Agrawal, Vip, Manoj Maru, Rahul Sood with Mukesh Tiwari & Shakti Kapoor.

Writer Director Sachindra Sharma said “as everyone knows that dance bar were closed approximately 7 years ago, thousands of bar dancers were unemployed, now again dance bar are going to reopen, but where were and what these bar dancers were doing these year is not known, this film’s story is based on this particular thought.

A Music Video “EK BHARAT, SHRESHTA BHARAT” dedicated to Nation and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

Singer, Producer and MD of R-Vision India, Ravindra Singh is coming out with a Music Video titled “ Ek Bharat, Shreshta Bharat” dedicated to our Nation and Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, whose sincere efforts and strategies are proving to be major steps in the development of India.

Generally, Ravindra Singh has been making albums on various genres, be it patriotic, sports and romance. Every year on 15th August, Ravindra Singh has been releasing patriotic album from the last 7-8years.Recently he came out with an album called “From the Heart”. And now he has decided to express his love & respect for Nation through this music video “Ek Bharat, Shreshta Bharat” for which the melodious lyrics are written by Rani Malik. Video has been directed by ace adman Rajeev Khandelwal. Music has been composed by trio Music Directors Manek, Satya and Afsar.

Singers are Ravindra Singh, Ravi Chaudhary and Jasleen Matharu and it was shot with a well-known anchor and artist Monali Sehgal. Meaningful lyrics “ Ek Akela mai kya hu, Ek akele tum kya ho” of the music video called ” Ek Bharat, Shreshta Bharat” which will give message of oneness and unity to youth which Shri Modi has dreamt for our country and make it beautiful in every sense. It will be on air on different Radio stations, News channels and Music channels. R-Vision is trying to play this audio video in the theatres also. Visuals of renowned personalities like Amitabh Bacchan, Hema Malini, Smriti Irani, M.S. Dhoni and many more are likely to be shown. It may not be beneficial in terms of commercial but certainly will be appreciated to acknowledge the efforts undertaken by Shri Modi.


Ravindra Singh says,” In this music video we have tried to embed the thought process of Shri Narendra Modi Ji. Shri Satish Upadhyay, President Delhi BJP has inspired me to make this music video”.

Ravindra Singh has been singing soft and soulful melodies and has released albums Hum Tere Seher Mein, Chahe Azma Le and ‘O’ Hansini in the past. His next production venture “Ram Pam Posh” is due for release January 2015

Two Singh’s are in deep discussion in Party


Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya had a fun filled music launch and Mika Singh showed why he so loved by the Industry when Amitabh Bachan himself showed up to launch the films music. Here it seems that these two (Mika and Vindu Dara Singh) Singh’s are in deep discussion as to who is the real Balwinder.

m_Vindu Dara Singh

The fun part was when Mika said he is not sure if there is a man behind every woman’s success or a woman behind every man’s success when questioned about Rakhi sawants kiss episode.


Dilip Sen launched Film “NIZAAM JHOOTHA RICKSHEWALA” with song recording

Veteran Music Director Dilip Sen launched film “NIZAAM JHOOTHA RICKSHEWALA” with a song recording in voice of evergreen singer Sudesh Bhonsle, at Ziptrac Recording Studio, MHADA, Andheri West.

m_Shreya Chawla Ehsaan Qureshi, Chandni, Neha Khan &  Nizaam Jhootha (2)

m_Producer Abushaad, Shreya Chawla Ehsaan Qureshi,Nizaam Jhootha, Chandni, Neha Khan & Producer Mehboob

Film “NIZAAM JHOOTHA RICKSHEWALA” is based on a real story in Mumbai on life of common riksha drivers, that how they face hurdles in various steps in their lives which are also involved with bar dancers as they are mostly the last person to drop them home. Lead hero Nizaam Jhootha playing title role has experienced a life of rickshewala which he has tried to portray in this film. 

m_Chandni, Neha Khan, Shreya Chawla with Nizaam Jhootha m_Dilip Sen, Sudesh Bhonsle, Ehsaan Qureshi & Nizaam Jhootha

Film is being made under the banner of Khanam Enterprises & S.A.A. Khan film Production, being produced by Mehboob Shaikh & Abushad Khan, direction by Nizaam Anjan, cinematography by Masood Qureshi, lyrics & story by Nizamuddin Shaikh and choreography by F A Khan.

Journalist Shantiswaroop Tripathi honored at Ashwmedh Awards 2014

Shantiswaroop Tripathi, the renowned free-lance film journalist of India who has served the profession for the past three decades, was honored with Ashwmedh Award 2014 at a grand awards ceremony recently held at the ISCKON Auditorium, Juhu, Mumbai.


He was presented the award consisting of a shawl and a memento by the noted music director Pt. Anand Sharma and Pramod Bajaj, the publisher & editor of the film magazine Mayapuri. The award was given to the multifaceted journalist and columnist in recognition of his outstanding services to film journalism, and his commitment and positive contributions to it.

The Meet Bros – The Band.

The “Meet Bros – The Band” of Meet Bros Anjjan have been belting out back to back hits from “Boss” to “Baby Doll” to “Pink Lips” to “Party to Banti Hai” to “Hangover” to “Singham” & many many more…

They are 100% certified to ROCK your function be it a Corporate event, Wedding function or a large ticketed concert!!
Do give us a call to book the Meet Bros The Band for any of your events or functions.

For direct & exclusive access please call:
Bipin Grewal / +919833009394

Preety performing in Calicut for JAMGRAAB

Preety performing in Calicut for JAMGRAAB Concert where 8 top Music Directors from the South performed on one platform & Preety performed Bollywood Songs.

m_Pteeti Performs

m_Pteeti Performs (3)

m_Pteeti Performs (1)

You can watch her singing “Teri Galliyan” in the following Video.

Releasing the Film “MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH” in Hindi in Mumbai Circuit and All India

Releasing the Film “MAIN HOON RAJINIKANTH” in Hindi in Mumbai Circuit and All India 


Star Cast: Adthiya Menon, Kavitha Radheshyam, Reema Lagoo, Sunil Pal, and Shakti Kapoor, etc. Produced by Mrs. Saroj & Directed by Faisal Saif



The Rising Star on the Horizon-Anushka Srivastava 

Anushka Srivastava   is an actress who is ready to prove herself and play more challenging and difficult roles. Whenever there is a talk of real talent Anushka Srivastava is a real specialist who can bring the characters alive and give them a new dimension to it. It is her enthusiasm, energy, excitement that keeps her growing and glowing all the time.

Anushka Srivastava ..3

Born in Patna, she has been brought up in Delhi. She has been a movie buff and loved dancing since her tender age. Still pursuing her graduation, she is thankful to her parents; especially her mother Munni Srivastava who gave adequate support in her endeavor.

Anushka Srivastava .1 Anushka Srivastava ...4

Beginning with theatre in Delhi and participating in stage and fashion shows garnered her confidence. With a height of 5’5” and having vital statistics and good features bagged her commercials like Karishma Sarees, Tanishq Jewellery and others as a model. She also features in the lead in a music video titled Mere Heer Mere Mahidirected by Saajan Aggarwal.

Now she is all set to take Bollywood by storm. She has already bagged a lead role with Poonam Dhillon in a horror thriller which is produced by Santosh Jha and directed by Ramesh Meer. For her, every venture is like a debut film to her and her role is not limited to shaking a leg and romancing the hero. She is doing the kinds of films which will make a striking impact in the near future. She is one of those few upcoming actors who is not image bound and will fit into any kind of roles….right from a bold and beautiful to a vulnerable girl. The interesting thing is that she is open in doing not only romantic but serious and intense roles and then roles full of comedies too. If the script demands, she is open to glamorous and sensuous roles too. As an actress she can live so many lives and that’s wonderful.

Sanjay Sharma Raj (P.R.O.)

Bad Man’ Gulshan Grover’s confrontation with star rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh

Recently, there was a buzz that Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha would beseen in the upcoming special music video of Yo Yo Honey Singh, which is in the format of 8-10 minutes-long short film. But did you know that the special video also features none other than Bad Man of Bollywood, Gulshan Grover Yes, for the first time ever we will see Gulshan Grover doing hip hop with the star rapper! And much like his on-screen characters, GG will be seen playing an antagonist in the new video of Yo Yo Honey Singh.


The video cum short film has already been shot in Los Angles.

Reveals Gulshan Grover, It was a surprise call from Yo Yo Honey Singh,
whom I had met only once at the music launch of my film YAARIYAN. His respect, affection towards me were reasons enough for my acceptance but what blew me away was the concept of the music video, scale, budget and the fact it would be shot in Los Angles. And to add to it was Sonakshi, who is like a family. Also, confrontation between Honey and me will be like never seen before in the video. I think it will be a huge hit and will fetch response like films.
While Sonakshi would be seen donning a Jennifer Lopez (JLO) avatar
apparently, with jackets, crop tops and denim shorts, GG too is set to
surprise us as trendy tycoon!

All three of us – Sonakshi, Honey and I are presented in a very stylish
way. Stylists from London were specially flown to LA for the look of all
three principal stars, he concludes.

—————-Pankaj Sabnani

Is Shakti Kapoor playing Big B in Main Hoon Rajinikanth?

It’s time for Bollywood’s very own baddie Shakti Kapoor to open the new surprise card for the much awaited, Faisal Saif-directed film, Main Hoon Rajinikanth.


If sources are to be believed, the actor will be seen playing a spoof on superstar Amitabh Bachchan in his new film.

“Yes the character of Shakti Kapoor is named Mr.Bachchan. But please don’t jump to any conclusions as my film is pure comedy-spoof, in a very healthy way, which will not hurt any sentiments but will make you laugh. I have tried to bring in the ’80s era of filmmaking where one used to see a south Indian-looking hero, a hot and healthy heroine, a comical villain, and a mother, along with some Bappi Lahiri music and so on. Let’s see how the viewers react to this one,” said Faisal Saif.
Main Hoon Rajinikanth is a comical journey about a CBI officer and a part-time contract killer Rajnikanth who has been given an assignment to kill a corrupt police officer Naidu.
How one thing leads to another and things go haywire – also because of a small case of an identity crisis – forms the rest of the film.

The film will see noted south-indian villain Adithya Menon playing the title role along with Kannada’s sex siren Kavita Radheshyam and Smita Gondkar. The film is slated for release on September 5, worldwide.

Evelyn Sharma makes her International singing debut!

Evelyn Sharma is no stranger to the international entertainment scenario. After having started off as a model across the world, Evelyn made her debut in an American film before making her way into Bollywood. Seems like this pretty lass is now all set again to makes waves internationally as she gears up for her debut as a singer!

m_Evelyn Sharma - 1
Unlike other Indian actors, Evelyn’s song is not a Indi-Pop number; but a part of the alternative genre that is less commercial and more music . Always having been a shy singer, Evelyn was encouraged by her friends to consider singing commercially and It all came to place when she was approached by a renowned Indo-American rapper, Brooklyn Shanti for his album. Interestingly Brooklyn Shanti met Evelyn on the sets of ‘From Sydney With Love’ a movie for which Brooklyn Shanti composed music for. That’s where he discovered Evelyn’s singing prowess.


Not only did Evelyn give the song her voice, she also turned writer and wrote the entire piece which Brooklyn Shanti produced. The song called Something Beautiful, is a song very close to Evelyn and it speaks about herself and her journey. It’s about how at a point in time, she didn’t feel beautiful or talented but then someone else ends up seeing what you can’t in yourself. The song is meant to be a motivation for others to believe in themselves.

The album is slated for an August release and has been shot completely in New York. Evelyn will be seen sporting exquisite gowns in the music video by her designer friends Rocky S, Sonaakshi Raaj & Wendell Rodrick s. Evelyn in her teens sang for her Church Choir, and that’s what nurtured her singing while today she is set to debut at an International Platform.

What’s exciting is, post this single she’s also gearing up to release her first solo album.

————-Tasneem Merchant(Hardly Anonymous Communications)

Shivam sood – Actor Of Rare Calibre

* Played a very important character (mentally challenged guy) in a TV show called “CHAMPS”

* Most recently I played an important character in a TV show called “KAISA YE ISHQ HAI”

* To name a few more TV shows I have played important roles in, are

* Worked in an international cross over film called “SHEMSHOOK”
* Did a reality show called CRUNCH 1st Season(MTV)
* Also I am presently associated with a theatre group called “Theaterwalas”

Shivam sood

Hindi Movie “THE DREAM JOB” a realistic picture rolls.

A Film of “Real Reels Production”, being produced by Mukesh Mishra, Santosh Patil, Vinod Adaskar & Subhash Gore, went on floor from 5th July 2014, at Ideal College, Paudgaon, a picturesque location 20km from Pune, Maharashtra, and this first shooting schedule of the film will go on for 30 days at the same location. Film is written & directed by Mukesh Mishra (a writer, poet, lyricist, & Ex-Banker) along with his lyrics, this film is based on life of persons connected with banking and finance).

Film “The Dream Job” has music by Kashi Kaashyap, Vishal Mishra & Raunaq Runwal, songs are rendered by Mika Singh, Javed Ali, Mamata Sharma, Niti Mohan, Manoj Tiwari, Aishwyara Nigam, Vishal Mishra & Nakash Aziz. Screenplay writer is Mr. Shakeb Ahmed & Mukesh Mishra. Mr. Madhu S Rao is the “Cinematographer” of the film who has done films “Page 3”, “AAN” & “Satta” with Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar.

m_Prahlad Shikare, Sadhvi Bhatt, Sanjana Patil, Mukesh Mishra, Ritambhara & Zuber Khan

Film stars Zuber Kamaal Khan (Mr India 2012, film ‘Lekar Hum Diwana Dil’ & Channel V fame), Durgesh Kumar (film ‘Highway’ fame), Vikas Shrivastav (film ‘Dhoom 3’ fame), Khushboo Upadhyay (an ex-journalist & film ‘City light’ fame) & introducing Prashad Shikare, Ritambhara, Sadhvi Bhatt, Nikhil Wairagar & Sanjana Patil in prime characters.


Film “The Dream Job”, is having flavour of Banking and finance yet enriching to the depth of required entertainment to all class of Audience, especially young professionals. It’s not only an inside of the bank and bank transactions, but various aspects of banker’s life, right from college days through hot triggered office life, emotional traumatic situations of love and love brakes, dance parties, patriotic Hero having fire burned desire dreaming with effective plans to execute conversion of small businessmen to business tycoons. The strategically planned approach adapted by Lead role of Dream Job reserves a high end possibility of making ‘The Dream Job’. (Mukesh, Kapil, Mona, Pinki and Parvez are passing out of their graduate college and fate has it that they are getting employed in a private bank. As if wending through a baptism of fire it’s a story of their coming-of-age as they step into a harsher world of work and livelihood. It’s also a poignant tale of the young making and breaking formative relationships of love and use, and the slow realization of their lasting aspirations and real responsibilities.


1. Subhash Gore: – He is back bone of the Banner, the main “Path Finder”. He found Mukesh as an extraordinary talented, honest & trust worthy person & then he exerted efforts in establishing the Banner by gathering like-minded business people. He deserves to take each one of them their dreams achieved, has made today “The Dream Job” speeding on its path of roaring success.

2. Santosh Patil: He has a fine acumen of managing the resources at work. Recently he quit his business to pursue his passion for writing & producing the message-driven films.

3. Vinod Adaskar: Originally Chartered Accountant by a Profession but now known as a business tycoon in Construction Business after stabilizing his CA Practice over a decade in Pune area.

4. Mukesh Mishra: He is a lyricist and scriptwriter. Also a poet and actor, Mukesh had moved from banking to Bollywood. His credits including ‘Mere Yaar’ (Hindi Album, 2012), Lyrics for six Upcoming Hindi films. He acted and penned the lyrics of the song “Desh Desh ye Bharat”. He also has the credit for the story, Lyrics, screen play & Direction of the movie “The Dream Job”. He has been appreciated by Mr. A. R. Rahman in his young talent finding approach carried at FTI Pune couple of years before.

Actress Huma Qureshi attended the first orientation meet of Thespo 16

Actress and Ex-Thespian Huma Qureshi attended the first orientation meeting of the 16th season of Thespo on July 17, 2014 at the celebrated Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai. The orientation meeting was organized as the initial phase of Thespo 16’s journey to interact with budding and potential participants. The Orientation Meetings are a point of contact as well as a roadmap to the annual journey of the buzzing affair.

m_Actress Huma Qureshi at the orientation meet of Thespo 16_1
Titled Thespo 16 “Plug-In to the Tamasha”, the event started with the opening song followed by screening of the Thespo AV. A scene from the play The E.Q. was staged, which was also the part of last years Thespo 15 festival. Followed by this the plans for Thespo 16 were introduced to the attendees during the meeting. Huma took the centre-stage amidst the packed audience of over 243 participants and shared her journey and experience of Thespo.

m_The EQ perform at  the orientation meet of Thespo 16
Actress Huma Qureshi, commented, “Theatre is a form of unique performance art that presents the experience of a real or imagined event before a live audience. I am happy and proud that my career began with Thespo, it has helped me throughout my professional career. I believe it is a great platform for every theatre lover as it helps budding talent fulfill their inner potential.
Quasar Thakore Padamsee, Artistic Director, QTP which manages Thespo says, “We are extremely excited about Thespo 16. The turnout has been amazing and we are looking forward to some excellent talent coming up this year. We now head around the country for more Orientations, so that we can spread the Thespo message to the rest of India.”

m_Full House at the orientation meet of Thespo16
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Salman takes fans for a ride. Fans come out in hordes to Ride With The Devil

Salman Khan’s fans cannot get enough of him. The recently released poster that features him on the hybrid bike created exclusively for Kick stands testament to the fact. The poster has a window where fans can pose, and whether these are clicked in theatres with the physical standees or on a specially created Facebook app where users can add their pictures & generate an image, the response has been phenomenal.


The makers of the movie have launched a contest where fans need to share their images riding with the devil, and they’ve received a multitude of pictures from fans wanting to be featured on the properties.





Sajid Nadiawala’s ‘KICK’ is creating waves in the industry and among the audience, having broken records on their videos, and this is further proof of the anticipation amongst fans. With the movie releasing tomorrow, excitement is at an all time high ‘Kick’ marks the directorial debut of well-known producer Sajid Nadiadwala and also stars Jacqueline Fernandez, Randeep Hooda and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Produced and Directed by Sajid Nadiadwala and presented by UTV Motion Pictures and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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Annu Kapoor and Ravindra Singh dedicates an evening to music.

Singer, producer Ravindra Singh along with his friend & renowned singer Prem Bhatia, has made it a custom to host a musical show every few months to present songs of Mohd. Rafi & Kishore Kumar to music lovers . This year R-Vision organized a musical evening ‘Ek Shaam Desh Ke Naam’ with ‘Akhil Bharitya Marwari Yuva Munch Delhi Prant’ where Bollywood Actor Annu Kapoor held the audience captive with his melodious performance.
Annu Kapoor presented the show with his trademark style and, as always, kept his audience captivated right till the end.


Ravindra Singh sang Aasman Se Aaya Farishta Pyar Ka Sabak Sikhlane in memory of legend Shammi Kapoor that left the audience spellbound and brought chants for an encore.


Ravindra Singh says, despite his successful forays as a producer, singing is his true passion. His new music album will hit the shelves soon and shooting for his upcoming film will start next month.

A Grand Destination: Hotel Beautifool

Get ready for a comic caper uniquely titled as “Hotel Beautifool” which is gearing up to hit the screens soon. Inspired and adapted from a famous comedy play “Baat- Baat Mein Bigdey Haalaat”, the film features renowned actor Rajith Menon from the South in the lead.

m_m_Johnny Lever,Brijendra Kala and director Sameer Iqbal Patel on the set of film, Hotel Beautifool
Directed by Sameer Iqbal Patel,who has re-worked on the script and has orchestrated it with additional characters and visuals. He adds, “Film being more of a visual and sound medium differs on stage plays. To be on the higher side, only 40 per cent of the play has been adapted and has meticulously added nostalgic production design to give “Hotel Beautifool” a distinctive brand of a complete entertainer,” quips the film director.

m_m_Ajmal,director Sameer Iqbal Patel,Jia sharma and Rajnishm_m_Shaanti,Jia Sharma,director Sameer Iqbal Patel and Alisha Farer
Adding cherry topping in the cream is the ever dependable Johnny Lever in the formidable star cast along with Brijendra Kala, Imam Siddique, Jia Sharma, Alisha Farrer, ,Rohit Khurana, Shanti, and others.

The beautifool trip to the grand destination promising a roller coaster ride is produced by Mohammed Aslam Shaikh & Madhire Ravinder Reddy.

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Vision releases new music album “FROM THE HEART”

R-Vision a music company launched by Mr Ravindra Singh more than a decade back and was successful in releasing hundreds of various melodious music albums ranging from hit romantic numbers, patriotic, gazals, sports and devotional songs. As Ravindra himself is a intense music lover and singer, he also has a passion for film making and therefore he produced various films in different genre, like blockbuster hits, ‘Pappu Can’t Dance Sala’, ‘I M 24’, ‘Nakshatra’, ‘In Rahon Se’ and now ‘Rock In Love’ which is under production.




Now R-Vision’s new music album “FROM THE HEART” with music by Satya Manek Afsar, Lyrics by Ateeq Allahabadi and rendered by Ravindra Singh, is being released, this album has been shot in exotic locations of Malsej Ghat, Goa & Bangkok by director Anuja Sachdev on Ravindra Singh & foreign model Lili, all songs are melodies specially “Tera Milna” which touches chords of listeners heart. Ravindra Singh said that he did not had any training by any renowned music director but he was having a passion toward music which turned him a singer, in spite being a businessman, and he want to bring new talents for music lovers through his channel R-Vision TV.

m_m_Lily in Tera Milna 077 m_m_Lily & Ravindra Singh in Tera Milna 140

R-Vision has also ventured in small screen with “R-Vision TV” – A Movie & Music Channel, broadcasting many popular movies. Apart from movies R-Vision TV is broadcasting many shows based on melodious music of Bollywood and happenings in Film Industry like ‘Dil Se’, ‘Geet Jo Sabne Gungunaye’, ‘Dhundli Yaadein’, ‘Special Moments’, ‘Filmy Friday’, ‘Bollywood Trivia’, ‘Filmy Hulchal’ and many more to come. R-Vision Channel is on air in Gujrat, Maharashtra, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar and all over India through various distributors and channels. R-Vision is slowly but steadily gaining lots of viewership.